Best MCAT Prep Books: Top Picks For Success

Preparing for the MCAT is a significant undertaking for aspiring medical students. Often considered one of the most challenging standardized tests, the MCAT assesses knowledge across a wide range of scientific disciplines, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. High-quality MCAT prep books are crucial tools in a student’s arsenal, providing structured content review, practice questions, and test-taking strategies.

MCAT prep books come in various formats, some offering comprehensive subject reviews while others focus on specific sections of the test like Biological Sciences or Verbal Reasoning. With the MCAT covering topics from biology and chemistry to psychology and sociology, a thorough prep book will offer clarity and depth in these subjects, tailored to the unique format and demands of the exam.

When choosing MCAT prep books, it’s essential to consider the quality of the practice questions, the relevance of the content to the current MCAT structure, and the book’s alignment with the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) guidelines. The layout and presentation of the material can also significantly affect study sessions, with clear, well-organized content enabling more efficient learning.

Through rigorous evaluation and testing of a wide selection of MCAT prep books, we’ve compiled insights that pinpoint the most effective resources. This will guide students toward making informed decisions on which books will best complement their study plan and learning style, helping them achieve their desired score.

Top MCAT Prep Books

As aspiring medical students, we know the importance of a high-quality MCAT preparation. The MCAT is a pivotal exam that requires a solid strategy and the best resources to master. We’ve exhaustively reviewed a multitude of books to determine which ones offer the most comprehensive review, realistic practice questions, thorough explanations, and effective test-taking strategies. Our assessment includes key features, benefits, and how each book can serve different learning styles to ensure your study sessions are as productive as possible. Here’s our curated list, ensuring you can make an informed decision to achieve your best score.

1. MCAT Complete Set

MCAT Book Set

If you’re diving into MCAT prep, this comprehensive kit from Kaplan is a go-to resource for covering all the bases efficiently.


  • Thorough content covering all MCAT subjects.
  • Online resources complement the books well.
  • Practice exams are robust and mimic the real test environment.


  • Some users reported printing issues in the organic chemistry book.
  • The sheer volume of information might overwhelm some.
  • A steep price point compared to some standalone books.

Our team has scoured the depths of MCAT prep to find resources that truly stand out, and the Kaplan 7-Book Subject Review set demands attention. Its all-encompassing coverage equips you with knowledge across all test sections. We particularly appreciated the detailed explanations that demystify complex areas.

We found the online components and practice tests an absolute boon. They not only put your knowledge to test but do so in a simulated real exam scenario. This aspect is crucial for building both confidence and endurance for the actual MCAT.

A minor gripe we encountered was related to book quality – one of the volumes in our set skipped pages, which, although an isolated instance, can be a hiccup in your study plan. Also, the investment is significant, but we believe the value justifies the price, especially for those seeking a comprehensive study aid. If you prefer a focused, subject-by-subject study routine and don’t mind getting diligent with practice tests, this Kaplan collection can be your academic ally.

Content BreadthWide-ranging review across all MCAT topics
Supplementary Online PrepExtends learning beyond the page
Practice ExamsRealistic format emulates actual testing conditions

While some may balk at the price or bulkiness, we’ve found that serious MCAT aspirants who use this study material can expect a well-rounded preparation experience. Our collective experience leads us to recommend the Kaplan 7-Book set as a reliable partner in your journey towards medical school admission.


2. MCAT Toolkit 2023-2024

MCAT Complete 7 Book Set

If you’re aiming for a top MCAT score, this comprehensive self-study toolkit is your ticket to a thorough and efficient preparation.


  • Comprehensive coverage of all MCAT topics
  • Includes full-length practice tests and a customizable question bank
  • Recently updated material reflecting the latest MCAT format


  • The toolkit is pricey—a significant investment
  • Some users reported issues accessing the online resources
  • A few buyers received fewer practice tests than advertised

Our team recently got their hands on the MCAT Self-Study Toolkit 2023-2024, and it’s fair to say the material is comprehensive. Updated to reflect the latest exam format, the bundle’s detailed content review in the 7 book set is as robust as it gets, offering a deep dive into all the sections of the test. As recently as last week, I was combing through the biology review and found the illustrations particularly helpful for complex concepts.

One can’t understate the value of practice in MCAT preparation, and the included online practice tests are remarkably close to the real deal. They did a commendable job of mimicking the pressure of the actual exam. Utilizing the toolkit’s question bank also allows for targeted practice, which has been instrumental in addressing our weak points.

However, in terms of user experience, the toolkit isn’t without its faults. We encountered some hiccups when trying to access the online resources, which was a bit of a setback until customer service guided us through. It’s worth noting that this mirrored some of the feedback found in the reviews.

Overall, while the price might raise eyebrows, we see it as an investment in your medical school journey. If you can overlook the potential for minor inconveniences, this toolkit is a powerhouse of MCAT prep.

Materials IncludedUsabilityEffectiveness
Comprehensive 7-book setSome access difficultiesExcellent practice tests
Thousands of practice questionsMix of online and offlineUp-to-date content
Full-length online testsVaried customer experienceThorough topic coverage

From our perspective, the MCAT Toolkit 2023-2024 offers both breadth and depth, a true ally for any pre-med student’s library. The quality of material and the practice it affords can certainly pave the way for an impressive score.


3. Kaplan MCAT Review

Kaplan MCAT Review

We recommend the Kaplan MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review for a comprehensive and detailed preparation journey.


  • Thorough content that covers all domains
  • Access to 3 full-length practice tests online
  • Visual aids and chapter summaries enhance learning


  • Sheer volume may be overwhelming for some
  • Occasional difficulties reported with online resource access
  • Additional cost for the eBook version

Having gone through the Kaplan MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review, we’ve experienced firsthand the extensive coverage of all testable domains. These books are meticulously structured, facilitating a systematic study approach that is crucial for the MCAT. With effective illustrations and summaries at the end of each chapter, we were able to consolidate our understanding and visually engage with complex material.

We also appreciated the added value of the online resources, especially the three full-length practice tests, which are instrumental in gauging our progress and readiness for the actual exam. Tackling these tests provided us with a realistic snapshot of the exam format and helped pinpoint areas where further review was needed.

Nevertheless, the comprehensive nature of the materials can seem daunting at first glance. There are instances where we’ve heard colleagues mentioning the heft of the books and the challenge in navigating through the sheer amount of information provided. Moreover, while the online materials are beneficial, we’ve come across feedback regarding occasional hurdles in accessing these resources, which can cause minor setbacks.

Despite these concerns, the Kaplan MCAT Review set is indispensable for anyone serious about conquering the MCAT. We found that with disciplined pacing and consistent study habits, we could surmount the breadth of content. The structured approach and clarity in presentation make it a valuable resource in any pre-med student’s arsenal.

CoverageComprehensive review of MCAT topics
Practice TestsThree full-length tests simulate real exam conditions
FormatUseful visual aids and logical structure
Learning ToolsChapter summaries for quick review
Additional Online ResourcesAccess can occasionally be challenging
InvestmentPotential for further cost with the eBook version

In our use, the Kaplan MCAT Review has proven to be both a reliable and effective guide for the grueling preparation commanded by the MCAT.


4. MCAT 528 Advanced Prep

MCAT 528 Advanced Prep 2023-2024

If you’re gearing up for the MCAT and want a comprehensive resource, this prep book is a solid bet with its clear explanations and strategic advice.


  • Offers a robust overview of all test sections
  • Clear examples and strategic guidance
  • Up-to-date content for current MCAT structure


  • Some may find it heavy at over 2 pounds
  • The book’s thoroughness might be overwhelming for some
  • Requires significant time investment to fully benefit

Recently, we got our hands on the “MCAT 528 Advanced Prep 2023-2024” and took it for a test run. Right away, we appreciated the substantive content across all sections of the MCAT. The clear explanations helped us brush up on the general principles, setting a solid foundation for more advanced topics.

When we dived into the quizzes and practice questions, we found them to be reflective of the actual exam. It’s reassuring to study with material that feels so closely aligned with the real test. This book’s current version aligns well with the MCAT’s structure, making sure you’re studying the most relevant material.

However, we must mention the book’s physical heft; it’s substantial, which can make it less convenient for studying on the go. Some of us felt that the dense, detailed nature of the information was a bit overwhelming at first. It takes commitment and a strategic approach to study effectively with this book. We had to dedicate serious time to fully capitalize on its contents.

Overall, Kaplan’s “MCAT 528 Advanced Prep” felt like an indispensable tool in our MCAT preparation arsenal. With a balanced collection of detailed overviews and practical exercises, it’s a worthy investment for anyone serious about acing the MCAT.


5. Princeton MCAT Complete Set

Princeton MCAT Books

For serious MCAT contenders, this comprehensive review provides a formidable foundation for test day.


  • Comprehensive subject coverage
  • Included practice tests aid in self-assessment
  • Updated content aligns with the latest exam format


  • Heavy set may be less portable for some
  • One-year access to online materials may be limiting
  • Some readers may find the depth of content overwhelming

The Princeton Review MCAT Subject Review Complete Box Set has been our go-to over the last couple of months, allowing us to drill down into the nuances of each subject with remarkable clarity. With the latest edition in hand, it’s like having an experienced tutor guiding us through, highlighting critical concepts and frequently tested areas.

Diving into the actual books, we found the level of detail not only broad but deep as well. It’s been especially helpful to cement our understanding of difficult topics, providing explanations that can make even the denser subjects approachable.

Yet, it wasn’t just the books that were beneficial. The online practice tests mirrored the tone and difficulty of the actual MCAT, showing us where to focus our studies. Our only gripe is with the one-year limit on these resources—it left us wishing for longer access.

Despite its heft and the potential for information overload, the Princeton MCAT Complete Set has been instrumental in our prep. Its thoroughness, current information, and test-like practice materials make it an indispensable resource in any MCAT prep toolkit.


Buying Guide

Key Factors to Consider

When choosing MCAT prep books, we must consider various factors to ensure we make an informed decision.

  • Content Coverage: The book should comprehensively cover all sections of the MCAT, including Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems, Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills, Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems, and Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior.
  • Practice Questions: Look for books with numerous practice questions that emulate the difficulty and style of the actual MCAT questions.
  • Explanations: Detailed explanations for both correct and incorrect answers are crucial for understanding and learning from practice questions.
  • Test-Taking Strategies: Books should offer effective strategies to approach different question types and manage time during the exam.
  • Updates & Accuracy: Ensure the book is updated to reflect the latest MCAT format and standards to avoid studying outdated materials.

Supplementary Features

It’s also wise to examine additional features that enhance study effectiveness:

  • Diagrams & Illustrations: Visual aids can facilitate comprehension and retention of complex concepts.
  • Online Resources: Availability of online practice tests, videos, and other digital tools can augment your study experience.
  • Study Schedules: Pre-designed study plans can help organize and pace your preparation.

Comparison Table

Content CoverageHighMust mirror MCAT’s four main sections
Practice QuestionsHighSimilar in style and challenge to real MCAT questions
ExplanationsHighMust be thorough for all answer choices
Test-Taking StrategiesMedium to HighShould provide a tactical approach for various question types
Updates & AccuracyHighMust reflect current MCAT structure
Diagrams & IllustrationsMediumCan greatly aid in content retention
Online ResourcesMedium to HighSupplemental materials for a well-rounded preparation
Study SchedulesMediumHelpful for structuring your study timeline and milestones

These tables and lists serve as a concise summary of what to look for in MCAT prep books.

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