Best Teas For Nausea: Top Soothing Brews For Relief

Best Teas for Nausea: Top Soothing Brews for Relief

Tea has been a cherished beverage for centuries, not only for its flavor but also for its therapeutic benefits. Among the various ailments that tea can help alleviate, nausea is one such condition where certain teas have been found to offer relief. Nausea can be a symptom of various underlying issues, ranging from pregnancy-induced morning sickness to the side effects of medical treatments like chemotherapy. The selection of teas for managing nausea is vast, each with unique properties that can soothe an upset stomach or help reduce the feeling of queasiness.

When it comes to choosing the best teas for nausea, it’s essential to consider factors such as the active ingredients, the caffeine content (which can sometimes exacerbate nausea), and the quality of the tea. For example, ginger tea is revered for its anti-nausea properties, with gingerol as the active component that aids digestion and suppresses discomfort. Similarly, peppermint tea contains menthol, which can relax stomach muscles and ease nausea. The quality of the tea leaves and how they’re processed will also affect the potency and efficacy of the brew, hence opting for high-quality, organic options may provide superior benefits.

We understand that when managing nausea, the last thing anyone wants is a complicated or uncomfortable experience. Therefore, our recommendations for the best teas are guided by not only their effectiveness in easing symptoms but also by their ease of preparation and overall taste experience. We’ve meticulously evaluated and tested a multitude of teas to condense our list to those that stand out in their therapeutic profile while also being a pleasure to drink. Let’s explore these top-performing teas and discover which ones might become your go-to remedy for soothing nausea.

Top Teas to Ease Nausea

We’ve researched and sampled a variety of teas to determine which are most effective at combating nausea. Whether you’re dealing with morning sickness, motion sickness, or the aftermath of medical treatments, you’ll find our carefully selected teas to be soothing and beneficial. Each recommendation is based on its ingredients’ natural properties, flavor profile, and consumer feedback to ensure you get relief when you need it most. Here are our top picks to help ease your stomach.

Numi Organic Ginger Lemon Tea

Numi Organic Ginger Lemon Tea

For soothing nausea or simply unwinding, we recommend this Ginger Lemon blend with its palate-cleansing flair and gentle spice.


  • A fragrant blend that opens the senses and calms the stomach
  • Quality organic ingredients promote a clean and healthy infusion
  • Convenience of individually wrapped bags for freshness


  • The citrus spice flavor might not cater to every preference
  • Limited caffeine might lack the expected energy boost for some
  • Pricing could be a point of consideration for frequent sippers

Ginger’s natural qualities as a digestive aid come to the forefront in Numi’s Organic Tea Ginger Lemon variety. We’ve found its balance of zesty lemon and a hint of spice to be equally invigorating and comforting. A subtle undertone of white tea leaves adds to the complexity, creating a satisfying, multi-layered beverage.

The convenience of tea bags means we can enjoy a soothing cup anytime, whether at work or curled up at home. The fact that they’re individually wrapped seals in the flavors and the overall freshness, ensuring that each cup is as aromatic as the last.

Numi’s commitment to organic sourcing echoes in each sip we take, reflecting their dedication to sustainability and quality. Though we anticipated a wake-me-up effect, the low caffeine content makes it a well-suited choice for late afternoons or early evenings without disrupting sleep. It’s the kind of tea we reach for during those times when the body needs a gentle pick-me-up or some digestive comfort.

NutraPreg Pregnancy Tea

NutraPreg Pregnancy Tea

After sipping on NutraPreg’s blend, we found it’s a soothing choice for expecting mothers grappling with nausea.


  • Alleviates pregnancy-related nausea effectively
  • Ingredients are natural with no inactive components
  • Each tea bag can be used multiple times


  • Some tea bags may not withstand hot water well
  • Packaging advises consulting a doctor, causing slight concern
  • Could be considered pricey per tea bag

We’ve just enjoyed a cup of NutraPreg Pregnancy Tea and it’s easy to see how this could become a staple for mothers-to-be. With its calming ginger notes and a hint of peppermint, there’s a clear sense of relief that comes with each sip. We relished the calming effect, not just on the stomach, but on the senses, promoting a tranquil mindset.

The convenience of these reusable tea bags tickled our fancy, allowing us to make the most of every powerful ingredient. They’ve done an impressive job encompassing a natural wellness aspect in their blend, with each sachet bursting with herbs known for their soothing properties.

However, there’s a slight hiccup in the product’s durability; a couple of tea bags struggled with the infusion process. A word of caution on the label prompts a consultation with a doctor before indulging, which is a tad unsettling but understandable given the target consumer. And while the cost per tea bag is a bit steep, the quality and effectiveness may justify the investment for those seeking natural nausea relief.

Pink Stork Ginger Orange Tea

Pink Stork Tea

We recommend this tea for anyone dealing with nausea, as its gentle ginger-orange blend has certainly soothed our queasy mornings.


  • Alleviates morning sickness effectively
  • Organic and thoughtfully crafted with pregnant women in mind
  • Delightful ginger-orange flavor that’s both caffeine-free and refreshing


  • Some may find the taste not to their liking
  • Only 30 cups per pack, which might be less than expected
  • A bit pricier compared to other nausea-relief teas

Navigating through the first trimester, our mornings have been less daunting, thanks to Pink Stork’s Ginger Orange Tea. The heartfelt dedication that Pink Stork puts into their teas is evident in every sip. Its organic nature, combined with the powers of ginger, has proven to be a safe haven for our digestive woes.

The taste of ginger blended with a hint of orange brings warmth and comfort. We’ve brewed it both hot and chilled, finding solace in its versatility. And unlike some herbal teas, it doesn’t fall flat on flavor. Whether steeped for a quick cup or a prolonged infusion, the resulting beverage maintains its zest and efficacy.

Our pantry shelves have seen many teas come and go, but Pink Stork’s offering earns its place for not just its remedial qualities but also for its commitment to purity and women-run business ethics. While it may come at a premium, we believe the quality and the peace of morning wellness it brings are well worth it.

Soothing Lemon Ginger Tea

Secrets Of Tea Pregnancy Tea - Lemon and Ginger Nausea Tea

In our experience, this Lemon Ginger Tea is a comforting choice for those plagued by nausea, particularly handy during pregnancy.


  • Organic ingredients ensure a natural sipping experience
  • The versatility of enjoying it hot or cold is a real plus
  • Each tea bag can be reused, offering 40 servings per pack


  • Some may not favor the lemon and ginger combination
  • May not alleviate nausea for everyone as effectively
  • A few might find the flavor too bland without added sweeteners

From the first sip, the warmth of ginger envelops you, suggesting a natural calming effect. The accompanying lemon zest strikes a nice balance—neither overpowering nor too subtle. On colder days, this tea served hot can feel particularly soothing, while over ice, it becomes a refreshing antidote to bouts of queasiness.

It’s reassuring to know we’re enjoying something organic, especially during times when health is top of mind. We particularly appreciate the tea’s dual-use capability, making it a cost-effective option. It’s akin to finding a little extra comfort without spending more.

Not everyone is a fan of ginger or lemon, and that’s fair. We respect diverse palates, acknowledging that this tea might not suit every taste. Additionally, while many have found it helpful for settling the stomach, results naturally vary with the severity of nausea and personal health conditions.

Our time with the Secrets Of Tea’s Lemon Ginger option has been largely positive. With any wellness product, we understand its effectiveness can be subjective, but the quality and convenience this tea brings have made our encounters with it notably pleasant.

Pink Stork Ginger Peach Tea

Pink Stork Morning Sickness Tea

We found this tea to be a comforting ally in managing morning sickness, with flavors that are both calming and enjoyable.


  • Eases nausea effectively
  • Pleasant Ginger-Peach flavor
  • Convenient sachets for multiple brews


  • Some might find the ginger scent strong
  • Taste may not appeal to all
  • Higher cost than some alternatives

Morning sickness can disrupt your day, but we’ve found Pink Stork’s Ginger Peach Tea to be a formidable opponent in these early pregnancy battles. The organic ginger works wonders in settling an upset stomach, a remedy we’ve come to rely on during those queasy mornings. The flavor is a delightful blend of spicy ginger and sweet peach, both of which mask the herbal undertones nicely, making it feel like a treat rather than a medicinal brew.

On afternoons when nausea tries to make a comeback, we’ve steeped the sachets again, appreciating their lasting power. It’s impressive how each sachet yields multiple potent cups, ensuring relief is at hand throughout the day. This caffeine-free tea fits perfectly into our routine, offering solace without the jitters.

Though by and large a godsend, a few of us did find the ginger aroma a bit overpowering at first sniff, a common sensitivity during pregnancy. And while the taste is mostly well-received, there are a couple amongst us who prefer their tea less fruity. Considering the quality and specificity of the ingredients, we think the price is justified, though it is an investment, especially for daily drinkers.

Buying Guide

When we select teas for nausea, it’s important to prioritize certain features that can affect their soothing properties. We should consider the ingredients, quality, and type of tea.


The first thing we need to look for is the ingredients list. Pure, natural ingredients are preferable as they tend to be more gentle on the stomach.

GingerHelps soothe the stomach.
PeppermintCan relax stomach muscles and improve bile flow.
ChamomileOften used to relax the digestive tract.
FennelMay assist with digestion.


Quality is key in choosing the best tea; organic options can ensure that no harmful pesticides interfere with the tea’s health benefits.

Type of Tea

We also need to decide between loose leaf and tea bags. Loose leaf teas often contain larger pieces of the plant, which can offer a fresher flavor and more potent effects.

Loose LeafUsually fresher and full of flavor.
Tea BagsConvenient and quick to prepare.

Caffeine Content

It’s generally best for us to opt for caffeine-free teas, as caffeine can potentially aggravate nausea for some individuals.

Caffeine ContentNote
Caffeine-FreeIdeal for reducing the risk of nausea.
Low-CaffeineMight be suitable, depending on individual tolerance.

We must read labels carefully and choose a tea that meets our individual needs and preferences.

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