Best Pool Heat Pumps: Top Models Reviewed

Heating your pool can extend the swimming season and enhance comfort for everyone who enjoys a good swim. A pool heat pump serves this purpose efficiently, using electricity to capture heat and transfer it to your pool water. Unlike traditional gas heaters, heat pumps are known for their energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness over time. They’re especially suitable for climates where the air temperature rarely drops below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, as they use ambient air to heat the water, making them less effective in colder weather.

When selecting the best pool heat pump for your needs, several factors are critical. It’s essential to consider the size of your pool, as a unit that’s too small won’t adequately heat your pool, while an excessively large one will waste energy. Energy efficiency, measured by the Coefficient of Performance (COP), indicates how well the unit converts energy into heat. Look for a higher COP for greater efficiency. Durability and reliability are also important, as is the presence of a defrost feature to maintain efficiency in cooler temperatures.

Maintenance and ease of use should not be neglected. A user-friendly control panel, ease of installation, and straightforward maintenance protocols will ensure a better overall user experience. Noise level could be a concern for some, making it worthwhile to look for a unit with a low decibel rating. Lastly, warranty and customer support from the manufacturer provide peace of mind and safeguard your investment.

Our thorough analysis and testing of various models have honed in on the details that distinguish a good pool heat pump from an average one. We will discuss how our selected heat pumps stack up against these considerations, helping you make an informed decision for comfortable, warm swims in the seasons to come.

Top Pool Heat Pumps

Finding the right pool heat pump can extend your swimming season by providing consistent and efficient heating for your pool. We’ve researched and compiled the top models that blend performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Our selection aims to suit a variety of pool sizes and budget considerations, ensuring there’s a heat pump for every need.

1. Raypak Crosswind Heat Pump

Raypak Crosswind

We found that the Raypak Crosswind Heat Pump makes a noticeable difference in how we experience our pool, offering both warmth and coolness as needed with quiet efficiency.


  • Dual heating and cooling capabilities extend the pool season.
  • Advanced inverter technology saves on energy costs.
  • Ultra-quiet operation enhances poolside relaxation.


  • High upfront cost might not fit everyone’s budget.
  • Requires professional installation for optimal performance.
  • Limited reviews mean less user feedback.

In our experience, the Raypak Crosswind Heat Pump is a technological marvel with its inverter technology, which keeps our pool at the ideal temperature using minimal energy. The transition from heating to cooling modes astounded us with its simplicity, maintaining comfort throughout varied climates.

The whisper-quiet operation of this unit is a feature we cannot overstate. Unlike other pool equipment that can be intrusive, the Raypak Crosswind runs so smoothly that it fades into the background, letting us enjoy peaceful poolside moments without a constant hum or buzz.

When it comes to installation, the compact design of the Raypak Crosswind is a breath of fresh air. We’ve seen it fit effortlessly into various equipment pad setups, making it a suitable choice for many pool configurations. The intuitive LCD display allows for straightforward control adjustments, assuring that managing your pool’s temperature is always a hassle-free task.

Here’s a quick comparison to highlight the key features:

Dual FunctionHeats and cools to maintain perfect water temperature
Energy EfficiencyInverter technology optimizes energy use
Noise LevelOperates almost silently for a serene environment

In conclusion, the Raypak Crosswind Heat Pump is a wise investment for those of us seeking to maximize our pool or spa usage. While it comes with a price tag that may seem steep, the energy savings and year-round comfort make it a value-packed choice. Remember, having it professionally installed ensures you will get the best performance and longevity from this cutting-edge pool heat pump.


2. WISVANAI Pool Heat Pump

WISVANAI Pool Heat Pump

In our assessment, this WISVANAI heat pump is an excellent investment for pool owners seeking an efficient and versatile pool temperature solution.


  • Energy savings with full inverter design
  • Powerful performance from a premium compressor
  • WiFi-enabled for convenient remote control


  • Initial setup requires keeping it upright for 24 hours
  • Minor traces of water from factory testing may cause concern
  • Might be more costly than non-inverter models

Having experienced the efficiency of the WISVANAI Pool Heat Pump firsthand, we’re impressed by the full inverter technology that adapts to our pool’s needs, significantly cutting down on energy costs without frequent on-and-off cycling. The Mitsubishi compressor is a powerhouse, rapidly heating the water; and with the ability to manage it through WiFi, the convenience is undeniable—the smooth operation accessible right from our phones.

However, a slight drawback is the requirement to keep the heat pump upright for 24 hours before the first use; a bit of patience is necessary. Also, don’t be alarmed by the residual water inside the unit—it’s merely from the factory’s quality test. The initial cost might be steeper compared to traditional heat pumps, but the long-term energy savings justify the investment.

Despite these minor inconveniences, the benefits are clear. It’s a silent operator, maintaining a peaceful poolside atmosphere, and the premium ABS casing speaks volumes about its durability. The dual heating and cooling functions add to its appeal, making it a year-round companion for any pool.

Comparing this WISVANAI model to others in its category, its advanced features stand out:

FeatureWISVANAI Heat PumpCommon Heat Pumps
Inverter TechnologyYesNo
Remote Control via WiFiYesRarely
Soundproofing DesignAdvancedBasic
Heating/Cooling FunctionsBothHeating Only
Energy Efficiency (C.O.P)HighVariable

Our choice is clear—its high energy efficiency, advanced compressor technology, and user-friendly controls make the WISVANAI Pool Heat Pump a top performer in our book. We are confident recommending it to those looking to extend their swim season with minimal hassle and maximum efficiency.


3. Hayward HeatPro

Hayward HeatPro

We highly recommend the Hayward HeatPro if you’re aiming for an efficient way to prolong your swimming season with reliable heating in any coastal climate.


  • Unmatched durability against salt and chemicals
  • Cost-effective operation compared to traditional heaters
  • Designed specifically for easy integration with existing pools


  • Initial maneuvering and setup can be challenging due to its size
  • Requires professional assistance for warranty service
  • A sufficient drainage plan is critical for winter protection

The breeze carries a slight chill, yet our pool is temptingly warm thanks to the dependable Hayward HeatPro. With its formidable 140,000 BTU capacity, this heat pump has not just met but surpassed our expectations. The tranquil operation barely whispers above the sound of rustling leaves, making our evening swims more peaceful than ever.

Living by the coast usually spells doom for anything metal, but not this one. Its corrosion-resistant design and titanium heat exchanger laugh in the face of salty air, ensuring the HeatPro remains as unyielding as the day we installed it. We’ve noticed the savings almost immediately as it doesn’t guzzle energy like other pool heaters.

Installation was straightforward, albeit the size required a friend’s help to move it into place. Once settled, the simplicity of the electrical hookup had us up and running in no time. That said, not everything was smooth sailing. A sensor issue did crop up, but a power cycle resolved it swiftly, avoiding any need for those warranty-bound service calls.

We’ve put together a table to highlight the key features in comparison to a typical electric heater:

FeatureHayward HeatProTraditional Electric Heater
Heating EfficiencyUses surrounding airUses electric heating coils
Corrosion ResistanceTitanium heat exchangerVaries
Installation EaseCompact designOften bulky
Energy ConsumptionMore economicalHigh energy consumption
Durability in Coastal ClimatesHigh resistanceDependent on material

Our collective experience with the Hayward HeatPro is a testament to its superiority as a pool heat pump, especially for those who live in coastal regions where durability is a concern. It’s an investment that’s paid dividends in comfort and cost savings.


4. FibroPool FH135

FibroPool FH135

Making the switch to a FibroPool FH135 for our pool heating was a smart move, offering energy efficiency and easy maintenance.


  • Delivers consistent and effective heating
  • Easy-to-use digital control panel
  • Environmentally friendly, with no need for gas or propane


  • Performance dips in dry climates compared to humid ones
  • May be less effective for pools larger than recommended size
  • Initial cost can be a concern for some budgets

We’ve found that the FibroPool FH135 heat pump integrates seamlessly with our existing pool setup. The installation process was pretty straightforward, and we immediately noticed the quiet operation, which is a big plus for our peaceful backyard oasis. The digital control panel is user-friendly, making temperature adjustments a breeze.

In terms of energy efficiency, we believe the FH135 is a smart ecologically conscious choice. It’s relieving to know that our pool days are not just fun but also kinder to the environment. And when it comes to the electricity bill, this heat pump doesn’t cause us any worry, thanks to its efficiency.

Our attention also goes to the design of FibroPool FH135, which is both tough and compact. After a full season of use, it still looks as good as new, despite the various weather conditions it’s endured. Its performance has been remarkable, consistently maintaining the water at a comfortable temperature, ensuring that even late season swims are enjoyable in warm, soothing water.

FeatureFibroPool FH135Other Heat Pumps
Energy SourceElectricGas/Propane
Climate SuitabilityHumid environmentsAll climates
DesignSlim & ruggedVaries
EfficiencyHighModerate to High
InstallationDIY-friendlyOften requires professional

Our verdict holds firm that the FibroPool FH135 is an ideal choice for those looking to heat small to mid-sized pools efficiently and quietly, all while doing a bit for the planet.



ECOPOOLTECH Swimming Pool Heater

We find the ECOPOOLTECH Heat Pump delivers reliable warmth to our above-ground pool, making it a cozy retreat even as the seasons change.


  • Boosts the water’s warmth efficiently with a high COP rating
  • Setup is straightforward; it’s a breeze to get it running
  • Compatible with saltwater due to the pure titanium heat exchanger


  • Outdoor temperature range might limit use during colder months
  • Might not be suitable for pools larger than specified
  • Initial cost might be a consideration for some budgets

After recently incorporating the ECOPOOLTECH Heat Pump into our pool setup, we’ve extended our swimming season without much effort. It’s quite satisfying to dive into warm water that was previously too chilly for comfort. Not only does the water heat up fairly quickly, but the energy efficiency is also a notable benefit for our electricity bills.

The ease of installation was a pleasant surprise – no professionals needed, which saved us additional expenses. The quick-connect features and user-friendly design allowed us to start heating our pool right after unboxing. We appreciate the built-in safety features, such as the flow sensor that enhances its efficient operation.

Our experience has shown us that it performs best within the specified pool size range and ambient temperature conditions. For larger pools or in regions with colder climates, its utility might be limited. However, for our medium-sized above-ground pool, it’s been the perfect match.

High COP RatingEnergy efficiency that translates into lower running costs.
Easy InstallationHassle-free setup with no need for specialized tools.
Titanium Heat ExchangerEnsures longevity and is safe for use with saltwater.

In summary, the ECOPOOLTECH Heat Pump strikes a balance between cost and performance for small to medium-sized pools. It’s a suitable choice for anyone looking to extend their swimming season without incurring excessive operational costs.


Buying Guide

Choosing the Right Size

It’s essential to consider pool size when selecting a heat pump. We look at BTUs (British Thermal Units) and HP (Horsepower) to determine the heating capacity. More BTUs and higher HP are necessary for larger pools.

Pool Size (gallons)BTUs NeededHP Required
Up to 10,00050,000 – 70,0001 – 1.5
10,001 – 20,00070,000 – 100,0001.5 – 2
20,001 – 40,000100,000 – 150,0002.5 – 3.5

Evaluating Efficiency

We prioritize energy efficiency to ensure minimal operating costs. A higher COP (Coefficient of Performance) indicates a more efficient unit. Look for models with a COP of 5.0 or higher for the best energy savings.

COP RangeEfficiency
3.0 – 4.0Standard
4.1 – 5.0High
5.0+Very High

Assessing Durability

Durability is key to withstanding varying weather conditions. Look for weather-resistant features like rust-proof cabinets and titanium heat exchangers.

  • Durability Indicators:
    • Rust-proof cabinet materials
    • Titanium heat exchangers
    • Robust external coating

Installation and Maintenance

We consider ease of installation and maintenance as important features. Simple electrical and plumbing connections are ideal for easier installation, and accessible panels allow for routine maintenance.

  • Installation Complexity: Low to Moderate
  • Maintenance Needs: Varies—look for easy-access panels

Additional Features to Consider

Lastly, we look at extra features that enhance user experience:

  • Smart Controls: For programmable settings and remote management
  • Quiet Operation: Low-decibel models for noise-sensitive environments
  • Defrost Functions: To extend the swimming season in colder climates

By thoroughly evaluating these factors, we can make informed decisions on the best pool heat pump for our needs without compromising on cost, efficiency, and enjoyment.

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