Best Books About Making Money: Top Financial Reads 2023

Financial literacy and the quest for wealth creation have prompted a myriad of authors to share their insights through books focused on making money. These books emanate from a rich diversity of backgrounds and experiences, offering readers a vast range of strategies—ranging from investment advice to entrepreneurial thinking, and personal finance management.

Readers seeking to enhance their financial standing through education are met with a variety of options. Many books in this category draw upon historical financial principles, while others champion the latest techniques influenced by current economic trends. What is consistent across this genre is the commitment to transforming the reader’s approach to generating and managing money effectively.

When selecting a book about making money, it’s crucial to consider the author’s credibility and the relevance of the content to one’s personal financial situation and goals. Attention should also be paid to the complexity of the advice being presented—some readers may benefit from a straightforward, practical guide, while others might be looking for more advanced, in-depth financial theories and applications.

With rigor, we have scrutinized numerous books on this subject to present you with an assortment of titles that are both informative and applicable. Our intent is to equip you with the knowledge necessary to make wise decisions on your journey to financial prosperity.

Top Books on Wealth Creation

Our research has meticulously gathered a selection of impactful books that cater to a variety of financial goals, ranging from personal finance fundamentals to sophisticated investment strategies. Each book on our list provides unique insights into building wealth, tailored to guide readers at different stages of their financial journey. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your portfolio, our roundup includes essential reads that equip you with the knowledge to navigate the complexities of the financial world.

1. The Bitcoin FAQ Guide

The Bitcoin FAQ Guide

If you’re looking to unravel the complexities of cryptocurrencies, this book is a valuable and concise resource.


  • Emphasizes clarity on difficult topics
  • Interactive features enhance understanding
  • Quick read due to its concise nature


  • Limited to basic and frequently asked questions
  • More suitable for beginners than experts
  • Short length may leave advanced readers wanting more

Our journey through ‘The Bitcoin FAQ Guide’ was enlightening; the book distills intricate cryptocurrency concepts into digestible explanations. The integration of interactive elements like Page Flip and sticky notes on Kindle Scribe made navigating and annotating topics such as Bitcoin and blockchain technology a breeze.

Reading the book felt like a crash course—ideal for those of us starting out or needing a quick reference. The text-to-speech feature allowed us to absorb the information even while on the move, reflecting the book’s commitment to accessibility for various learning preferences.

Advanced topics weren’t the book’s focus, and as we progressed, it became evident. While our foundational understanding of cryptocurrencies improved, those of us with prior knowledge noted the absence of in-depth analysis. However, for a newcomer, this guide serves as an excellent entry point into the world of digital currencies.

Clarity of ContentClearly presents complex concepts in an understandable way
InteractivityFeatures like Page Flip and sticky notes are very useful
SuitabilityTailored for beginners, not as rich for seasoned investors

Our verdict is that ‘The Bitcoin FAQ Guide’ should find its way into the hands of anyone taking their first steps into cryptocurrencies. The benefits are clear for novices, and even though the page count is on the lighter side, this tight package brims with the essentials. Our quest for knowledge continues and while this book may soon be passed to a friend just starting out, we recognize its value in laying a solid foundation.


2. Money-Making Mastery Logbook

Money-Making Mastery Logbook

For financial journeyers, this logbook is a formidable ally to chronicle investment strategies and insights.


  • Durable and professionally bound, ensuring longevity
  • Quality acid-free paper preserves your records
  • Thoughtful design with placeholders and pre-numbered pages for easy organization


  • Lacks specific financial guidance or advice
  • Somewhat bulky if you’re on the go
  • Initial cost may be a deterrent for budget-conscious record keepers

Our recent delve into this Money-Making Mastery Logbook gave us a fine appreciation for its hardbound, leather-like cover that withstands frequent use without showing wear. The sense of permanence when penning down thoughts is reassuring – it’s built to last.

The interior layout easily won us over with its attention to detail. Fields for subject, date, and book number on each ruled page ensure that we stay organized. The ribbon bookmark is a nice touch for quickly hopping back into our latest entries.

One thing we have to mention: while it’s excellent for logging information, it doesn’t provide the sort of structured financial advice one might find in a typical money-making guide. Instead, it serves as an archival-quality vessel for your own reflections and strategies in wealth building.

DurabilityHigh – reinforced cover and Smyth sewn binding
Archival QualityExcellent – acid-free paper ensures long-term information retention
ConvenienceMedium – lays flat when open, but size may be cumbersome for some

We believe that any serious investor or entrepreneur could benefit from this journal. It simplifies record-keeping while oozing professionalism, enabling established and aspiring moguls alike to track their financial growth and insights with ease.


3. Badass Money Mastery

You Are a Badass at Making Money

We believe this book can seriously alter your financial outlook by shifting your money mindset.


  • Offers a refreshing take on wealth and personal finance
  • Engaging style that combines humor with practical advice
  • Inspires with real-life success stories


  • Some may find the anecdotes lengthy
  • The font size could be challenging for some readers
  • May not delve into advanced financial strategies

Drawing on our experience with “You Are a Badass at Making Money,” we’re struck by the book’s invigorating approach to wealth. Jen Sincero doesn’t just lay out steps; she sparks a transformation in how you think about money. Her upbeat tone turns what could be a dull financial sermon into an energizing call to action.

The book’s relatable stories make abstract concepts concrete, and we’ve actually used some of her advice to our financial advantage. It’s like having a witty guide by your side, reprogramming your brain for abundance. The actionable tips provided are the ones we’ve found feasible to integrate into our daily routines.

For all its strengths, the book isn’t an exhaustive financial guide. It’s more about mindset shifts rather than deep financial planning. Also, the small print may tire your eyes if you’re used to digital readers. However, we’ve found that minor inconveniences don’t detract from the overall positive impact it has had on our financial perspectives.

ReadabilityEngaging and easy-to-understand language
RelevanceTimely advice applicable to a wide audience
Emotional ImpactEmpowers and motivates the reader to act

In summary, “Badass Money Mastery” is a commendable read to kickstart your journey to financial enlightenment. The pros considerably outweigh the cons, making it a standout in our library.


4. How to Turn $100 Into $1,000,000

How to Turn $100 Into $1,000,000

We find this book provides crucial financial literacy for young readers in an engaging manner.


  • Simplifies complex financial concepts
  • Engaging for young readers
  • Includes humorous elements to keep the interest alive


  • Somewhat basic for more advanced readers
  • Physical book’s weight may be unwieldy for some
  • Financial results are not immediate or guaranteed

Despite its target audience being young readers, we felt the wisdom in “How to Turn $100 Into $1,000,000” by James McKenna, Jeannine Glista, and Matt Fontaine transcends age. It’s a testament to the book’s clear, informative guidance conveyed in a highly digestible format. Learning about money management has never been more crucial, and it’s exhilarating to see a young person’s eyes light up with understanding thanks to this book.

Upon cracking open the pages, we were pleasantly surprised at the balance between text and visuals. It doesn’t overwhelm the reader and instead encourages exploration of financial concepts at a comfortable pace. The relatable examples and step-by-step guides on saving, investing, and earning truly resonate. We genuinely wish this was available during our school days!

As we thumbed through the pages, we couldn’t help but chuckle at the wit infused throughout the book. This isn’t your typical dry financial guide; it makes for a lively read. While some might complain it’s not a heavy-duty financial tome, that’s precisely the point—it’s meant to make finance accessible and maybe even a bit fun. That said, this book doesn’t magically inflate bank accounts. The journey to $1 million requires patience, discipline, and a realistic view of long-term goals. Nevertheless, the book plants seeds of financial wisdom that, with the right nurturing, could indeed grow to substantial wealth over time.

Visual AppealBright, colorful, and engaging illustrations
Content DepthEasy-to-understand explanations ideal for the intended audience
Real-Life ImpactTangible advice on money-saving and investment for the future

In sum, we consider “How to Turn $100 Into $1,000,000” to be an excellent kickoff point for a young person’s financial education. It’s apparent the authors understand the importance of starting financial education early, setting the stage for a habit-forming lifestyle of financial prudence and clever investment.


5. The Simple Path to Wealth

The Simple Path to Wealth

This book equips readers with the tools needed for financial independence, blending practical wisdom with a straightforward approach.


  • Makes complex financial concepts accessible
  • Focused guidance on achieving financial independence
  • Empowers with a simplistic, actionable plan


  • Less suitable for advanced investors
  • Primarily tailored to U.S. financial systems
  • Some concepts may be repetitive for seasoned financiers

Financial wisdom isn’t necessarily embedded in complex jargon, a fact well-demonstrated upon reading “The Simple Path to Wealth”. We discovered its strength lies in distilling investing fundamentals into clear, actionable advice. The emphasis on index fund investing serves as a cornerstone for financial growth, a strategy we’ve personally seen yield results over time.

Interest in money management often wanes due to perceived complexity. Our experience with this book rekindled our enthusiasm, as the author’s conversational style made the content relatable. Especially illuminating were the parts discussing the folly of timing the market, reminding us that consistent, long-term investment often trumps short-term speculation.

While the guidance provided is invaluable for beginners, we noted it may not delve into the depth expected by more advanced investors. However, for someone just starting their journey, or seeking to revisit the basics, this book presents a wealth of knowledge. It keeps readers engaged with practical insights rather just theory, pulling from the author’s vast experience.

Ease of UnderstandingConcepts described with simplicity and clarity
Practical ApplicationActionable steps provided throughout the book
Relevance to Modern InvestingFocus on strategies suitable for today’s market


Buying Guide

When looking for books about making money, we should consider several key factors to ensure we’re getting valuable content that can truly enhance our financial knowledge. Here’s how to select a book that could be most beneficial for our goals.

Content Relevance

Make sure the book’s topics align with our financial interests and goals. Whether we’re interested in investing, entrepreneurship, or personal finance management, the content should directly address these areas.

Author Expertise

The author’s background is crucial. We want someone with proven success in the financial world.

Author BackgroundImportance
ExperienceCritical for practical insights
EducationAdds credibility
ReputationStrengthens the trust in content

Writing Style

The language should be accessible without oversimplifying complex concepts. Books that balance clarity with depth are often the most useful.

Updated Information

In the rapidly changing financial world, current information is key. Look for the latest editions or books with contemporary statistics and strategies.

Reader Reviews

Consider what others are saying. While subjective, reader reviews can highlight the strengths and limitations of a book from multiple perspectives.

Financial Strategies

Strategies proposed should be diverse and adaptable. A good financial book offers a range of tactics suitable for various risk tolerance levels and economic conditions.

Additional Resources

Additional resources like templates, tools, or further reading suggestions can significantly enhance the value of a financial book.

By examining these features critically, we can choose the best books about making money tailored to our needs.

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