Best Manual Washing Machines: Top Picks For 2023

Washing clothes by hand can be labor-intensive and time-consuming, yet it’s an essential task for many who may lack access to conventional washing machines. Manual washing machines come in handy for those looking for a more environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and portable option for doing laundry. Unlike traditional washers that require a continuous supply of electricity, manual washers are operated by hand and use less water—a boon for both off-grid living and eco-conscious consumers.

Beyond conserving resources, one of the appealing aspects of manual washing machines is their simplicity and ease of use. They typically come in two forms: a hand-cranked drum or basin model and a foot-pedaled unit. This variety ensures there’s a manual washing machine to suit different needs—whether it’s for small apartments, camping trips, or as a backup option for home emergencies.

When selecting the best manual washing machine, there are pivotal factors to consider. Build quality is paramount; durable materials like sturdy plastics and stainless steel can withstand repeated use. Size and capacity are equally important, as they dictate how much laundry can be washed in a single cycle and how easily the machine can be stored or transported. Efficiency of the wash action and how much physical effort is required should also be assessed to ensure the machine meets your expectations for performance.

Equipped with thorough research and an eye for detail, we’ve assessed multiple models on the market to bring forward the top performers in manual washing machines. Our process involved comparing key features, ease of use, durability, and overall effectiveness to ensure you’re well-informed before making a purchase decision.

Top Manual Washing Machines

In our search for the most efficient and user-friendly manual washing machines, we have meticulously evaluated numerous models to identify the ones that stand out in terms of durability, ease of use, and washing efficiency. Our selection process has been rigorous to ensure that our recommendations serve a variety of needs, from those of campers and RV enthusiasts to individuals with limited space. The forthcoming list showcases our findings, with a comparison of key features presented in an easy-to-read table format to help you make an informed decision on the best manual washing machine for your needs.

1. WonderWash Blue

WonderWash Portable Washer

We found the WonderWash to be a game-changer for small loads, delivering convenience and energy savings right to your countertop.


  • Ideal for small, delicate items
  • Straightforward, no-electricity operation
  • Compact design that suits limited spaces


  • Suitable for only small laundry loads
  • Manual operation requires physical effort
  • No spin-dry feature included

During my last trip, we had the chance to put the WonderWash through its paces. Its ability to handle small loads efficiently without electricity was a welcome relief. The device was impressively easy to operate and move around, perfect for spaces where a traditional washer just won’t fit.

The build quality is solid, and we appreciate the commitment to durability. The manual operation reminds us to appreciate modern conveniences. However, the crank mechanism does give you a sense of control over the washing process, something we found quite satisfying.

It’s important to be realistic about capacity, though; it only caters to smaller items and batches of laundry. We’ve had no trouble with delicates or quick refreshes of daily essentials. Despite the lack of an integrated spinner, clothes come out clean, and the low water usage is commendable.

Non-Electric OperationRemoves the need for power sources, which is perfect for off-grid living or travel.
Compact SizeFits in a variety of tight spaces, from RVs to small apartments.
Quick Wash TimeAllows for washing of small laundry loads in just minutes, saving valuable time.

In our shared experience, we agree the WonderWash offers a niche solution for those in need of a small, manageable, and eco-friendly laundry option. For anyone living alone, residing in a small space, or frequently on-the-move, this little washer hits the mark.


2. KHOMO GEAR Mini Washer

KHOMO GEAR Mini Portable Washing Machine

If efficiency and sustainability are on your priority list, you’ll find the KHOMO GEAR mini washer a satisfactory addition to your home.


  • Two-in-one washer and dryer feature enhances convenience.
  • Hand-powered design promotes eco-friendliness.
  • Compact and portable, making it ideal for small spaces.


  • Manual operation requires physical effort.
  • Durability may be a concern based on some user experiences.
  • Limited capacity restricts the amount of laundry per load.

We’ve had our fair share of experiences with manual washers, and the KHOMO GEAR mini washer is a notable contender for those aiming to save on electricity and seeking portability. The hand-powered mechanism isn’t just a nod to eco-friendly practices; it’s surprisingly adept at cleaning clothes.

The dual functionality as both a washer and a dryer comes in especially handy when we’re short on space or time. It’s a relief to have this level of convenience on camping trips or in compact apartments where we’ve often struggled with bulky, electric washers and limited drying options.

However, it requires a bit of elbow grease. This might be a turn-off for some, but we see it as a small trade-off for the benefits it provides. The construction felt somewhat fragile, which had us handle it with extra care. We recommend using it gently to avoid the issues a few users encountered with breakage.

I’ll say, its compactness is both a pro and a con. On one hand, it’s an excellent fit for our tight spaces and can be stowed away without fuss. On the other, don’t expect to wash a week’s worth of laundry at once. It’s best suited for small loads, which is perfect for daily essentials or delicate items.

Non-electric operationSaves energy and can be used off the grid
Lightweight & PortableEasy to move, great for travel and small homes
Quick CleaningClothes can be washed and dried in under 15 minutes

All in all, the KHOMO GEAR mini washer has its place in a niche market and does its intended job well. We’ve found its simplicity and efficiency to be a welcome reprieve from the bells and whistles of modern appliances, particularly when we’re out embracing nature or living in close quarters where every inch matters.


3. Dezitrek Hand Wash Set

Dezitrek Hand Wash Set

After giving the Dezitrek Bag and Plunger a try, we believe it’s a smart solution for those in need of an off-grid washing alternative.


  • Surprisingly effective cleaning power
  • Highly portable for travel and small spaces
  • Simple and eco-friendly operation


  • Limited capacity for larger loads
  • Requires physical effort
  • Has a learning curve to optimize use

Having recently added the Dezitrek Hand Wash Set to our array of household tools, we were pleasantly surprised at how it handled a batch of our camping gear clothing. Despite initial skepticism, after some vigorous plunging, our clothes emerged without the grime and smells that they had previously.

This portable gadget has now become our go-to for small wash loads. When the apartment’s washer went on the fritz, the Dezitrek proved its worth yet again. It managed to clean our essentials without a hitch. Its small, lightweight design made it easy to store away once we were done.

At times, this manual washing felt like a mini-workout, but it was gratifying to see the results of our labor. Those regularly washing bulkier items, however, might find the Dezitrek’s capacity a bit limiting. Still, we can’t deny the comfort of having a handy, non-electric laundry option.

Cleaning EfficacySurpasses expectations
PortabilityUnmatched for travel
UsabilityStraightforward after practice

In the spirit of thoroughness, we’ve experimented with everything from lightweight synthetics to a durable cotton mix. Each time, the Dezitrek Hand Wash Set left us with a fresh-smelling wardrobe and a little less reliance on our electric appliances.


4. KFO Eco Mini Washer

KFO Portable Eco Mini Washing Machine

Given our experience, we recommend the KFO Eco Mini Washer for its convenience and effectiveness when electricity isn’t an option.


  • Harnesses manual power, perfect for off-grid living
  • Eco-friendly operation, reducing water and detergent usage
  • Compact and lightweight, enhancing portability


  • Limited capacity, holding up to 2 kg of laundry
  • Manual effort required for operation
  • May not achieve the same results as electric models

Recently, we had the opportunity to use the KFO Eco Mini Washer. Its manual operation surprised us with how straightforward and efficient it was. Just a few cranks on the handle, and we could see the water swirling vigorously, just like an electric model would agitate. It’s quite the workout, too – certainly makes you appreciate the modern conveniences of a full-sized washer, but this is a savior when they’re not available.

When it came to portability, this mini washer impressed us. We found that we could easily move it in and out of storage or into our RV without any fuss. Its small footprint meant we could tuck it away under a table or in a closet when not in use. For those who frequent camping trips or live in tight quarters, the convenience cannot be overstated.

Despite its manual nature, which we initially thought of as a drawback, it turned out to be a part of its charm. There’s a certain satisfaction in seeing your own physical effort directly translate into clean clothes. And talk about eco-friendly – the KFO Eco Mini Washer uses remarkably less water than traditional machines and doesn’t require a lick of electricity.

Understanding its features and comparing them to other options is key:

FeatureKFO Eco Mini WasherOther Manual Washers
OperationHand crankedFoot pedal/Hand crank
Capacity2 kilogramsVaries, often similar
Spin Speed1200 RPMTypically lower
PortabilityLightweight & compactComparable
Energy UseNoneNone to minimal
Ease of UseSimple operationVaries by design

Our collective experience affirms that while the KFO Eco Mini Washer might not replace your conventional electric washing machine, it’s an excellent alternative for specific situations where its strengths shine.


5. nLn Hope Mini Washer

nLn Hope Mini Washer

This compact hand-cranked washing machine brings convenience and simplicity to laundry day, especially for those with limited space.


  • Environmentally friendly, conserving water and requiring no electricity
  • Highly portable, perfect for small living spaces and on-the-go cleaning
  • Durable construction with high-quality materials ensures longevity


  • Limited capacity, suitable for small loads only
  • Manual operation may be tiresome for some users
  • May require multiple cycles for heavily soiled items

We recently had the chance to use the nLn Hope Mini Washer, and it certainly makes laundry manageable for those tight on space or without access to conventional washing machines. The hand-crank operation could not be simpler; it’s a straightforward process that even has an element of physical activity, which some may enjoy.

The washer’s compact design is a huge plus. We easily moved it around with a single hand, thanks to its lightweight build. The size and portability mean that it’s an ideal laundry solution for apartments, RVs, or even for camping trips, adding a touch of modern convenience to otherwise rustic settings.

Despite the manual effort involved, the time taken to clean a load is reasonable. We were impressed by how much energy and water we saved compared to traditional machines. The environmentally minded will appreciate this aspect.

Energy and Water SavingUses 90% less water, no electricity
PortabilityEasy to move and store
Material QualityRobust plastic and stainless steel build

We believe the nLn Hope Mini Washer is a smart purchase for anyone needing a simple, eco-friendly solution for laundering small batches of clothing. It’s durable, portable, and a breeze to use, albeit it’s not suited for larger or particularly dirty loads. For city dwellers, frequent movers, or outdoor enthusiasts, this little machine could be a game-changer in your daily chores.


Buying Guide

Capacity and Efficiency

When we look for a manual washing machine, we primarily consider the tub capacity. It determines how much laundry we can wash at once. Smaller units typically handle around 5-6 pounds, suitable for individuals or couples, while larger ones can manage upwards of 10 pounds for families. We also pay attention to water and energy efficiency, which contribute to operational costs over time.

CapacityManageable load size for household needs
EfficiencyWater and energy use during operation

Ergonomics and Ease of Use

Ease of use is crucial. We prefer machines with ergonomic designs that reduce physical strain during use. It includes aspects like comfortable cranks and user-friendly controls.

ErgonomicsComfortable operation, reduced strain
ControlsIntuitive and easy to manage

Durability and Maintenance

A manual washing machine should be durable and easy to maintain. We consider build quality and material to ensure longevity, and seek features that simplify maintenance, such as removable parts for easier cleaning.

DurabilityQuality materials, sturdy construction
MaintenanceEase of cleaning and part replacement

Portability and Storage

Portability can be a significant advantage if we need to move the unit frequently or store it in small spaces. Weighing the overall dimensions against available storage space ensures a good fit in our living environment.

PortabilityLightweight, compact design
StorageSuitability for living arrangements

In choosing the best manual washing machine, we assess the above features, balancing our specific needs with the benefits each model offers. This careful consideration ensures that we select a machine that’s not only functional but also a good fit for our lifestyle.

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