Best Teas For Gut Health: 5 Top Choices For Digestive Wellness

Tea has been cherished for centuries for its soothing qualities and its role in promoting good health. When it comes to gut health, certain teas are celebrated for their digestive benefits and their ability to support the microbiome. A well-balanced gut can contribute to improved digestion, reduced inflammation, and a stronger immune system.

Selecting the right tea for gut health can be a personal choice, depending on one’s taste preferences and specific digestive needs. Herbal teas like peppermint and ginger are renowned for their ability to calm an upset stomach, while teas rich in polyphenols, like green tea, may nourish the gut flora and provide anti-inflammatory effects. Aiding digestion, some teas contain natural laxatives such as senna, although such teas should be used cautiously and not on a long-term basis.

When evaluating teas for gut health, consider the quality of ingredients and the presence of any additives that might irritate the digestive system. Organic options are often preferred to avoid pesticides and chemicals. Furthermore, it’s important to look at how the tea is processed, as this can impact the integrity of the beneficial compounds within.

Through meticulous research and testing, we have identified a selection of teas that stand out for their digestive health benefits. Our findings are grounded in quality, efficacy, and consumer experiences to guide you in choosing a tea that supports your gut health effectively.

Top Teas for Enhancing Gut Health

Our digestive system is critical for overall health, and incorporating the right teas can play a supportive role. With a plethora of options that claim to boost gut health, we’ve sieved through the market to find teas that stand out for their beneficial properties. Our curated selection is based on ingredients known for promoting digestive wellness, including probiotics, herbal blends, and teas rich in antioxidants. Each product has been chosen for its potential to soothe the gut, aid in digestion, and contribute to a balanced internal ecosystem.

Celestial Seasonings TeaWell

Celestial Seasonings TeaWell

We believe this tea is a delightful addition to any daily routine, thanks to its digestive benefits and delicious flavor.


  • Infused with probiotics to aid digestion
  • Enjoyable cinnamon oat flavor enhances the sipping experience
  • Free from caffeine, making it a perfect nighttime choice


  • Some may find the taste too subtle
  • Contains a specific strain of probiotics, which may not suit everyone
  • Only available in a pack of six which might be too much for first-time triers

Taking the first sip of Celestial Seasonings TeaWell, we’re immediately greeted with a creamy, slightly spicy complexity that is as comforting as it is invigorating. The organic cinnamon oat flavor is both grounding and sweet, making for a drink that’s as enjoyable as it is supportive of our gut health. We can easily make integrating this tea into our daily routine a new self-care ritual.

The GanedenBC 30 probiotics included in each bag are a thoughtful touch, and we’ve found that it contributes to a happier digestive tract. Partnering with the probiotics, the organic green banana and oats lend a hand with their prebiotic fiber, supporting a balanced gut microbiome. Drinking this tea feels like a proactive step towards overall wellness.

As evening winds down, reaching for this TeaWell blend is our way of saying goodnight to the world and hello to tranquility. Its absence of caffeine ensures our sleep cycle remains undisturbed, while the gluten-free and non-GMO Project Verified credentials add that extra layer of confidence in what we’re consuming. Each cup is a nurturing experience for the body and the palate.

Keha Wellness Organic Gut Tea

Keha Wellness Tea

We recommend the Keha Wellness Organic Gut Tea for its notable blend of organic herbs aiding in gut health and its particularly full flavor.


  • Rich, full-bodied taste owing to high-quality ingredients
  • Noticeable improvement in digestive health with regular use
  • Environmentally friendly with microplastic-free tea bags


  • Limited customer reviews available for in-depth analysis
  • May be less accessible locally due to being an online product
  • Could be considered expensive compared to traditional teas

Our first cup of Keha Wellness Organic Gut Tea immediately captivated us with its rich flavor. The spearmint notes are distinct yet harmoniously blended with the earthiness of shiitake mushrooms and sweetness from licorice. It’s not just a beverage; it’s a comforting ritual after a long day.

Observing the tea’s influence on our digestive system, we’ve felt a certain lightness and an ease. Including this tea in our daily routine seems to feed the good bacteria and support our gut flora, suggesting a positive impact on our overall gut health.

We value the company’s dedication to sustainability, as shown by their use of oxygen-bleached, chemical, and plastic-free tea bags. This attention to detail speaks to their higher quality and commitment to consumers’ well-being and the planet.

Teeccino Dark Chocolate Tea

Teeccino Dark Chocolate Tea

If you’re on the hunt for a guilt-free, chocolatey tea that nurtures gut health, our cup has runneth over with Teeccino’s Dark Chocolate Tea.


  • Rich, satisfying taste that mimics a decadent treat without the sugar
  • A boost for digestive health with its prebiotic content
  • Versatile enjoyment either hot or iced, catering to all seasons


  • May not satisfy those expecting a full chocolate bar experience
  • Flavor intensity could vary per individual preference
  • Herbal taste might not appeal to traditional tea enthusiasts

Sipping on Teeccino’s Dark Chocolate Tea feels like a cozy indulgence. The robust flavor of dark chocolate and ramón seeds mingles with the sweetness of carob and chicory, offering a satisfying experience. It has no caffeine, which means you can indulge at any time without risking your sleep quality.

We’ve relished how this tea aids digestion, thanks to the prebiotics packed in each bag. Our gut health has benefited from the daily ritual, and the noticeable regularity in digestion is something to write home about. The ease of making a cuppa, whether served piping hot or chilled over ice, only adds to the allure.

The versatile nature of this tea makes it a strong contender for those afternoon lulls or after-dinner cravings. With zero artificial flavors and compostable tea bags, we are sipping not only to our health but also to the health of the planet. The Teeccino Dark Chocolate Tea is indeed a treat we can enjoy without any strings attached.

Terra Origin Healthy Gut Matcha

Terra Origin Healthy Gut Matcha

Our tummies felt soothed with this Healthy Gut Matcha from Terra Origin, and we think it’s a solid pick for anyone looking to support their digestive health.


  • The matcha flavor is refreshing and not too sweet.
  • Our gut felt more settled after regular use.
  • Contains a good amount of L-glutamine, which seems essential for gut function.


  • The serving size is larger compared to similar products.
  • You might need two cans for a full month’s supply if taken twice daily.
  • Some ingredients listed on the site were missing in the actual product.

After introducing Terra Origin Healthy Gut Matcha into our routine, we noticed a distinct feeling of balance in our digestive system. The mix is easy to prepare and the matcha flavor is genuinely a pleasant start to the morning. It doesn’t overwhelm the palate and provides just the right touch of green tea essence.

When it comes to effectiveness, we found that consistent intake appears to reduce bloating and discomfort, suggesting an improvement in our gut health. The L-glutamine content deserves a nod as it’s touted for supporting gut lining repair, which we reckon is vital for those with sensitive stomachs.

There’s a hiccup, though. If you’re planning on following the suggested twice-daily regimen, you may find yourself running out quickly and needing a second container to make it through the month. This factor is essential to consider when budgeting for your monthly wellness routine. Plus, we were a tad disappointed that certain ingredients listed online, like Slippery Elm Bark and Marshmallow Root powder, weren’t in the container we received; transparency is crucial in the world of supplements.

Keha Wellness Organic Gut Health Tea

Keha Wellness Organic Gut Health Tea

We find the Keha Wellness Organic Gut Health Tea to be an excellent choice for those seeking an herbal blend that promotes a resilient digestive system.


  • Brews a richer flavor that truly comforts and satisfies with every cup.
  • May enhance gut function and foster a balanced microbiome when used consistently.
  • The organic ingredients like ginger and peppermint soothe the stomach and elevate the tea experience.


  • Loose leaf tea requires a strainer and a bit more time to prep than tea bags.
  • Flavor might be too intense for those new to herbal teas.
  • As with any wellness product, results can vary person to person.

Upon steeping the tea, a calming aroma that seemed to hint at digestive relief and well-being filled our space. The instructions were clear: a 4g scoop into the strainer, a boil, and a steep, and in minutes we had a cup that encapsulated all the promised fullness of flavor.

The first sip brought an immediate sense of the rich blend of herbs; the ginger was warming while the peppermint freshened the palate, indicating a thoughtful selection of ingredients targeting gut health. Over time, we noticed it complemented our daily wellness routine well, doing wonders for digestion.

After regular intake, it’s clear why the blend may help improve gut function and support nutrient absorption. The taste alone was indicative of the quality, even before factoring in the potential health benefits. However, it’s important to note that the loose leaf form might be a bit of a hindrance for those seeking convenience. But for us, the trade-off for flavor and quality was absolutely worth it.

Buying Guide

Consider the Tea Type

We must first identify the types of tea known to support gut health. Herbal teas like peppermint, ginger, and chamomile are often recommended for their soothing properties. Green tea is rich in antioxidants that can aid digestion. Prioritize organic options to ensure they are free from unwanted pesticides.

Quality of Ingredients

It is crucial to look for teas with high-quality ingredients. Loose leaf teas tend to retain more of their natural compounds compared to tea bags. Always check the label for non-GMO certification and that there are no artificial flavors or additives.


Fresh tea leaves ensure maximum potency and health benefits. We should verify the best before date and opt for teas sealed in airtight packaging to preserve freshness.

Certification Labels

Look for certifications such as Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance, ensuring the tea is sourced following certain ethical and sustainability standards.

Brewing Instructions

Proper brewing is essential for releasing the tea’s beneficial compounds. Follow the recommended brewing times and temperatures on the package for the best effects on gut health.

Feature to ConsiderWhy It’s Important
Tea TypeCertain types have specific gut health benefits.
Ingredient QualityHigh-quality ingredients promote better health effects.
FreshnessFreshness correlates with potency and effectiveness.
Certification LabelsCertifications often reflect ethical and sustainable sourcing.
Brewing InstructionsCorrect brewing maximizes the tea’s beneficial properties.

When we choose our tea, considering these features can help us find the best products for our gut health needs.

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