Best Christmas Books For Kids: Holiday Must-Reads

Christmas books for kids are magical portals into worlds of snow-draped pine trees, twinkling lights, and the warm spirit of giving. They capture the essence of the season, inviting young readers to revel in the joyous traditions and heartfelt messages that Christmas brings. From classic tales that have been cherished for generations to new adventures that quickly become favorites, these books offer a variety of stories that encapsulate the wonder of winter holidays.

Choosing the right Christmas book for a child can often be as important as selecting the perfect gift. Children’s Christmas stories come in many forms, including picture books for the youngest readers, chapter books filled with festive adventures for middle-grade readers, and anthologies rich with Christmas lore and traditions. Illustrated books with vibrant, captivating pictures can draw children into the story, making reading a shared seasonal activity for the whole family. For those who are more independent or advanced readers, engaging narratives and enchanting characters can help to instill a love of reading and nurture a lifelong appreciation of the yuletide season.

When looking for the best Christmas books to share with children, it’s critical to consider age-appropriateness, the quality of storytelling, and the message behind the tale. Books that ignite imagination while also imparting lessons of compassion, generosity, and kindness can have a lasting impact. The material and durability of the book are also important; sturdy pages and a resilient cover can ensure that a treasured story withstands the test of time and becomes a part of family traditions for years to come.

After extensive research and consideration of numerous festive titles, we’ve curated a list of delightful Christmas books that suit various interests and reading levels. Our selection aims to present not only timeless stories but also meaningful experiences that children can cherish during the holiday season and beyond.

Top Picks for Christmas Books for Kids

Christmas time offers a chance for us to gather with family, enjoy festive traditions, and create memories that last a lifetime. An integral part of these memories for children often involves the magic of stories. That’s why we’ve curated a selection of Christmas books that are perfect for kids. This collection aims to encapsulate the wonder of the season with tales of joy, the spirit of giving, and the adventures of beloved characters. Whether you’re looking to start a new reading ritual or find a heartwarming gift, our roundup is sure to have something that will become a treasured read in your household.

1. Sneezy the Snowman

Sneezy the Snowman

If you’re looking for a charming winter tale that is more about snowy giggles than Christmas itself, Sneezy the Snowman fits the bill.


  • Engaging rhyming story that captivates young readers
  • Vibrant, colorful illustrations that appeal to preschool-aged children
  • Not specifically tied to Christmas, so it’s great for the entire winter season


  • The story is quite simple which may not challenge more advanced young readers
  • With 34 pages, it might be too long for the youngest audience to sit through in one go
  • Some might prefer a more traditional Christmas story

We’ve recently spent time reading ‘Sneezy the Snowman’ and it’s easy to see why it has captured the hearts of children. The book’s lighthearted approach and easy-to-follow rhymes make it a hit during storytime. The illustrations are a visual treat, bursting with color and character; they keep the kids pointing and smiling at every page turn.

The tale of the snowman trying to warm up without melting has the little ones giggling throughout the reading. Its repetitive and rhythmic nature is perfect for pre-readers to grasp and join in. We love how it embodies the spirit of sharing and kindness as the children in the story help Sneezy in his chilly dilemma.

However, for those children that are on the cusp of moving to more elaborate stories, ‘Sneezy the Snowman’ might miss the mark. Its straightforward narrative is fantastic for holding the attention span of younger tots but might not challenge the imaginations of older children who are ready for more complex adventures.

While the length of the book offers more content, sometimes our youngest readers get a bit restless before reaching the end. ‘Sneezy the Snowman’ is not the quintessential Christmas narrative some might be searching for, but its winter theme allows it to be a seasonal favorite throughout the colder months.

In conclusion, ‘Sneezy the Snowman’ is a joy to read and has earned its place on our shelf. When we choose it for storytime, we’re guaranteed smiles and laughter, making it a precious part of our winter reading routine.


2. Little Red Sleigh

Little Red Sleigh Book

We believe that “Little Red Sleigh” is a charming addition to a child’s holiday reading list for its delightful tale and beautiful illustrations.


  • Engaging storyline that teaches valuable life lessons
  • Vibrant, captivating illustrations
  • Appropriate for a wide range of young readers


  • May be too lengthy for the youngest readers
  • The plot might be predictable for older children
  • Limited cultural diversity in the narrative

“Little Red Sleigh” has become a staple in our Christmas book collection. It’s penned with such warmth that it effortlessly draws in young readers. The story follows the journey of a determined little sleigh with big dreams. It teaches important lessons about perseverance and believing in oneself.

The illustrations are a real feast for the eyes. They are so well-executed that every time we flipped through the pages, we noticed new, joyful details. The artwork complements the text in a way that keeps children’s attention fixed on the book.

Although this heartwarming tale is adored by many, it’s worth noting that the length might challenge the patience of very young children. Older readers might find the storyline a touch predictable, but this doesn’t seem to detract from the book’s charm.

Despite these minor drawbacks, “Little Red Sleigh” is a book we often reach for during the holiday season. The positive message and the cheerful pictures make it a book we’re glad to have on our shelf. It’s truly a story that embodies the spirit of Christmas and helps spread joy and inspiration in the most magical time of the year.


3. Dasher Book

Dasher: How a Brave Little Doe Changed Christmas Forever

After exploring the pages of “Dasher,” it’s clear this book captures the magic of the holiday spirit, enchanting readers with its touching story and stunning illustrations.


  • Engaging and heartwarming narrative
  • Splendid, detailed illustrations
  • Encourages the value of determination


  • Story may be too simplistic for older kids
  • Hardcover can be less durable for little hands
  • Only seasonally relevant; may not engage readers year-round

The vivid and expressive artwork in “Dasher” immediately transports us to a whimsical winter wonderland. It’s easy to see our little ones’ eyes light up with each turn of the page, revealing the next segment of this sweet seasonal saga. The book’s large format and polished, intricate illustrations make it not just a story, but an experience, allowing us to point out subtle details in the art that spark conversations and storytelling.

A narrative intertwined with themes of bravery and ambition, “Dasher” introduces us to a reindeer who longs for a different life—one beyond the circus where she lives. The message resonates with us, reinforcing that perseverance leads to achieving one’s dreams. It’s a lesson we value imparting to our children, nestled in a story they request night after night as Christmas approaches.

Delightfully, we have found that “Dasher” elicits a sense of adventure and wonder in our families. It also serves as a novel educational tool, teaching our kids about seasonal traditions and animal behavior, a perfect example of how stories can blend learning with fun. However, it’s worth noting the hardcover edition, while majestic on a bookshelf, may suffer from enthusiastic page-flipping by excited children. It’s a minor concern, but something we keep in mind.


4. How to Catch Santa Claus

How to Catch Santa Claus

Bringing joy to storytime, “How to Catch Santa Claus” is a delightful read for kids anticipating the holiday magic.


  • Engages a child’s imagination
  • Bright, appealing illustrations
  • Encourages interaction through rhyme and rhythm


  • May be too simple for older readers
  • Limited to seasonal relevance
  • A predictable plot for adult readers

This book immediately became a hit in our bedtime routine. The excitement and anticipation of trying to catch the elusive Santa Claus make reading this book an interactive experience. Its vivid illustrations sparked comments and questions, making us spend more time on each page than we do with most stories.

There’s an undeniable charm to the rhyme scheme that makes the narrative flow with ease. We found ourselves falling into the rhythm of the story, chanting the lines with glee. It isn’t often that a book has us all participating, but this one had us trying to predict the next rhyme.

Despite being a seasonal tale, “How to Catch Santa Claus” has earned its place on our shelf to be brought out year after year, ensuring that the spirit of Christmas stays alive in our hearts. The book’s durability also impressed us – after many readings, it remains in excellent condition, handling the eager hands of little readers with ease.


5. Pigeon’s Christmas Adventure

Pigeon's Christmas Adventure

We found this heartwarming book perfect for sharing the Christmas spirit with little ones.


  • Engaging illustrations that capture attention
  • Humorous storyline that delights children
  • Fits well with the holiday theme and encourages reading


  • Some may find the plot predictable
  • The pigeon’s antics might not appeal to every child
  • The length might be too brief for some readers

We recently spent some quality time with “Pigeon’s Christmas Adventure”, and it’s just as enchanting as the rest of Mo Willems’ work. The lively illustrations are a visual treat, drawing children right into the holiday excitement. There’s something about that mischievous pigeon that kids simply can’t resist. His latest quest—to pilot Santa’s sleigh—brings joy and giggles with each page turn.

Having encountered many children’s books, it’s refreshing to see how well Willems understands his young audience. His simple, yet expressive, characters are perfect for preschoolers. They connect with the pigeon’s dramatic emotions, from eagerness to utter despair, which is quite the rollercoaster!

The story itself is a typical day in the life of our feathered friend, except with a festive twist. It opens up a dialogue about patience and persistence, even when things don’t go as planned—a subtle lesson amidst the laughter. Our kids asked to revisit this tale nightly, clearly indicating its impact.

HighlightsOur Thoughts
Illustrated FunThe playful artwork enhances the reading experience magnificently.
Laugh-Out-LoudThe pigeon’s humorous monologue is sure to induce bouts of laughter.
A Quick ReadPerfect for bedtime, the story is engaging without dragging on.

In sum, if you’re looking for a book to brighten up your child’s festive season, look no further. “Pigeon’s Christmas Adventure” has a special charm, making it a delightful addition to any home library.


Buying Guide

Choosing the Right Book

When we’re looking to buy Christmas books for kids, we consider several key elements:

  • Age Appropriateness: Align the book’s complexity with the child’s reading level.
  • Illustrations: Rich and colorful images can enhance the reading experience.
  • Content: Select books with positive messages and appropriate themes for the season.

Features to Consider

Story QualityHighA captivating story keeps children engaged.
DurabilityMediumHardcover and quality paper withstand wear and tear.
Cultural DiversityMediumRepresents various traditions and experiences.
Re-readabilityHighBooks that children ask to read again have lasting value.

Evaluating Book Choices

We use the following criteria to assess:

  1. Readability: Short sentences and clear fonts support young readers.
  2. Educational Value: Look for books that teach a lesson or explore new concepts.
  3. Interactive Elements: Features like pop-ups or sound buttons can be engaging.

Remember, the best book is one that matches the child’s interests while also encouraging them to discover the joys of reading.

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