Best Electric Fence For Goats: Top Choices Reviewed

Electric fences offer an effective and reliable method to contain and manage livestock. They act as psychological barriers; animals remember the short, sharp but safe shock and subsequently avoid the fence, thus remaining within the boundary set by their owners. When considering goats, it’s essential to tailor the containment system to their notorious cleverness and agility. Goats are known for their ability to escape conventional physical barriers, making electric fencing the ideal solution for their containment.

The best electric fence for goats is one that factors in their specific behavior. Goats are curious and persistent creatures which might test the fence frequently, so durability and sufficient voltage are key. The fence must be properly designed to deter climbing or jumping over and to prevent crawling under. Added to this, the spacing of the electric wires and the type of posts used play a significant role in the effectiveness of the fence. Portable electric net fences are one popular choice for goats, offering flexibility and ease of setup.

When selecting an electric fence for goats, consider the power source – solar-powered, battery-operated, or mains electricity options are available, and each has its pros and cons. Consider also the height and number of wires or netting strands, the spacing between posts, and the type of terrain where the fence will be installed. Additionally, the quality of the energizer is crucial; it should provide a consistent pulse that is strong enough to deter goats but adheres to safety standards.

In determining which fencing solution best meets the needs of goat herders, we’ve evaluated numerous models based on power source, durability, ease of installation, and efficacy. This rigorous process ensures we recommend products that are not only effective in containing goats but are also user-friendly and offer value for money.

Top Electric Fences for Goats

Ensuring the safety and security of our goats is paramount, and an effective electric fence is an essential tool for any goat herd management. Electric fences not only keep goats contained within a designated area but also protect them from predators. When it comes to selecting an electric fence for goats, the key features to consider include the conductivity of the wires, the durability of the materials, pulse strength of the energizer, ease of installation and maintenance, and overall reliability. Our comprehensive roundup focuses on these critical aspects, comparing various models to help you find the best electric fence solution for your goats.

1. Pet & Livestock HQ Electric Fence

Pet & Livestock HQ Fence

We recommend this fencing solution for small livestock owners who prioritize ease of installation and effective predator deterrence.


  • Setup is quick and straightforward even for one person
  • Robust construction withstands windy conditions and keeps small animals secure
  • Graduated spacing design is optimized for preventing sagging and ensuring livestock safety


  • Fence energizer must be purchased separately, adding to the overall cost
  • May not be suitable for containing goats, which could breach the barrier
  • The fence’s length might be excessive for very small enclosures

After installing the Pet & Livestock HQ Electric Fence around our goat and chicken enclosure, we noted several standout features. The structure’s sturdiness impressed us, ensuring the fence stood firm even against feisty winds. We didn’t break a sweat during assembly—those built-in posts plunged smoothly into the earth, attributing to the design’s thoughtful engineering.

Despite the sheer length of the netting, repositioning it for rotational grazing was a breeze, which keeps our pasture healthy. However, while our chickens didn’t find an escape route through the tight bottom strands, one of our more persistent goats did challenge the barrier’s integrity. Thus, it’s better suited for smaller livestock and poultry.

Given the absence of an included energizer, getting the fence operational did require an additional purchase. This wasn’t a hurdle for us but is certainly something to consider regarding total investment. Still, the peace of mind this fence provides, watching our chickens scratch and peck without a predatory worry in sight, is invaluable.

We found the importance of a robust fencing solution imperative for the welfare of our livestock. Comparatively, the Pet & Livestock HQ Electric Fence achieved its primary goal brilliantly. Below, we’ve highlighted key features that set it apart:

FeaturesPet & Livestock Electric Fence
Ease of SetupConvenient, tool-free installation and easy to move
SturdinessStable and reliable in diverse weather conditions
Livestock SafetyClose strand spacing at the bottom to protect small animals
Additional RequirementsRequires separate purchase of an energizer
Livestock SuitabilityIdeal for poultry and small livestock, but potential issues with goats
Dimensional AdequacyAmple length for large enclosures, possibly excessive for small setups

We utilize a confident and knowledgeable approach when assessing the products we recommend. Our firsthand experience with the Pet & Livestock HQ Electric Fence provided us with valuable insights into its capabilities and potential limitations. We conclude that for farmers and small livestock owners seeking a reliable and user-friendly electric fencing option, this product offers significant advantages, particularly for securing poultry.


2. VEVOR Electric Netting

VEVOR Electric Netting

We found this netting adept at keeping our goats in and the local wildlife out.


  • Robust against wildlife intrusions
  • Highly visible, reducing accidental encounters
  • Simplified installation process


  • Requires additional energizer purchase
  • Posts could be more resilient
  • Limited effectiveness with smaller livestock

The VEVOR Electric Fence Netting spans an impressive 164 feet in length and stands at a height of 42.5 inches, which we found more than adequate for enclosing our goats and other mid-sized livestock. It’s crafted with durability in mind, featuring a PE and stainless steel wire mesh.

Installation is straightforward and we were quickly able to secure the area. It’s lightweight and easily portable, making rotational grazing a breeze. This has been particularly useful during different seasons when we need to adjust pastures.

One challenge was that the posts, while generally stable, could be reinforced. In soft soil, they held up well, but more robust ground called for some elbow grease during installation. Additionally, keep in mind that it requires a separate energizer – an extra cost and step in the setup.

FeatureVEVOR Electric Netting
Total Length164 feet
Height42.5 inches
Installation EaseSimplified, no assembly required
VisibilityHigh (green color)
PortabilityGood for rotational grazing
Predator DeterrenceEffective with proper energizer
Post StabilityCould be improved
Extra CostsEnergizer not included
Recommended ForMid-sized livestock, not smaller animals

Overall, the VEVOR Electric Fence Netting is a solid choice for mid-sized animals, bringing peace of mind to us with little effort.


3. Starkline Premium Electric Netting

Starkline Premium Electric Netting

After hands-on use, we can affirm that the Starkline Premium Electric Netting is a dependable choice for goat containment and pasture management.


  • Hassle-free setup and mobility, perfect for rotational grazing
  • Flexibility in fence layout with substantial enclosure area
  • Enhanced goat health from access to diverse forage


  • Requires a separate energizer for operation
  • Young goats may navigate through without deterrence
  • Some components may feel less durable compared to other brands

We’ve recently put the Starkline Premium Electric Netting to the test with our goats, and we’re quite pleased with the simplicity of the setup process. Its design allowed us to quickly establish a secure perimeter, which is key when we need to move the herd to fresh pasture.

The flexibility of the enclosure system of Starkline netting has been a boon. We’ve been able to tailor the fence’s layout to various shapes and sizes of our land, and it’s made pasture rotation a breeze, contributing to the welfare of our livestock by promoting access to fresh vegetation.

One notable downside is that this fencing doesn’t come with an included energizer. This means an extra step of procurement and setting up the current for the netting. Moreover, while the fence has largely been effective, we noticed that the more adventurous young goats were occasionally able to slip through without incident.

Our insights on the Starkline netting are based on practical application:

Setup EaseIncredibly straightforward; no tools or extra hands needed.
Containment EffectivenessVery good for adult goats; less so for kids.
DurabilityGood under normal conditions; rugged terrain may pose challenges.

Despite its few minor drawbacks, the Starkline netting stands out as a reliable and user-friendly option for goat farmers.


4. RentACoop Goat Fence

RentACoop Electric Fence

For those in need of dependable goat fencing, this RentACoop Electric Fence is a solid investment that combines convenience with efficacy.


  • Quick installation and easy to move around
  • Sizable area coverage with a 42″ height for larger animals
  • Comes with a complete repair kit and extra stability features


  • Energizer not included, additional purchase required
  • May require extra support to prevent sagging
  • Some durability concerns with the spikes reported by customers

Installing our new RentACoop electric fence was a breeze. The lightweight design made it simple to create a secure space for our goats quickly. It’s versatile enough to fit various terrains, and connecting multiple sections was straightforward when we needed a larger enclosed area. The 42-inch height gave us peace of mind knowing that our taller animals would be safely contained.

We immediately appreciated the thoughtful inclusion of a repair kit and the sturdy, double-spiked posts that enhanced the stability of the fence on uneven ground. Corner guy lines added another layer of robustness, reassuring us that the enclosure would stay intact even in windy conditions. That allowed us to focus on other tasks around the farm without worrying about our goats’ well-being.

However, while setting up the RentACoop fence, we noted the absence of an energizer, which we had to buy separately. For anyone considering this product, keep in mind this additional expense. In some spots, despite the mini-posts and metal stakes, we noticed a bit of sagging, likely due to the long distance between posts, and pondered the need for a few more supports here and there.

InstallationQuick and user-friendly
PortabilityHighly manageable to move for rotational grazing
Coverage42″ tall and 168′ long, >1700 square feet per unit
StabilityCorner guylines and mini-posts for uneven terrain
MaintenanceComes with a repair kit and instruction booklet
FlexibilityConnect multiple units for larger areas; optional gate handle

Our hands-on experience has shown us that the RentACoop electric fence is a reliable choice. However, it’s prudent to plan for additional reinforcements, depending on your specific requirements. Despite some minor setbacks, this product still stands out for its excellent coverage and versatility.


Buying Guide

Key Considerations

When selecting the best electric fence for goats, we need to consider several important features to ensure the safety and containment of the animals.

  • Power Source: The choice between solar-powered, battery-operated, or mains electricity will depend on the availability of resources on your property.
  • Conductivity: High conductivity is crucial for effective containment. Look for fences with multiple conductive wires intertwined with durable materials.
  • Durability: A fence that can withstand weather conditions and goat behavior is essential. Materials resistant to UV, rust, and physical damage are preferred.
  • Height and Spacing: Goats are agile climbers. Fences should be tall enough to prevent them from jumping over and have close wire spacing to prevent them from squeezing through.
  • Portability: If you need to rotate pastures, a portable system will be beneficial. Look for lightweight designs that can be easily installed and relocated.

Feature Comparison

Power SourceHighProper power ensures consistent operation.
ConductivityCriticalEnsures that the fence delivers a noticeable deterrent to the goats.
DurabilityHighLonger lifespan and fewer repairs.
Height and SpacingCriticalPrevents goats from escaping the fenced area.
PortabilityMediumAllows flexibility in pasture management.

Installation and Maintenance

We must also consider the ease of installation and the ongoing maintenance required. Goats are curious and can test the structural integrity of a fence. Regularly checking for breaks or weak spots in the fence is crucial to maintaining a functioning barrier.

By closely examining these factors and matching them to our specific needs, we can choose an electric fence that will provide the best protection and management for our goats.

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