Best Road Electric Bikes: 2023 Top Picks Reviewed

Electric bikes have revolutionized the way we ride, offering both pedal assistance and pure electric power to cater to a rider’s needs. Road electric bikes, in particular, take this innovation onto the tarmac, blending the speed and agility of traditional road bikes with the added benefit of an electric motor. This combination allows for increased distances, smoother hill climbs, and a less strenuous commute, making road cycling more accessible and enjoyable for a broader range of people.

When considering the purchase of a road electric bike, several critical factors come into play. Battery life and motor efficiency are at the forefront, dictating how far and fast you can travel on a single charge. The weight of the bike is also a consideration, as it affects handling and the effort required when the motor isn’t in use. Additionally, the overall build quality, including the frame material and components, plays a significant role in the durability and ride quality of the bike.

Prospective buyers should further consider the type of riding they intend to do. Bikes designed for casual road riding may not need the advanced features that a competitive cyclist might look for, such as higher top speeds and more aggressive geometry. The level of pedal assist, the intuitiveness of the bike’s controls, and the integration of the motor and battery into the bike’s design also contribute to the user experience, potentially enhancing the ride’s enjoyment and efficiency.

We immersed ourselves in the world of road electric bikes, comparing models and analyzing key features to guide consumers toward the best choices for urban commuting and leisure riding. With attention to detail and consideration of the diverse needs of our cycling community, we are ready to present our findings on these cutting-edge machines.

Top Electric Road Bikes for Efficient Travel

As we navigate the bustling e-bike market, our focus shifts toward the electric road bikes that stand out for their performance, durability, and advanced features. We’ve conducted thorough evaluations to ensure that the bikes in our lineup cater to various needs, from daily commutations to long-distance adventures. The following table simplifies the comparison for you by breaking down the key features of each bike, helping you make an informed decision on the road to electrified cycling.

1. Jasion EB5 E-Bike

Jasion EB5 Electric Bike

Given our experience with the Jasion EB5, we’d recommend it for its robust performance and convenience for urban commutes and leisurely trail rides.


  • Versatile 4-mode operation caters to differing riding preferences
  • The removable battery adds charging convenience and enhances security
  • Puncture-resistant tires and front fork suspension offer a smooth ride


  • A range of 25-40 miles might not suffice for long-distance commuters
  • 20 MPH top speed might feel limited to speed enthusiasts
  • Weighing 49.6 lbs, its portability could be taxing for some

Our adventures on the Jasion EB5 E-Bike were a delightful mix of power and agility. With a sturdy frame and the ease of a 7-speed gear shift, we tackled city streets and rolling paths with confidence.

The removable battery was a standout feature, providing us the flexibility to charge it anywhere without hauling the entire bike. Plus, the security of taking the battery with us meant less risk of theft while we relished a well-deserved coffee break post-ride.

We particularly enjoyed the 4-mode operation, which allowed us to switch seamlessly from manual pedaling to full electric assistance. This adaptability proved invaluable on steep inclines where the Booster Mode gave us a welcome push.

Key FeaturesDescriptions
Motor & Speed350W brushless motor with a 20 MPH top speed
Battery & Range360Wh removable; 25-40 miles range
Display & ControlsUpgraded LCD with backlight and powerful data support
Modes of OperationPAS, Pure Electric, Pedal, and Booster modes
Ride ComfortPuncture-resistant tires, front fork suspension
Aesthetics & DesignSleek, minimalist appearance; high-carbon steel frame

Despite the enthusiastic support this bike offers, we must concede that it isn’t the fastest on the market. Riders craving more speed might find the 20 MPH limit a touch restrictive. Furthermore, heavier than some competitors, it requires a bit more muscle to move around when not riding.

However, the Jasion EB5 remains a reliable companion. Its ability to absorb shocks on uneven roads, thanks to the front suspension, combined with the durability of its tires, made our rides consistently pleasant.

For those prioritizing ease of use, durability, and a comfortable, adaptable ride within the urban environment, we find the Jasion EB5 E-Bike to be a solid option that combines utility and enjoyment.


2. VELOWAVE Silver Bullet

VELOWAVE Electric Road Bike

If you’re seeking an electric bike that balances urban practicality with a sports-ready touch, the VELOWAVE Silver Bullet might be your ideal companion.


  • Effortlessly tackles inclines with the 250W BAFANG motor
  • Integrated battery design enhances aesthetics and convenience
  • Comparatively lightweight for easy maneuvering and storage


  • Limited to 15mph, which may not satisfy some speed enthusiasts
  • 20-30+ miles range might be restrictive for longer commutes
  • Assembly required, though minimal, could be a hurdle for non-DIYers

Our first ride on the VELOWAVE Silver Bullet felt intuitively smooth, with the electric assist propelling us forward with reassuring ease. The bike’s 700C road tires and 7-speed gearing system let us customize our riding style, whether cruising through city streets or picking up the pace on open roads.

Navigating through traffic, the lightweight frame was a boon — darting in and out of lanes was almost effortless. We appreciated this agility, especially when it came time to carry the bike up a flight of stairs or slot it into a tight space; at 36 pounds, the VELOWAVE Silver Bullet is notably convenient to handle.

Furthermore, this bike’s battery integration within the frame isn’t just about looks; it lends an added layer of protection from the elements, not to mention the cleaner, more streamlined silhouette it provides. But it’s not just about the blend of form and function; we were impressed by the fact that a single charge carried us through a day’s full of errands with power to spare.

Hybrid DesignVersatile for both leisure and commuting
Battery LifeAdequate for daily use
WeightEasy to transport and store

Although the VELOWAVE Silver Bullet won’t break any speed records at 15mph, for us, the convenience and functionality it offers in an urban setting more than makes up for the lack of high-end velocity. And while some might find the range a limiting factor, we see it as perfectly adequate for day-to-day urban adventures and errands.

When you first receive your VELOWAVE Silver Bullet, it arrives with most of the hard work done—85% pre-assembled. With the remaining assembly being a straightforward affair, we had it road-ready in no time.

Ultimately, the VELOWAVE Silver Bullet presents a compelling case for an electric bike that’s built for the demands of modern city living while giving a nod to the spirited performance of a road bike.


3. EXRBYKO Electric Mountain Bike

EXRBYKO Electric Mountain Bike

We recommend this bike for anyone looking for a reliable and powerful electric bike that delivers on both performance and versatility.


  • Long-range battery life for extended rides
  • Powerful motor and high top speed for thrilling rides
  • Convenient features like an LCD display and phone holder with USB charging


  • May be too powerful for casual riders
  • Charging time may be inconvenient for those always on the go
  • Higher price point compared to entry-level options

The EXRBYKO Electric Mountain Bike grips the road with confidence, tight and responsive under our feet. We are immediately struck by the ease with which it taps into its power reserve, cruising effortlessly through our city streets.

Our pedal exertion is minimal, thanks to the bike’s generous assistance options. When pitted against steep inclines, it doesn’t waver; the 750W motor handles ascents as if they’re mere ripples on the pavement.

On long stretches, the EXRBYKO’s battery longevity shines. We achieve substantial distances on a single charge, freeing us from the anxiety of battery depletion mid-adventure. Despite the charging interval, the removable battery facilitates easy energy replenishment wherever we find ourselves.

FeaturesEXRBYKO Electric Mountain Bike
Battery Performance70 miles range in PAS mode, removable for easy charging
Motor750W with 1000W peak, powerful for all terrains
DisplayIntuitive LCD showcases all vital ride stats
SpeedCapable of reaching up to 34 mph
Functionality5 Working modes, including PAS and manual
DesignSleek with complete accessories and ergonomic seating
DurabilityCrafted from lightweight aluminum, ready for any trail

Enthusiasts seeking a robust companion for both urban commutes and off-road trails will find the EXRBYKO a perfect match. Its array of working modes affords remarkable versatility, from exertion-free cruising to vigorous exercise biking. While its robust features and performance match more established brands, riders new to electric bikes might find its power somewhat intimidating.

The purchase is accompanied by a sense of security, anchored by a solid 12-month warranty, testimony to the manufacturer’s confidence in their product’s durability. Overall, the EXRBYKO Electric Mountain Bike emerges as a comprehensive, powerful, and attractive option for the committed and discerning rider.


4. KETELES Speedster

KETELES 2000W Electric Bike

We find the KETELES Speedster to be a formidable choice for an electric bike, adept at handling various terrains while boasting substantial power.


  • Outstanding acceleration and speed with dual 1000W motors
  • Versatile riding with four different cycling modes
  • Fat tires enhance stability on diverse terrains


  • Higher price point due to advanced features
  • May be too powerful for inexperienced riders
  • Bulkiness due to fat tires could affect portability

Having just taken the KETELES Speedster for a spin, it’s easy to appreciate the robust combination of speed and power at your disposal. Charging down the road, it comes alive under your feet, with the dual motors silently pushing the bike forward, offering an exhilarating ride.

Our excursion across varied terrains, from sandy paths to rocky inclines, confirms the fat tires’ vital role in navigating challenges with ease. The bike’s ability to maintain stability and traction, no matter the surface, instills confidence during every ride.

We especially enjoy the seamless transition between the four cycling modes, adapting our ride according to energy levels or the desire for a challenge. While the electric modes provide much-appreciated assistance, switching to pure pedal power can transform your journey into a gratifying workout.

Dual 1000W MotorsSupplies an adrenaline-fueled, energetic ride
Versatile ModesTailors the cycling experience to your preference
26×4.0 Fat TiresAssures stability and grip across all terrains

Despite being an electric bike, the cycling experience feels natural and intuitive. Its multi-mode capability means you choose how much effort to exert, preserving battery life or intensifying your workout. Whatever your preference, the KETELES Speedster provides an option, accommodating a leisurely cruise or a vigorous trek.


5. eAhora APUS Electric Road Bike

eAhora Electric Bike

We believe this eAhora APUS Electric Road Bike is a top-notch choice for cyclists valuing speed and efficiency without compromising on weight and durability.


  • Remarkable speed with a high-power motor
  • Extended range with a large-capacity battery
  • Lightweight and robust due to the carbon fiber frame


  • Higher price point as a premium option
  • Carbon frame requires careful handling
  • Advanced features may overwhelm new users

On first ride, we were immediately impressed by the swift acceleration provided by the 750W motor. Our commute through the city felt like a breeze, dodging traffic snarls with ease. The eAhora APUS’s responsiveness was on full display as we navigated through tight corners with confidence.

The range of the electric bike stood out during our test rides. We covered significant distances on a single charge, with the 48V 20Ah battery eliminating range anxiety. Trips that once seemed daunting on a manual bike now felt within reach, thanks to the dependable energy reserve.

We were initially skeptical about the comfort of such a performance-oriented bike, but the upgraded suspension fork did a commendable job of absorbing shocks. Our experience over varied terrain remained smooth, which spoke volumes about the eAhora APUS’s versatility as a reliable electric road bike.

FeatureeAhora APUSCommon Electric Bikes
Motor Power750W250-500W
Battery48V 20Ah36V 10-15Ah
Frame MaterialCarbon FiberAluminum Alloy
WeightLightweightTypically heavier
Speed Control7-speed3-5 speed
DisplayColor with USB portStandard LED

In our collective opinion, while the eAhora APUS comes at a premium, it justifies its cost with high-end features that serious riders will appreciate. It’s not just about the destinations we reach, but also the exhilarating ride and the feeling of freedom it brings. With careful maintenance, this bike can be a long-term companion on many adventures.


Buying Guide

When choosing the best electric road bike, it’s essential to consider several key features that will affect performance, comfort, and overall enjoyment.

Frame Material

The material of the bike frame influences the weight and rigidity of the ride.

AluminumLightweight, affordableLess shock absorption
Carbon FiberVery light, excellent vibration dampingMore expensive

Motor Power and Battery Life

Motor power is measured in watts and influences how much assistance you receive, while the battery life determines how far you can go.

Motor PowerLook for a motor that provides enough power for your typical rides without being overly robust.
Battery LifeEnsure the battery provides a range that meets your riding distance needs.

Gearing System

The right gearing system gives you control and efficiency when pedaling.

  • Mechanical Gears: Traditional systems that are reliable and well-understood.
  • Electronic Gears: Offer smoother shifting but may impact the bike’s weight and complexity.

Wheels and Tires

Wheel size and tire type affect the bike’s handling and traction.

  • 700c Wheels: Standard size offering a balance between speed and agility.
  • Tires: Look for puncture-resistant tires with a tread suitable for your intended surfaces.

Other Considerations:

  • Suspension: Choose a bike with or without suspension based on your comfort needs and the terrain you’ll encounter.
  • Brake System: Disc brakes provide better performance in various weather conditions compared to rim brakes.

Make your decision based on a comparison of these features, how you plan to use the bike, and the specific type of riding experience you are seeking.

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