Best Double Oven Electric Ranges: 2023 Top Picks

Electric ranges have become staple appliances in modern kitchens, offering both convenience and precision for culinary creations. Among these, double oven electric ranges stand out for their versatility and efficiency, allowing home cooks to multitask by baking or roasting at two different temperatures simultaneously. This feature is particularly beneficial during holidays or when hosting large gatherings, as it enables the preparation of more dishes in less time.

When considering a double oven electric range, one important factor is the size and capacity of each oven. This dictates how much food can be cooked at once and can vary widely depending on the model. Features such as convection cooking, which uses a fan to circulate hot air for quicker and more even baking, and induction cooktops, which offer rapid heat and precise temperature control, can also significantly enhance the cooking experience.

The build quality and reliability of the appliance are critical as well, with some brands known for their durability and longevity. Additionally, the range’s energy efficiency impacts not only the cost of operation but also its environmental footprint. With these considerations in mind, consumers should also look for convenient features such as self-cleaning capabilities and smart technology integration that allows for remote monitoring and control.

Our extensive research and hands-on testing have led us to identify several double oven electric ranges that excel in performance, features, and user satisfaction. We’ve taken a close look at each model’s key specifications, usability, and overall value to ensure you can choose the best appliance for your kitchen.

Top Picks for Double Oven Electric Ranges

In our search for the best double oven electric ranges, we’ve carefully compared numerous models to help you find an appliance that suits your cooking style and kitchen needs. These ranges stand out for their flexibility, allowing you to cook multiple dishes at different temperatures simultaneously. Key features such as convection options, variable broil settings, and smart controls have been evaluated. Our focus is on performance, design, and overall value, ensuring you can make an informed decision for an upgraded kitchen experience.

1. Frigidaire Double Wall Oven

Frigidaire Double Wall Oven

We believe this Frigidaire Double Wall Oven is a worthy investment for its even cooking and spacious interior.


  • Even baking technology ensures consistent results
  • The roomy interior can handle multiple dishes at once
  • Self-cleaning feature saves time and effort


  • Stainless steel finish requires regular cleaning to maintain shine
  • Some customers noted issues with delivery and installation
  • Occasional manufacturer defects reported

We’ve recently put the Frigidaire Double Wall Oven through its paces, and it’s nothing short of impressive for those looking to streamline their baking and roasting tasks. The oven comes with nine cubic feet of cooking space between its two ovens, making it easy to prepare large meals or multiple dishes simultaneously. In our experience, the Even Baking Technology lives up to its name, delivering reliably uniform results.

The convenience of this oven shines with its Ready-Select Controls. The interface is intuitive; we found it simple to program the oven to bake, broil, and more. Moreover, the Vari-Broil Temperature Control feature offers precision, allowing us to fine-tune the broiler temperature to our liking.

A potential downside to this oven is its stainless steel exterior. While sleek and modern, it does show fingerprints and smudges easily. However, we think the self-cleaning feature partly offsets this inconvenience, as it eliminates the need for manual scrubbing inside.

A few customers have flagged issues with delivery and setup, but these seem to be linked more to third-party services rather than the product itself. Lastly, while most users are satisfied, a handful have raised concerns about defects. In our test, however, the oven operated flawlessly.

In our kitchen, the Frigidaire Double Wall Oven has definitely made cooking large meals more efficient. Its spacious interior and consistent performance are its standout features. On the other hand, for those who prioritize an immaculate kitchen, the propensity for smudges on stainless steel may be a concern, although the self-cleaning function is a definite plus.


2. Verona Electric Range

Verona Double Oven

For those seeking a robust and versatile kitchen centerpiece, the Verona Electric Range impresses with its powerful dual oven setup and elegant design.


  • Dual convection ovens are a game-changer for multi-dish preparation.
  • The five-burner cooktop with a dual element adapts brilliantly for various cooking needs.
  • Italian craftsmanship ensures a sleek look and durability.


  • The need for possible electrical upgrades can add to the overall cost.
  • Its hefty size might pose a challenge for smaller kitchen spaces.
  • The absence of a power cord requires an additional purchase and installation.

Having recently prepared a feast using the Verona Electric Range, we’ve come to appreciate its generous cooking capacity. The lower oven’s convection feature perfectly crisped our roasted vegetables, while the upper oven baked pies to absolute perfection with an enviable crust.

The cooktop’s performance is another high point. We found the central dual burner exceedingly helpful, swiftly boiling a large pot of water while the simmer function gently warmed delicate sauces. Its layout is intuitive, leaving ample room for multiple pots and pans without overcrowding.

Cleanup was a breeze too. The smooth glass top required minimal effort to get back to its polished appearance after a busy cooking session. The ovens’ interiors did not disappoint either. Post-baking, a simple wipe down was all that was needed to maintain the pristine condition.

Comparing the Verona to other models, its premium built and dual-oven design place it at a higher performance tier. Below is a quick feature comparison:

FeatureVerona Electric RangeOther Models
Oven CountDual OvenMostly Single Oven
ConvectionYes, Both OvensTypically Only One Oven
Burners/Cooktop5 Sealed Elements4-5 Varies
AestheticsSleek Italian DesignVaries
CustomizabilityHighModerate to Low

We take our culinary tasks seriously, and we recognize that the right equipment can be a substantial asset. The Verona Electric Range proved its worth through every baking, roasting, and sautéing challenge we threw its way. Given its strong performance and our recent cooking success, recommending this range comes quite naturally.


3. GE Double Oven Range

GE Double Oven Range

We believe the GE® 30″ Free-Standing Electric Double Oven Convection Range offers a balanced mix of convenience and performance for those looking to upgrade their kitchen.


  • Energy-efficient cooking with No-Preheat Air Fry
  • Even baking with Convection technology
  • Flexible Power Boil element for rapid boiling


  • Requires significant kitchen space
  • Heavier to move for installation
  • Higher upfront cost than single oven ranges

Steaming a basket of vegetables on the cooktop while roasting a turkey in the lower oven, we’re reminded of the versatility of this GE double oven range. Its stainless steel finish brings a touch of elegance to any kitchen décor. Air frying has become a healthier alternative to deep frying, and with this oven’s in-built no-preheat air fry feature, it’s easier than ever to enjoy crispy favorites without the oil.

Cooking a large meal can be overwhelming, but with the convection technology in both ovens, we experience even heat distribution for dishes that come out perfectly cooked every time. It’s remarkable how an appliance can impact our efficiency in the kitchen. The dual Power Boil elements heat water astonishingly quickly, proving essential for those moments when we just can’t wait for pasta water to boil.

On busy days, having the ability to cook multiple dishes simultaneously is a lifesaver. The spacious interior of the double ovens, with a total capacity of 6.6 cubic feet, handles it all — accommodating both the main course and sides effortlessly. We revel in the convenience of preparing various dishes at different temperatures, eliminating the usual juggling act during meal prep.

ConvectionCooks food evenly and more efficiently
Air FryOffers a healthier way to prepare fried foods
Power Boil ElementsBoils water quickly, saving time
Warming ZoneKeeps dishes at the perfect temperature until ready to serve

Admiring the stove’s polished exterior after a quick wipe-down, we appreciate the low-maintenance appeal. A steam cleaning feature allows us to easily tackle spills and splatters, ensuring that the oven is always prepped and ready for our culinary endeavors. The warming zone is an especially noteworthy feature. It meticulously maintains the temperature of our food, ensuring that every dish is served just right.

With this double oven range, the joy of cooking is celebrated with every use. Whether hosting a large family gathering or prepping weekly meals, we find ourselves relying on the consistent performance and flexibility it provides. The upfront cost might stretch your budget, but considering the time saved and the quality of meals produced, it’s an investment in everyday culinary enjoyment.


4. Forte 48″ Double Oven Range

Forte 48 Inch Double Oven Range

This range combines a spacious double oven and a powerful gas cooktop, making it a worthy contender for home chefs who demand flexibility and performance.


  • Ample cooking space with two ovens
  • High power output on burners for a variety of cooking needs
  • Solid build quality with a reasonable price point


  • Fewer reviews available to verify long-term reliability
  • Some users report delays in service and parts
  • Heavier unit, possibly complicating installation

Forte’s 48″ Double Oven Range provides a wealth of space with its dual ovens, allowing us to tackle complex meals effortlessly. The eight burners mean we can sear, boil, and simmer all at once, a boon for multitasking chefs. And thanks to the high BTU output, this range can handle anything from a rapid boil to the gentlest of simmers.

The construction feels robust — the kind of appliance you’d feel confident anchoring your kitchen. I’ve noticed food cooks evenly, whether we’re broiling up top or baking down below. It also fits aesthetically in our space, with a stainless steel design that exudes professional quality without the high-end price tag typically attached.

We’ve found that while the performance is stellar right out of the gate, some patience may be required for after-sales support, as parts and service could be delayed. And moving the unit can be a challenge; this isn’t a light piece of kitchenware. Make sure you plan accordingly for installation.

Key FeatureBenefit
Dual Oven CapacityAllows for simultaneous cooking of multiple dishes
Gas Cooktop with 8 BurnersVersatile cooking options for every culinary task
Solid ConstructionDurable and gives a professional feel to the kitchen

So, while there might not be a multitude of reviews to lean on for a long-term assessment, from our hands-on experience, this range from Forte performs reliably and impressively for its price range. It’s certainly a recommended appliance for those of us who love to host large gatherings or indulge in complex culinary endeavors.


5. GE Profile Double Oven

GE Profile PS960YPFS

If you’re in search of impressive baking and cooking flexibility, the GE Profile Double Oven is your go-to appliance.


  • Expansive cooking space with a total of 6.6 cu. ft.
  • Uncomplicated temperature adjustments with glide touch controls
  • Convenience of remote notifications and Wi-Fi capabilities


  • Steeper price point due to advanced features
  • Requires a consistent power supply for optimal use
  • Steaming option could be improved

Having recently prepared a holiday feast with the GE Profile Double Oven, we appreciated the seamless way we could manage various dishes. The upper oven heated quickly, saving precious time, and the lower oven’s spacious interior was perfect for the turkey. Glide touch controls felt modern and responsive, and unlike traditional knobs, they’re a breeze to clean.

We found the remote notifications to be particularly handy. It’s quite a relief to monitor your meal’s progress on your smartphone, especially when you’re busy setting the table or entertaining guests. The self-clean option with a steam clean addition is also pretty convenient for quick cleanups.

However, be mindful that with sophisticated appliances, such as this GE range, your budget must accommodate it. Plus, in places prone to power outages, you might find yourself at a disadvantage, as the range’s best features depend on a reliable power supply.

Comparison and Key Features:

FeatureGE Profile Double OvenCompetitor’s Oven
Total Capacity6.6 cu. ft.5.8 cu. ft.
Oven Cooking ModeConvectionStandard
Control TypeGlide Touch + Remote NotificationsKnobs without remote feature
CleaningSelf-Clean with Steam OptionManual Clean

In our experience, the GE Profile Double Oven stands out for culinary enthusiasts who love to multitask. Its generous capacity, tactile touch controls, and wireless connectivity are paramount for those who value convenience and technology in the kitchen. With that in mind, if the investment aligns with your values, this appliance is a splendid choice.


Buying Guide

When we’re in the market for a double oven electric range, it’s crucial to assess several key features to ensure we make a suitable selection for our culinary needs. Let’s focus on what to look for.

Capacity and Size

It’s essential to consider the size and capacity that fits our kitchen space and cooking volume. We should measure our kitchen space and compare it to the dimensions of the units.

Table: Capacity and Size

FeatureWhy It Matters
Oven CapacityAdequate space for our cooking needs
SizeMust fit in our kitchen layout

Cooking Elements

The type and number of elements can impact our cooking flexibility and convenience.

Table: Cooking Elements

FeatureWhy It Matters
Type of ElementsVarious types offer different heat outputs
Number of ElementsMore elements offer increased flexibility

Energy Efficiency

We want appliances that save on electricity without sacrificing performance. Look for energy-efficient models that use less power.

Table: Energy Efficiency

FeatureWhy It Matters
Efficiency RatingHigher ratings mean lower power consumption

Additional Features

Consider extras like convection cooking, self-cleaning modes, and precision temperature controls that can enhance our cooking experience.

Table: Additional Features

FeatureWhy It Matters
Convection CookingProvides even heat distribution for better cooking results
Self-CleaningSaves time and effort in oven maintenance
Precise TemperatureImproves cooking accuracy and consistency

By keeping these criteria in mind, we can confidently select a double oven electric range that meets our cooking preferences and kitchen requirements.

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