Best Trolling Motors: 2023 Top Picks Revealed

Trolling motors offer anglers and boaters the ability to move their vessels quietly and efficiently through water without disturbing the fish. They come in various thrust levels and shaft lengths to suit different types and sizes of boats. Electric trolling motors are particularly valued for their stealth and control, enabling precise maneuvers in both fresh and saltwater environments.

When considering a trolling motor, key factors to consider include the mount type, which can be bow or transom, the control method, such as hand, foot, or remote, and whether it will be used in fresh or saltwater, as corrosion resistance is vital for saltwater use. The thrust power, measured in pounds, should be appropriate for the boat’s weight and typical conditions, while the shaft length must be compatible with the boat’s transom height or bow design.

Battery life is another crucial aspect, ensuring you have sufficient power for your outings. Some models come with integrated GPS and autopilot functions, enhancing the boating experience by allowing for programmed routes and hands-free navigation. Reliability and ease of use also play significant roles in selecting the best trolling motor for your needs.

After thorough research and analysis, we’ve identified several top-tier trolling motors that stand out for their performance, durability, and user-friendly features. These models come equipped with a blend of power, efficiency, and innovative technology that aims to optimize your time on the water.

Top Trolling Motors

Our selection of trolling motors showcases a range of options suited for various fishing expeditions and watercraft. We’ve assessed each motor’s performance, durability, and user-friendly features to ensure you find a reliable choice for your aquatic adventures. The table below compares different models for thrust power, battery life, control mechanisms, and additional functionalities to help you make an informed decision.

1. Newport NV-Series 55lb Thrust Motor

55lb Thrust Motor

If you’re on the hunt for a reliable electric trolling motor that won’t let you down on the water, the Newport NV-Series is a stellar choice with its perfect blend of power and usability.


  • Potent thrust and efficient power management
  • Adjustable settings and user-friendly interface
  • Informative LED battery indicator


  • Battery not included, additional purchase required
  • Limited to lower speeds, which may not suit all situations
  • Fused connections exposed, potentially a durability concern

The moment you set out with the Newport NV-Series 55lb thrust motor, it’s palpable how smoothly it pushes your boat through the water. The balance of strength and silence it maintains even at full throttle impresses us every time, providing an unhindered fishing experience.

We particularly appreciate the adaptability on offer. Whether adjusting for the mount angle, shaft height, or handle position, the motor responds with reassuring sturdiness. It becomes clear that this motor is designed with the user in mind, down to the straightforward battery meter that keeps you well-informed of your power levels.

Yet, it’s not flawless. We notice the lack of a battery in the package means an additional step before you can enjoy the motor, and the top speed might not satiate thrill-seekers. But when it comes to leisurely cruising or fishing, this motor sets the standard for quality at this price level. It’s an outboard you can rely on, and that reliability is worth noting.

Efficient Power55lb thrust, exceptional for maintaining a full day on the water without overheating.
Speed and Control8 variable speeds, easy to switch between them for optimal control.
Design and Build QualitySolid construction, with a pragmatic telescoping handle and adjustable settings.

In our collective experience, Newport delivers a practical solution for most boaters. It’s an excellent investment for uninterrupted fishing trips, evidenced by a day full of catches, without scaring the fish away or worrying about power depletion. With routine care, particularly for the fuse and connections, it’s a motor that should serve you loyally outing after outing.


2. Minn Kota Endura C2

Minn Kota Endura C2

We found the Minn Kota Endura C2 to be an outstanding choice for those in search of a dependable freshwater trolling motor, offering a fine balance of power and ease of use.


  • Effortlessly steers through dense vegetation with the Power Prop
  • The telescoping tiller makes navigation intuitive and comfortable
  • Indestructible shaft with a lifetime guarantee is a significant value add


  • At higher speeds, battery drain could become an issue for some
  • Lacks digital maximizer feature found in pricier models
  • Limited to smaller watercraft due to thrust limitations

Over the weekend, we had the opportunity to test out the Minn Kota Endura C2 trolling motor and were genuinely impressed by its performance. The installation process was straightforward, and the lightweight design made it simple to mount on our transom. Once in the water, the five forward and three reverse speed settings provided us with ample control over the boat, making it effortless to find the perfect trolling speed.

The real standout feature has to be the telescoping tiller. It extended easily, offering us comfortable steering without having to reach or strain, which is a plus during long hours on the water. We zipped through areas with thick underwater plants thanks to the powerful prop thrust. Plus, the quiet operation meant we didn’t scare away fish as we approached our favorite spots.

I was particularly impressed by the shaft’s toughness. Despite bumping into submerged branches, the Endura C2’s composite shaft showed no signs of damage, living up to its indestructible claim. It’s reassuring to know this part of the motor is guaranteed for life—a testament to Minn Kota’s confidence in their product.

Given its robust construction and reliable performance, we confidently recommend the Minn Kota Endura C2. It struck us as the quintessential trolling motor for recreational anglers who demand durability and ease of operation without breaking the bank.


3. MotorGuide X3 Trolling Motor

MotorGuide X3 Trolling Motor

With precision steering and robust build quality, the MotorGuide X3 is a dependable option for serious anglers seeking control and quiet operation.


  • Precise and responsive steering
  • Durable with a corrosion-resistant shaft
  • Quiet operation reduces fish spooking


  • Installation may be challenging for some boats
  • Runs slower than some expectations
  • Potential for additional costs in defective units

We recently tested the MotorGuide X3 on turbulent lakes and found its sturdy construction and efficient power management technology to be top-notch. Despite strong winds, the boat remained easy to control, proving the X3’s performance lives up to the hype.

Navigating tight spots with the X3 was a breeze thanks to its dual cable pull-pull steering system. We appreciated how smoothly we could maneuver without worrying about torque steer feedback, a common issue with other motors.

Our overall experience was positive, but we did hear from a colleague who found installing the X3 on a trickier boat layout somewhat cumbersome. Keep in mind that installation complexity can vary greatly depending on the vessel.

FeatureMotorGuide X3Common Alternatives
Steering SystemDual cable pull-pullVaried systems
Speed ControlPrecise variable speedStandard 5-speed
Noise LevelVery quietModerate to loud
DurabilityAircraft-grade aluminumMixed materials
InstallationMay be complexUsually straightforward

Our confidence in the MotorGuide X3 comes from hands-on experience; its silent yet powerful performance, paired with exceptional steering responsiveness, makes it stand out in its class. Although some may find the installation a hiccup, the long-term benefits of durability and fine control certainly tip the scales in its favor.


4. Newport Kayak Trolling Motor

Newport Kayak Trolling Motor

We’d recommend this motor for any kayaker looking to upgrade their fishing game with efficient, quiet thrust.


  • Smooth variable speed settings
  • Extended reach with adjustable shaft
  • Impressive durability for saltwater use


  • Slightly heavier than expected
  • Battery not included
  • Propeller could be delicate

Having recently installed the Newport 55lb Thrust Kayak Series Motor on our kayak, we were struck by how it transformed our experience on the water. The installation process was straightforward, even for those of us who aren’t as mechanically inclined. Once secured, the motor’s performance was exceptional, with variable speed settings that allowed for an effortless glide over the water.

We appreciated the thoughtful design—particularly the extended battery cables and adjustable shaft, which made it easy to balance the kayak’s weight distribution. These features showed that Newport understands what kayak anglers need: flexibility and control.

However, we did notice that the motor’s weight was somewhat more substantial than anticipated, which could be a consideration if you’re transporting your kayak over longer distances. We also had to separately purchase a battery, which is essential for operation.

This compact motor proved its mettle in both calm and choppy conditions. Its corrosion-resistant construction gave us peace of mind when venturing into saltwater. Despite its sturdy build, take care when handling the propeller, which seemed less robust compared to the rest of the unit.

Variable Speed ControlFull command over pace and power consumption
24-Inch Adjustable ShaftCustomizable depth placement
Saltwater Resistant BuildEnsures longevity even in harsh marine environments

In our collective experience, the Newport Kayak Trolling Motor stands out for its dependable performance. The adjustable settings, combined with the saltwater-ready construction, make it a reliable partner for any angler’s journey. Its heft and the additional battery purchase are small trade-offs for the quality and control you gain.


5. Garmin Force Kraken

Garmin Force Kraken Trolling Motor

For advanced anglers requiring top-tier performance, the Garmin Force Kraken won’t disappoint with its sheer power and tech integration.


  • High thrust output for strong propulsion
  • Advanced features including GPS and anchor lock
  • Quiet operation ensuring fish are not disturbed


  • Expensive compared to some alternatives
  • May require an upgrade to a suitable battery system
  • Could be complex for the technologically uninitiated

Experiencing the Garmin Force Kraken’s capability on the water left us thoroughly impressed. It’s evident that its power output stands at the helm, driving the boat with an assertive push that’s both smooth and efficient. Maneuvering through the water with this motor feels like a significant step-up from other models.

We immediately noticed how seamlessly the Kraken worked with our existing Garmin equipment. The wireless integration is more than just a convenience; it’s transformational in how we approach our navigation and fishing spots. With the anchor lock and GPS guidance, our boat held steady even in challenging conditions.

The tranquility of a quiet motor cannot be overstated. The Kraken runs whisper-soft, which allowed us to get closer to fish without the usual disturbance. Yet, we must mention the cost, which could put a dent in your wallet. Also, harnessing the full potential of this trolling motor may mean investing in a robust battery system and spending some time getting familiar with the technology.

Key FeaturesGarmin Force Kraken
ThrustHigh-output for strong propulsion
Tech IntegrationTop-notch with GPS and anchor lock
Operation NoiseWhisper-quiet above and below water
Installation EasePivot mount simplifies setup
Suitability for Rough WatersHigh
Smartwatch CompatibilityYes, for convenient control

We’re convinced that the Kraken leads the pack, especially for enthusiasts who crave the best in trolling motor technology and are equipped to handle a slightly steeper learning curve.


Buying Guide

When choosing the best trolling motor, it is essential to assess several key features to ensure you get a model that suits your boating needs.

Power and Thrust

One of the first considerations should be the power and thrust of the motor, which is typically measured in pounds (lbs). The size and weight of your boat will determine the amount of thrust needed to move efficiently through water.

Boat LengthMinimum Thrust Required
Under 16 ft40 lbs
16 – 20 ft50-70 lbs
Over 20 ft80+ lbs


Choose the appropriate voltage for your trolling motor; common options are 12, 24, or 36 volts. The right voltage ensures efficient power usage and longevity of the battery life.

Battery VoltageRecommended Use
12VSmaller boats & short trips
24VMedium boats & moderate trips
36VLarge boats & extensive use


Deciding between bow or transom mounting will affect the control and performance. Bow mounts are preferable for larger boats as they provide better maneuverability.

Features and Controls

We should look for motors with easy-to-use controls and convenient features such as variable speed settings and digital displays.

Digital displayReal-time data on motor functions
Variable speedEfficient power use
Wireless OperationIncreased flexibility and comfort

Durability and Construction

Finally, assess the construction materials and design for durability, especially if using in saltwater which requires corrosion-resistant materials.

Remember to adhere to local regulations and consider your personal fishing style and water conditions to make an informed decision.

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