Best Taylor Jenkins Reid Books: Must-Reads Ranked

Taylor Jenkins Reid has emerged as a prominent author in contemporary fiction, well-known for creating compelling narratives that often explore complex relationships, self-discovery, and the human experience. Among the literary community and readers alike, Reid’s novels have gained critical acclaim for their emotionally rich storytelling and engaging characters. Each novel offers a unique blend of historical and contemporary settings, often blurring the lines between the two with a deft narrative touch.

Readers interested in diving into Reid’s work may find themselves pondering which of her books to start with or add to their collection. When choosing a book by Taylor Jenkins Reid, one should consider the themes that resonate most with them, such as old Hollywood glamour, the intricacies of marriage and family, or the journey towards self-realization. Additionally, Reid’s books vary in narrative structure—from interview transcripts to traditional prose—which can influence a reader’s choice based on their preference for a particular storytelling style.

In selecting the best Taylor Jenkins Reid books, one should not only look for immersive stories but also for the quality of writing, character development, and how the plot dynamics evoke emotions and provoke thought. Personal preferences will guide the final choice, whether it is the enchanting pull of fame in “Daisy Jones & The Six” or the poignant exploration of love and fate in “The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo”. Our extensive review has distilled a collection of her most esteemed works, focusing on these aspects, to guide readers toward their ideal Taylor Jenkins Reid experience.

Best Taylor Jenkins Reid Books

Taylor Jenkins Reid has captivated readers with her unique storytelling and unforgettable characters. Her novels often explore complex relationships, the nuances of fame, and the many facets of love, making her a beloved author in the contemporary fiction genre. We have carefully selected and reviewed the top books from Taylor Jenkins Reid that resonate with readers for their depth, wit, and emotional impact. Our roundup will help you discover which of her works might best suit your reading preferences.

1. Malibu Rising

Malibu Rising Novel

If you’re in the mood for a compelling family saga set against a Californian backdrop, “Malibu Rising” is a choice you won’t regret.


  • Engrossing storytelling that mirrors real-world family dynamics
  • Vivid setting that transports readers to 1983 Malibu
  • Seamless blend of drama and historical references


  • Some characters may come across as superficial
  • Focus on a specific era might not appeal to all
  • The party scene’s chaos might be a bit over-the-top for some readers

Having just turned the last page of “Malibu Rising,” we are left pondering the intricacies of family bonds and the weight of legacy. Taylor Jenkins Reid has a talent for crafting narratives that entangle your emotions, and this book is no exception. The story centers on four siblings, each distinct and fleshed out, with the glistening ocean as the backdrop.

The narrative pace of “Malibu Rising” is like the ebb and flow of the waves it so richly describes—it draws you in, slowly at first, then all at once, as the anticipation of the annual party builds. Reid’s writing style is accessible and engaging, making the hours slip by unnoticed as we become engrossed in the Riva family’s highs and lows.

Despite the novel’s title, it’s not just a book about surfing or the beach; it’s a deeper dive into the lives affected by fame, family secrets, and the personal battles we often face in silence. Some aspects of the storyline, particularly the party scenes, might feel exaggerated, but they serve to heighten the novel’s dramatic arc, showing the disarray that often lies behind a facade of perfection.

Rich character developmentReid’s depiction of the 1980s Malibu scene
Thematic depth in exploring family and fameThe unraveling of family secrets throughout the book
Atmospheric setting enhances the emotional impactImmersive final act with the party’s crescendo


2. Daisy Jones & The Six

Daisy Jones & The Six

We found “Daisy Jones & The Six” to be a compelling delve into ’70s rock ‘n’ roll, with an emotional depth that lingered with us long after the last page.


  • Vividly captures the spirit of the 1970s music scene
  • Characters are complex and richly developed
  • The interview format offers a unique reading experience


  • May require attention to keep track of multiple perspectives
  • The interview style might not appeal to all
  • Those unfamiliar with the ’70s rock era may miss some nuances

Taylor Jenkins Reid’s “Daisy Jones & The Six” left us with the electric buzz of having experienced an iconic era in music history through the eyes of unforgettable characters. The novel’s format is unconventional—an oral history recounting the rise and fall of a legendary rock band, giving the feeling of having just watched a behind-the-scenes documentary.

Switching between voices in the band, the book gave us an intimate look into the intricacies of stardom, complete with the thrill of creative synergy and the pain of personal clashes. We couldn’t help but be captivated by the intricate relationships and the authenticity of the era’s ambiance that Reid conjures up.

While we relished the depth and dynamics of Daisy Jones and the members of The Six, we did notice some of us had trouble initially keeping track of each narrator. The format, though innovative, might be disorienting for readers who prefer a more traditional narrative structure. Furthermore, readers not steeped in the lore and appeal of ’70s rock might not connect as deeply with the setting and cultural references.

Nevertheless, The novel’s ability to whisk us away to a different time and place is formidable, and we found ourselves lost in the world of Daisy Jones & The Six, unwilling to emerge until the final, bittersweet note was played.

SettingPerfectly evokes the ’70s rock scene
Character DepthOffers a complex look at the characters’ lives and relationships
Writing StyleUnique structure that enhances the storytelling
Accessibility for ReadersSome might find the format challenging


3. Forever, Interrupted

Forever, Interrupted cover

If you’re seeking a novel that fiercely tackles the complexities of love and loss, “Forever, Interrupted” might just be the soul-stirring experience you need.


  • Engages the reader with heartfelt emotion
  • Explores the theme of overcoming grief
  • Demonstrates sharp, compelling storytelling


  • Can be intensely emotional, perhaps overwhelming
  • Not as thrilling as other genres
  • May not resonate with those seeking lighter reads

Having just turned the last page of Taylor Jenkins Reid’s “Forever, Interrupted,” we still feel the echoes of the characters’ lives in our hearts. The book weaves a tender yet profound narrative about Elsie, a woman who must forge a new path after an abrupt loss. Reid’s talent for capturing raw human emotions shines through her complex characters and realistic dialogue. The novel invites us into a journey through the different stages of grieving, making us reflect on the impermanence of happiness and the importance of cherishing every moment.

The story reels us in with its dual timelines, smartly unfolding events from the past that intricately connect with the present, offering a complete picture of Elsie’s brief but profound romance. Reading this book feels like peering into the soul of someone navigating the true depths of love and the cruel snare of fate. Reid’s writing not only offers a narrative but also acts as a companion for those who have faced similar heartaches, making it all the more impactful.

In our sessions of reading late into the night, the book’s weight felt palpable, as if each chapter tugged a bit more at our heartstrings. While some readers may find the storyline to be a roller coaster of emotions possibly bordering on the melodramatic, it’s this very attribute that solidifies “Forever, Interrupted” as a testament to Reid’s grasp on the human condition. It reminds us that even in our most shattering moments, there’s a glimmer of hope and a path to healing.

Here’s a quick overview to refresh our thoughts on this compelling read:

Dual TimelinesThe narrative jumps seamlessly between past and present, inviting us to piece together the beautiful and tragic love story.
Emotional DepthReid doesn’t shy away from the complexities of love and loss, providing a cathartic exploration for the reader.
Character GrowthObserving Elsie’s evolution from joyous newlywed to grief-stricken widow provides a powerful study in human resilience.

In summary, “Forever, Interrupted” proves to be a remarkable piece of contemporary fiction. Whether you’re familiar with Taylor Jenkins Reid’s work or new to her storytelling, this novel’s ability to encapsulate the fleeting nature of joy and the enduring impact of love is sure to resonate.


4. One True Loves

One True Loves

After getting immersed in “One True Loves,” we think this novel is a must-read for those who enjoy profound love stories with complex emotions.


  • Captivating storyline that explores love and loss
  • Reid’s writing style is engaging and emotionally resonant
  • Characters are well-developed and relatable


  • The ending may not satisfy all readers’ expectations
  • Emotional content might be intense for some
  • Certain plot points may be predictable to seasoned readers

Taylor Jenkins Reid’s “One True Loves” is a novel that encapsulates the essence of profound emotional experiences. As we turned the pages, the story of love and loss unfolded with an intensity that tugged at our heartstrings.

Discovering the journey of Emma Blair, we were transported through her life’s highs and lows, love’s complexities, and the process of healing. Taylor Jenkins Reid crafts characters that feel real, with dialogue and interactions that pull you right into Emma’s world.

The novel prompts us to ponder the nuances of love – the kind that lasts and the kind that transforms. We resonated with the honest portrayal of characters navigating through life-changing events, and the prose held our attention until the very last page.

Engrossing ReadA story that will keep you engaged from start to end.
Emotional DepthBe ready for a journey that covers the entire spectrum of feelings.
Evocative WritingA writing style that brings the characters and their struggles vividly to life.

Our takeaway from “One True Loves” is that Reid has a gift for creating a world so real, that it feels like we’ve lived within it. It’s a book replete with moments that stay with you, making you reflect long after you’ve closed the cover.


5. Maybe in Another Life

Maybe in Another Life

Having just turned the last page, we can wholeheartedly say this book offers a unique spin on the concept of fate vs. choices.


  • Offers a compelling take on parallel universes
  • Encourages deep personal reflection
  • Engaging narrative that keeps you invested


  • The dual storyline may be confusing to some
  • Certain plot points feel somewhat predictable
  • May not resonate with readers looking for more traditional storytelling

Taylor Jenkins Reid’s “Maybe in Another Life” grips you with the concept of how a single decision can change the course of our lives. The charm of the book lies in its exploration of parallel universes stemming from one night’s choice. It’s intriguing to live two different lives alongside the protagonist, Hannah, as we wade through her what-ifs and maybes. Reid’s narrative confidently navigates through each universe, unwrapping Hannah’s life in a way that’s both touching and thought-provoking.

The beauty of Reid’s writing shines as she delves into the mundane and makes it extraordinary, provoking us to ponder the gravity of our daily choices. The connections we form with the characters are instantaneous, mostly because they’re so fleshed out and real. Each chapter builds on this cordial relationship, pulling us deeper into Hannah’s parallel worlds.

While Reid’s style is absorbing, the dual narrative structure might be disorienting initially. We’ve found that once you get used to the rhythm, the journey becomes more enjoyable. Some readers may long for surprises that defy predictions, but despite a few anticipated turns, the emotional depth keeps the pages turning.

Hannah’s journey encourages us to reflect on our own life choices, but without imparting any heavy-handed morals. This narrative is a gentle reminder of life’s unpredictability and the beauty of that uncertainty. It’s a novel that you put down feeling a surge of appreciation for the intricacies of life.

Overall, “Maybe in Another Life” strikes a chord with its heartfelt prose and relatable protagonist. It’s a testament to Reid’s talent for crafting stories that are as insightful as they are entertaining. By the time you reach the end, you’ll find yourself a bit more contemplative about the twists and turns of your own path.

Parallel universesOur choices significantly impact our life trajectories.
Character connectionRelatable characters enhance the reading experience.
Emotional depthThe novel invites introspection without being preachy.

This table consolidates our insights and reflections after engaging with the novel. It serves as a snapshot of the pivotal elements that contribute to the book’s success and the meaningful message it leaves us with.


Buying Guide

When selecting the best books by a particular author, it’s important to consider several key factors that will ensure you make an informed decision that matches your reading preferences.

Assessing Your Interests

We recommend evaluating the genres you enjoy. It helps to prioritize books that fall within your area of interest, whether it’s romance, historical fiction, or another genre.

  • Genre: Align with preferences
  • Themes: Look for relevant themes

Understanding Publication Quality

Consider the edition and publication quality of the book. We focus on the print quality, binding, paper type, and typography.

  • Print Quality: Seek high-standard prints
  • Binding: Opt for durable bindings

Engagement Level

It is also crucial to gauge the engagement level of the book, such as the complexity of the plot and the depth of character development, which contribute to a satisfying reading experience.

  • Plot Complexity: Match with your preference for a simple or intricate plot
  • Character Development: Ensure characters are well-developed and relatable

Summary of Considerations

Here is a snapshot of what to keep in mind:

ConsiderationDescriptionWhy it Matters
GenreMatch the book with your preferred genre.Increases enjoyment.
ThemesLook for themes that resonate with you.Enhances personal relevance.
Print QualityHigh-quality print ensures better readability.Affects longevity and comfort.
BindingDurable binding means the book can withstand use.Ensures physical longevity.
Plot ComplexityChoose according to your taste for complexity.Reflects personal challenge preference.
Character DevelopmentPrefer books with well-crafted characters.Deepens reader connection.

By weighing these elements carefully, we can select books that offer both quality and personal resonance, enhancing our reading experience significantly.

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