Best Weight Gain Supplements: Top Picks For 2023

Gaining weight can be as challenging for some individuals as losing it is for others. Weight gain supplements are designed to assist those looking to add lean muscle mass, improve their overall body weight, and enhance their athletic performance. These supplements often come packed with a high calorie count, proteins, carbohydrates, and various nutrients that can help in achieving desired weight goals when combined with a proper diet and exercise regimen. They bridge the gap for people who have high metabolisms or who struggle to consume enough calories through diet alone.

While browsing through the myriad of weight gain supplements available, it’s crucial to consider their ingredient composition and nutritional profile. It’s important to look for high-quality protein sources, such as whey or casein, and complex carbohydrates rather than simple sugars. Additionally, checking for the presence of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that support muscle growth and recovery is beneficial. The calorie content is significant, but so is the quality of those calories. Potential buyers should also be mindful of additives and fillers that may not contribute positively to one’s health or dietary restrictions.

When selecting a weight gain supplement, one should also take into account serving size and ease of use. Some products might require multiple servings throughout the day, which could be inconvenient for people with busy schedules. The choice between powder form or ready-to-drink supplements might hinge on personal convenience and preference. We acknowledge that everyone’s body and lifestyle are different, which necessitates a personalized approach to choosing the right supplement.

Grounded in diligent research and analysis, we have compiled a selection of weight gain supplements that excel in their categories. We aim to present the facts that will help you identify the best supplement for your individual needs, ensuring that the path to reaching your weight goal is as straightforward as possible.

Top Weight Gain Supplements

Whether you’re looking to build muscle mass or struggling to maintain your body weight due to a fast metabolism, finding the right weight gain supplement can be crucial to your success. We’ve researched a multitude of options currently available and compiled a list of top contenders that stand out based on their nutrient profile, effectiveness, and consumer satisfaction. Our list aims to guide you to the products that align with your health goals and dietary preferences.

1. Naturade Vanilla Weight Gainer

Naturade Weight Gain Instant Nutrition Drink Mix

We recommend the Naturade All-Natural Weight Gain supplement for those looking to enhance their calorie intake effectively.


  • Boosts calorie consumption with ease
  • Nutrient-enhanced formula supports better calorie absorption
  • Free from harmful stimulants or steroids


  • Taste may not appeal to everyone
  • Mixing it can be a bit of a challenge
  • Extremely sweet which might not suit everyone’s palate

From our experience, the Naturade Weight Gain supplement simplifies increasing daily caloric intake. It’s particularly helpful for those moments when eating enough food becomes challenging. Its protein and carbohydrate balance is crafted to aid in building lean mass, whereas other supplements we’ve tried are often skewed heavily towards carbs.

Though the enhanced calorie absorption formula is a standout feature, making sure it’s properly blended is crucial for a smoother drink. A quality shaker or blender can prevent the clumpiness some might encounter when mixing by hand.

However, while we appreciate the sweetness as it masks some of the blandness common in similar products, it can be quite overpowering for our tastes. We would advise experimenting with different mixers to find the perfect balance that fits your taste buds.

FeatureNaturade Vanilla Weight GainerCompetitor’s Product
Protein per Serving10 gramsVaries
Stimulant-FreeYesNot always
FormulaEnhanced Calorie AbsorptionStandard
TasteVanilla; very sweetOften less sweet
MixabilityRequires effortGenerally better

In selecting a weight gain supplement, we’ve found the Naturade product to be a reliable option sans the artificial stimulants found in many alternatives. This makes it a healthier choice for long-term use. Moreover, while the taste and sweetness are subjective, they’re easily modifiable with different recipes and shake combinations, which is advantageous.


2. NGL Appetite Booster

NGL Appetite Booster

If you’re on the lookout for an effective way to support weight gain, NGL Appetite Booster might just be your go-to supplement.


  • Enhances appetite, making it easier to consume more calories
  • Can be conveniently mixed with juice or smoothies
  • Contains vitamins and minerals that support energy levels


  • The flavor might not appeal to everyone
  • Some users may not experience significant weight gain
  • The liquid form can be less convenient than pills or capsules for some

From our personal experience, the NGL Appetite Booster integrates seamlessly into daily routines, especially for those struggling to maintain a hearty appetite. Just one serving each day mixed into our favorite orange juice did the trick—making it effortless to start pushing the calorie intake higher. We noticed a subtle but welcome uplift in our energy levels, no doubt thanks to the comprehensive mix of B-vitamins.

The taste is definitely something that requires a bit of getting used to, but mixing it with the right beverage can make it quite palatable. Imagine diving into a refreshing smoothie with a nourishing twist—that’s essentially what our experience was like when incorporating this supplement into our meal plan.

Admittedly, we didn’t all see the numbers on the scale go up dramatically. It seems this supplement will not magically make you gain weight, but as part of a broader strategy of increased calorie intake, it definitely adds to the toolbox for weight-gain goals.

FeatureOur Take
Appetite EnhancementEffective in making us feel hungrier throughout the day.
Mix-ability with BeveragesBlends well with various juices and smoothies.
Energy BoostProvides a mild increase in energy presumably due to the vitamin blend.
TasteAcquired taste, but manageable with the right beverage.
Convenience of Liquid FormEasy to mix, though not as travel-friendly as tablets or capsules.

Keep in mind, weight gain is a multifaceted challenge that depends on individual body types, metabolism, and lifestyle. Therefore, the same supplement might trigger varied results in different individuals. While some of us were quite taken by the mild flavor, others found it better masked in a robust smoothie blend.


3. Clear-Biotic Weight Gainer

Clear-Biotic Weight Gainer

We found the Clear-Biotic Weight Gainer to be a convenient choice for those striving to increase their calorie intake and enhance muscle growth.


  • Enhances appetite effectively
  • Chewable form for quick absorption
  • Contains healthy Omegas for overall well-being


  • May not lead to desired weight gain for everyone
  • Can cause weight gain primarily in the abdominal area
  • Some users might not prefer the taste

After trying out Clear-Biotic, we noticed a significant increase in our hunger levels, allowing us to consume more calories throughout the day. This chewable supplement not only simplified our supplemental routine, but it also mixed well with other weight gain or mass gainer products we were using.

The energy boost was apparent, aiding us in our workouts by increasing strength and power. It’s particularly impressive how quickly it started working, given its fast-absorbing formulation. The cherry flavor was pleasant, too, and it was far easier than swallowing large pills or blending up another shake.

However, our experience wasn’t without its downsides. Some of us observed an increase in weight around the midsection while hoping for a more even distribution across the muscles. It’s important to note that results can vary widely, and combining the supplement with regular workouts and balanced meals might help achieve a more even muscle growth.

We must mention that the effectiveness of weight gain supplements like Clear-Biotic can differ from person to person. Some of us didn’t see the weight gain we expected; however, this is quite common with supplements as individual reactions to ingredients differ.

In conclusion, our experience with Clear-Biotic Weight Gainer suggests that it can be a useful tool for those who find it hard to increase their calorie intake. However, it’s important to manage expectations and understand that supplements can work differently for everyone.


4. Gluteboost ThickFix XXL

Gluteboost ThickFix XXL

Gluteboost ThickFix XXL may be the right choice for those of us aiming to enhance our curves naturally while supporting muscle growth.


  • Promotes targeted weight gain
  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Boosts energy and stamina


  • Varying results for individuals
  • May not align with everyone’s fitness goals
  • Some users report ingredient discrepancies

Our journey with Gluteboost ThickFix XXL felt like a step in the right direction towards achieving a more voluptuous figure while staying committed to natural ingredients. We noticed a discernible increase in our energy levels, which proved beneficial during our workouts.

We were eager to test the curve-enhancing promises, and although individual results varied amongst us, some of us began to see subtle improvements in our targeted areas. This aligns with the product’s claims of supporting muscle mass and accentuating curves.

However, it’s essential to note that weight gain and muscle development are complex processes that depend on numerous factors, including genetics, diet, and exercise routines. Therefore, while this supplement may contribute positively to our goals, it isn’t a sole solution.

The simplicity of incorporating the supplement into our daily routine was much appreciated. Just one capsule up to three times a day before meals made it easy for us to stay consistent without having to alter our day significantly.

Here’s a quick comparison of key features:

FeatureGluteboost ThickFix XXL
Main GoalCurves & Muscle Mass Enhancement
Key IngredientsAll-Natural Botanicals, Vegan Protein
Energy BoostDesigned for Increased Stamina and Energy
Usage SimplicityEasy-to-take Capsules
Ideal forWomen Seeking Natural Weight Gain

In conclusion, our experience suggests that Gluteboost ThickFix XXL can be a supportive addition to our diet and exercise regimen if we’re looking for a natural boost in weight and muscle curves. Remember to pair it with a balanced diet and regular training for optimal results.


5. MassOne by NutraOne

MassOne Mass Gainer

If you’re aiming to pack on pounds, MassOne contributes notably to mass gain with its calorie-dense formula.


  • Contains a substantial 720 calories per serving, fueling mass gain effectively
  • Features a blend of proteins for varied digestion times, sustaining muscle nourishment
  • Available in delightful flavors like Vanilla, which pleases the palate


  • Might cause digestive discomfort for some, depending on individual sensitivity
  • Contains artificial sweeteners, which may not align with everyone’s dietary preferences
  • Users could benefit from an unflavored option to avoid unwanted ingredients

Upon our first use, we immediately noticed the richness of the Vanilla flavor, which made the shake enjoyable to drink. The texture was smooth, and it mixed well without any lumps. After consuming, the feeling of fullness was evident, which is a sign of its high-calorie content—ideal for those looking to increase their daily intake.

We found the protein blend impressive as it caters to both immediate and prolonged absorption. This seems beneficial after a workout, helping us kickstart recovery, and then continually feeding our muscles over several hours. The generous protein amount per serving made us feel reassured that we were supporting our muscle-building goals.

Here’s something worth mentioning: during the first half-hour post-consumption, some of us experienced slight discomfort, perhaps due to the digestive process. However, it was transient and did not deter us from recognizing the product’s mass-gaining potential. While we enjoyed the sweet Vanilla taste, we are mindful that some users may prefer an option without artificial sweeteners. The absence of an unflavored variant seems like a missed opportunity for those preferring pure, add-in versatility. Overall, MassOne stands as a formidable ally in our mass gaining journey.


Buying Guide

Understanding Your Needs

Before we choose a weight gain supplement, we need to assess our health goals and dietary requirements. This involves considering any food intolerances, allergies, and our current diet.

Caloric Density: Supplements vary in calorie content. For someone needing significant caloric intake, high-calorie powders might be the best choice.

Protein Content: Muscle gain requires protein. Reading labels to find the protein-to-calorie ratio gives us an idea of how much we’re getting.

Ingredient Quality: We prioritize supplements with high-quality ingredients and minimal fillers or artificial additives.

ConsiderationDescriptionWhy It Matters
Macronutrient RatioBalance of protein, carbs, and fatsAligns with macro goals
Caloric ContentTotal calories per servingMeets caloric needs for weight gain
Quality of ProteinSource and completeness of proteinEnsures muscle building potential
Ingredient PurityPresence of fillers, artificial additivesHealth and dietary sensitivities

Nutritional Profile and Absorption

Checking the nutritional profile is crucial. The absorption rate—how quickly our bodies can utilize the protein—is also an important factor.

Digestibility: Easily digestible forms of protein aid in faster recovery and muscle synthesis.

Added Nutrients: Some supplements come fortified with vitamins and minerals which can support overall health.

Fiber Content: Adequate fiber helps maintain digestive health.

Price and Value

Focusing on cost-effectiveness, we calculate the cost per serving rather than just the sticker price.

Cost FactorDescriptionBenefit
Cost per ServingTotal cost divided by number of servingsAssesses long-term value
Bulk BuyingAvailability of larger-sized optionsMay offer cost savings

Consumer Reviews and Third-Party Testing

We recommend reading user reviews to understand the efficacy and taste of the product. Third-party testing ensures that the supplement meets safety and quality standards without bias.

Company Reputation: Trustworthy brands are transparent about sourcing and production.

Testing Certifications: Certifications by independent bodies provide assurance of quality control and ingredient verification.

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