Best Tessa Bailey Books: Top Picks For Romance Fans

Romance novels have always been a beloved escape for those looking to indulge in tales of love and passion. The genre itself is expansive, with a multitude of subgenres including contemporary, historical, paranormal, and erotic romance, offering something for every reader’s taste. Among the contemporary romance authors, Tessa Bailey has emerged as a standout with her signature combination of steamy love scenes, dynamic characters, and heartfelt storylines.

Tessa Bailey, known for her hot and swoon-worthy romance novels, has a talent for creating relatable and engaging characters that readers can’t help but root for. Her writing style is marked by witty dialogue and a fast pace that keeps pages turning. When considering a Tessa Bailey book, readers should look for the chemistry between the characters, the balance of humor and heat, and how the narrative captures the complexities of modern love and relationships.

The critical factors in choosing the best Tessa Bailey books may vary depending on personal preferences, but typically include the intensity of the connection between characters, the depth of character development, and the originality of the plot. Some may prefer her series for the opportunity to delve into a connected world, while others might opt for stand-alone novels for a quick and satisfying read.

To make it easier for enthusiasts eager to dive into Tessa Bailey’s works or for newcomers curious about the hallmarks of her storytelling, we have conducted thorough research to highlight some of her best books. We understand the importance of identifying the stories that not only deliver on high emotional and physical heat but also offer engaging conflict and growth throughout the narrative. Here’s our guide to help you find your next favorite Tessa Bailey read.

Top Tessa Bailey Books

In our search for romance that scorches the pages, we have curated a list of the most captivating books by Tessa Bailey. Known for her ability to craft relatable characters and steamy love scenes, Bailey’s works stand out in the genre. Our list highlights the best of her storytelling prowess, ensuring you find a book that not only entertains but also resonates with your romantic side. Whether you’re new to her work or a long-time fan, our selection covers the most popular and highly acclaimed novels from her collection.

1. Make Me: Broke and Beautiful Book 3

Make Me: A Broke and Beautiful Novel

We found the character development and romance in “Make Me” captivating, making it worthwhile for fans of contemporary romance.


  • Engaging romance with dynamic characters
  • Captures the friends-to-lovers trope well
  • Narration enhances the listening experience


  • Some story elements feel clichéd
  • Character backstories could be deeper
  • Not as strong as previous series installments

Tessa Bailey’s “Make Me” wrapped us up in the lives of Abbey and Russell with its tantalizing friends-to-lovers dynamic. Their chemistry sizzles throughout the audiobook, with Rachel Dulude’s polished narration adding an extra layer of engagement. The novel showcases Bailey’s gift for character interactions that feel authentic and charged with sexual tension.

We appreciated the story’s pacing and the emotional depth introduced through the characters’ personal struggles. Bailey’s writing weaves humor and heat with skill, keeping us rooted in the narrative. However, Abbey’s portrayal did skirt the line into stereotypical territory at times, and some plot points seemed predictable.

We enjoyed the construction worker Russell’s arc, but his insecurities, at times, overshadowed his more charming traits. Despite this, the novel successfully captures the raw emotions and the anticipation that comes with unspoken attraction turning into something more.

Comparison Table:

Emotional DepthModerate, with room for deeper exploration.
NarrationEngaging, enhances the storytelling.
Tropes UsedFriends-to-lovers, blue-collar romantic lead.
Character DevelopmentStrong leads but relies on some clichés.

In summary, while “Make Me” isn’t without its faults, our experience with this audiobook affirmed it as a solid choice for those in search of a fizzy romantic escape peppered with moments of genuine connection.


2. Fix Her Up

Fix Her Up

We believe a vibrant romance with well-crafted comedic elements is what you can look forward to with Tessa Bailey’s “Fix Her Up.”


  • Paige-tuning character dynamics
  • Genuine laughter moments
  • Heat that sizzles


  • Cliché tropes might feel overdone for some
  • Secondary characters lack depth
  • Could use more complex conflict

Tessa Bailey showcases her ability to craft sparkling chemistry between characters in “Fix Her Up”. The protagonist’s journey is laced with humor and heart with Bailey’s signature steaminess. It’s been an uplifting listen during my commutes, tuning into the lives of characters who feel like old friends.

Even with the tropes that romance readers are well-acquainted with, this audiobook brings them to life in a manner that’s refreshing. The narration by Charlotte North adds a layer of authenticity and engagement—a voice bringing dialogue off the page and into your ears in the most compelling way.

This story isn’t just a run-of-the-mill narrative; it digs into themes of self-worth and transformation, which resonated with us. The audible experience elevates the content, making those quiet moments of reflection and the crescendos of passion all the more impactful.

Despite a few parts feeling predictable, we appreciated the flow and found ourselves laughing more often than anticipated. The characters’ emotions were tangible, their desires palpable. Approach “Fix Her Up” with an open heart and you’ll find yourself thoroughly entertained.

HighlightsTessa Bailey’s “Fix Her Up”Our Verdict
StoryA spunky romantic comedy with all the feelsEngaging
CharactersCharming leads with sparkling interactionMemorable
Audio ExperienceNarration adds depth and humorEnhances the story


3. It Happened One Summer

It Happened One Summer

We found “It Happened One Summer” to be a captivating blend of romance and humor, making it a standout novel that’s tough to put down.


  • Effortlessly blends romance with humor.
  • Features well-developed characters that grow on you.
  • Provides a satisfying balance of steamy scenes and heartfelt moments.


  • Some plot points may feel predictable to regular readers of the genre.
  • Might be too cheesy for those preferring a more subtle romance.
  • The fast-paced narrative might overshadow deeper character development for some.

Tessa Bailey’s “It Happened One Summer” quickly charmed us with its vibrant characters and dynamic storytelling. Opening the book, you’re drawn straight into the whirlwind life of Piper Bellinger, a fashion-forward socialite who finds herself out of her element in a small fishing town. Bailey has a gift for penning dialogue that pops off the page, infusing each exchange with wit and personality.

Despite knowing how romance stories often unfold, we were pleasantly surprised by the emotional depth that this book delivered. Brendan, the gruff but tender-hearted fisherman, is not your typical love interest. His relationship with Piper evolves in ways that are both endearing and believable, steering clear of clichés that often plague the genre.

Once we got to the heart of the story, it was the authenticity in the couple’s interactions that made us swoon. Tessa Bailey demonstrates her knack for writing chemistry that feels as real as it is enthralling. We also appreciated the nods to personal growth and resilience woven throughout the narrative.

Although some readers may guess the ending early on, the journey is filled with enough genuine laughter and swoon-worthy moments to keep the pages turning. We recommend “It Happened One Summer” for readers in search of a romantic escape that promises—and delivers—a good laugh and a warm heart.

EngagementEngrossing and humorous, keeps you turning pages
Character DepthRelatable evolution, engenders genuine affection
Romance & ChemistrySteamy and sweet, the allure is in the authenticity


4. Tools of Engagement

Tools of Engagement

Whether you’re in it for heart-fluttering romance or looking to indulge in some lighthearted banter, “Tools of Engagement” is a charmer that’s hard to put down.


  • Engaging narration that brings characters to life
  • Witty dialogue that keeps the story buoyant
  • Compelling character development throughout the story


  • Some plot points feel slightly predictable
  • May not delve as deep into emotional complexity as some readers might prefer
  • The antagonist’s motives can seem a tad superficial

In our listening experience, “Tools of Engagement” delivered on Tessa Bailey’s signature combination of sizzling romantic tension and engaging narrative. The audiobook’s narrator, Charlotte North, skillfully embodied each character, with a performance that brought out the nuances of their personalities.

We found ourselves wrapped up in the witty exchanges that Bailey is so good at crafting. It’s not just the main characters Bethany and Wes that sparkle with chemistry—the supporting cast also adds a rich layer to the story, and we have to admit, there’s something endearing about the way the little girl, Laura, ties into the characters’ journey.

Despite a few moments where story beats hit the expected milestones, we still reveled in the journey from start to finish. The house-flipping storyline provides an intriguing backdrop that distinguishes this romance from others in the genre and adds an element of novelty.

Our take? If you’re after a romance that’s both sweet and saucy, with a healthy dollop of humor, our recommendation leans heavily towards giving “Tools of Engagement” a listen. It strikes a fun balance, managing to be both comforting escapism and engaging fiction, making it a worthy addition to your audiobook library.


5. Protecting What’s His

Protecting What's His Cover

We recently got our hands on Tessa Bailey’s “Protecting What’s His,” and for those looking for a steamy romance novel with a mix of drama and a protective alpha male, this book is a solid choice.


  • Vivid and intense chemistry between characters
  • Strong and engaging writing style, signature to Bailey
  • Fast-paced narrative keeps you hooked


  • Alpha male trope may not appeal to everyone
  • Explicit scenes might be too much for some readers
  • Some may find the storyline somewhat predictable

Tessa Bailey’s “Protecting What’s His” serves a sizzling romance right from the first page. The story introduces us to Ginger, a woman with a tough shell, and Derek, a rugged police lieutenant. Their fiery interaction sets the pages ablaze, pulling us into their lives as they navigate an intense, heated connection.

Bailey’s flair for character development shines through. We grow incredibly invested in Ginger and Derek’s relationship, emphasizing the authenticity of Bailey’s character work. The dialogue, laden with tempting banter, often jumps straight out and demands our complete attention—proof of Bailey’s talent for creating memorable and dynamic characters.

The plot is something we’ve seen before—girl meets boy, sparks fly, complications arise—but Bailey adds her unique twist. The emotional depth paired with gut-punching intimacy makes the journey through the 232 pages feel like a rollercoaster that we’re lining up to ride again. The pacing is just right, making it a fantastic weekend binge-read.

In summary, “Protecting What’s His” is a classic Tessa Bailey—erotic, emotional, and entertaining. It’s featured high in the Kindle Store rankings for a reason, and our experience confirms why it’s been so well received.


Buying Guide

When selecting the best books for our reading pleasure, we should consider several key features that enhance our reading experience. Our preferences play a significant role, and we should pay attention to the following aspects:

Genres and Themes

Different genres appeal to different readers, so we should identify what resonates with us the most. Themes are equally important, as they give us an insight into the book’s subject matter.

Writing Style

The writing style can greatly affect our engagement with the book. Look for a style that suits your reading pace and preference, whether it’s fast-paced and dialogue-heavy or descriptive and introspective.

Author’s Reputation

An author’s reputation can be a good indicator of the quality of their work. While not an absolute rule, award-winning or bestselling authors usually deliver a certain level of storytelling prowess.

Reviews and Ratings

Reading through reviews and ratings can provide valuable insights from other readers. It’s a useful way to gauge general sentiment and to pick out patterns in feedback.

GenreMatch your personal interest to ensure maximum enjoyment.High
ThemeReflect on preferred subjects or new areas you wish to explore.Moderate to High
Writing StyleDetermine your preference for narrative voice and pacing.High
Author’s Track RecordConsider the acclaim and previous works of the author.Moderate
Reviews/RatingsLook for trends in reader feedback that indicate quality.Moderate to High

By focusing on these features, we can make informed decisions and select books that are most likely to satisfy our literary appetites.

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