Best Outdoor Shower Enclosures: Top Picks For Your Oasis

Outdoor showers offer a distinct combination of practicality and a touch of luxury, allowing users to rinse off after a swim in the pool, a day at the beach, or simply enjoy an open-air bathing experience. An outdoor shower can be a rustic and simple amenity or a sophisticated addition to a home’s outdoor space. When considering the installation of an outdoor shower, enclosures become an important topic to discuss as they ensure privacy and add to the design and functionality of the showering experience.

Selecting the right outdoor shower enclosure involves considering several factors such as materials, durability, privacy, and ease of installation. Materials can range from wood, which offers a natural look that blends with outdoor environments, to vinyl or PVC, which provide a low-maintenance and weather-resistant option. Additionally, the design and size of the enclosure should be appropriate for the space and compliant with any local building codes.

When purchasing an outdoor shower enclosure, it is critical to assess the hardware’s corrosion resistance, the enclosure’s ability to withstand weather elements, and the privacy it offers. Features such as adjustable showerheads, built-in benches, or shelves can also enhance the showering experience. By doing our research, we aim to guide consumers through the varied options available, ensuring they make a well-informed decision that aligns with their outdoor aesthetic and practical needs. We’ve analyzed a range of outdoor shower enclosures to determine which ones best balance these considerations, providing a seamless and refreshing outdoor bathing experience.

Top Outdoor Shower Enclosures

When choosing the best outdoor shower enclosure for your space, we consider factors such as design, durability, and ease of installation. Below, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list spotlighting standout options that balance aesthetics with functionality. Our selections cater to a range of preferences and budgets, ensuring you find an enclosure that meets your needs and enhances your outdoor bathing experience.

1. Zippity Hampton Shower Kit

Zippity Outdoor Shower

We found the Zippity Hampton Shower Kit to be a great addition for any outdoor space that needs a touch of elegance and functionality.


  • Easy to clean and maintain, ensuring long-lasting appeal
  • Offers ample privacy as a changing room and shower space
  • Made from eco-friendly recycled PVC material


  • Assembly can be time-consuming and complex
  • Showerhead and plumbing are not included
  • Some components may be missing or have pre-drilled holes misaligned

We recently had the pleasure of setting up the Zippity Hampton Shower Kit in our backyard. Immediately, we noticed the chic design that promises to bring a blend of luxury and practicality to our outdoor area. Crafted from weather-resistant vinyl, cleaning it was a breeze; a simple spray with the garden hose and a wipe-down was all it took to maintain its pristine white color.

Offering a generous amount of privacy, the enclosure functioned wonderfully both as a shower and a changing area. After a dip in the pool, stepping into the enclosure felt like a seamless transition before comfortably lounging around the patio. Despite some initial challenges with assembly, the time invested in setting it up paid off with its sturdy and reliable structure.

Our eco-conscious minds appreciated that the enclosure incorporated recycled PVC. This choice reflects a greener initiative without compromising on the product’s quality and durability. Although it’s disheartening that all necessary parts for the installation weren’t included, once complete, the enclosure stood strong and looked as if it were custom-made for our space.

Here’s a straightforward comparison to highlight key features:

MaterialEco-friendly recycled PVC
PrivacyFull enclosure, acts as shower and change room
WarrantyComes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty
MaintenanceEasy to clean; withstands the elements gracefully
AssemblyRequires time and patience; some drilling may be needed
ExtrasRequires separate purchase of plumbing and showerhead

In our view, the Zippity Hampton Shower Kit is not just an enclosure but a statement piece that combines privacy, durability, and eco-friendly materials. It stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to green initiatives and customer satisfaction despite the few drawbacks. If you’re looking for an outdoor shower enclosure that will serve you well over time and become a focal point in your backyard, this is a product we’d recommend considering.


2. KingCamp Oversize Camping Shower Tent

KingCamp Oversize Camping Shower Tent

We find that this tent provides a convenient and spacious solution for maintaining privacy while outdoors, be it for showering or changing.


  • Spacious interior allows for comfortable movement
  • Constructed with high-quality, water-resistant materials
  • Includes practical features like mesh pockets and hooks for convenience


  • Can be challenging to set up the first time
  • Storage and transport may be bulky due to its size
  • Floor vent drainage could be improved for better functionality

After recently using the KingCamp Oversize Camping Shower Tent, we were impressed by the ample space it provides. Standing at 85” tall, with a base measuring 66” by 66”, it offers plenty of room to move around, which is often a luxury in portable tents. The 150D Oxford fabric ensures privacy and effectively blocks out light, creating an intimate area for changing or showering.

The material’s quality speaks for itself; the tent’s waterproof Oxford cloth with a silver-plated layer, along with a solid steel frame construction, means it withstands outdoor elements well. We especially appreciated the thoughtfulness of added features like internal mesh pockets, perfect for storing shower items, and the hooks that came in handy for hanging towels and a solar shower bag.

However, setting up the tent initially proved a bit time-consuming, perhaps a slight inconvenience for first-timers. Once familiar with the process, subsequent assemblies were much swifter. While the tent’s size is its main advantage, it also becomes somewhat cumbersome when packing or transporting, something to keep in mind if space is a constraint. We also noticed that while the tent has a floor, the small vents meant for drainage could be more efficient.

In comparison to other models on the market, the KingCamp’s generous dimensions and durable build make it a standout option. It fits our needs for both durability and functionality in outdoor settings, from camping adventures to beach trips, ensuring privacy and convenience are never compromised.

FeatureKingCamp Shower TentCompetitors’ Typical Offerings
Material150D Oxford with a light-proof silver-plated layerCommonly thinner materials without reflective layers
Privacy ProtectionOpaque, with a removable rain coverOften semi-opaque, lacking additional covers
StabilityStrong and flexible steel frameTypically fiberglass or lighter materials
VentilationMesh windows for air circulationCan have fewer or smaller windows
ConvenienceMesh pockets, hooks, and strap for essentialsMay lack organizational features
Set-up EaseRequires some practiceVaries, some have instant pop-up designs
PortabilityFolds down to portable size, but slightly heavy at 12.5 lbsGenerally lighter, but may sacrifice space and features

To wrap up, the KingCamp Oversize Camping Shower Tent elevates our outdoor experiences by offering a practical private space with shelter and convenience not always guaranteed in outdoor settings. Despite a few minor drawbacks, its advantages hold strong, particularly for avid campers who value space and privacy.


3. Zippity Outdoor Vinyl Shower Enclosure

Zippity Outdoor Vinyl Shower Enclosure

We think this enclosure is a great addition to any outdoor space for added convenience and privacy.


  • Easy to clean and maintain vinyl
  • Enhances outdoor aesthetics
  • Good privacy with optional curtain attachment


  • Installation requires a few hours and tools
  • Showerhead and curtain sold separately
  • Needs to be anchored to a solid surface

When we set up our Zippity Outdoor Vinyl Shower Enclosure, the immediate improvement to our backyard was clear. The sleek design blended seamlessly with our garden, making it look as though it had always been a part of our personal oasis. After a dip in the pool, stepping into the shower felt like an extension of our home’s comfort, offering a vital spot to rinse off without tracking water indoors.

The assembly process was straightforward, although it did take a considerable portion of our afternoon. It was a two-person job, and we were glad we had all the necessary tools on hand before starting. Once erected, it felt sturdy enough, but we made sure to mount it on a solid base as recommended.

Our outdoor activities have been significantly upgraded with this addition. No more worries about muddy feet or chlorine-laden hair when transitioning from outdoor fun to indoor relaxation. Despite the need to purchase a showerhead and privacy curtain separately, the enclosure meets our basic needs and has withstood various weather conditions without significant wear.

FeatureZippity Outdoor Vinyl Shower Enclosure
MaintenanceLow-maintenance due to vinyl construction
InstallationRequires assembly and anchoring
Privacy OptionsCurtain rail provided; curtain sold separately
Aesthetic ContributionEnhances backyard appearance
DurabilitySturdy and weather-resistant
Additional ExpensesExclusive of showerhead and curtain

Our overall experience with the Zippity Outdoor Shower Enclosure has been positive. Its resilience and the ease of keeping it clean are definite pluses. The enclosure does require an initial investment of time to assemble, and there are additional costs to consider when calculating the total expense, as it does not come with all the necessary fittings. Despite these considerations, we’ve found it to be a valuable, practical, and stylish addition to our home.


4. Texsport Deluxe Camp Shower/Shelter Combo

Texsport Deluxe Camp Shower/Shelter Combo

We find this enclosure elevates our camping cleanliness routine significantly, providing a good balance between practicality and comfort.


  • Spacious design allows for comfortable movement inside
  • Sufficient ventilation from mesh windows and roof panels
  • Includes a five-gallon shower reservoir for optimal convenience


  • Assembly might challenge some users
  • The material’s strength under harsh weather can be a concern
  • The structure may not be ideal for suspending heavy water reservoirs

We’ve tested countless outdoor shower enclosures and the Texsport Deluxe Camp Shower/Shelter Combo leaves a solid impression. Its sizable dimensions mean you’re not cramped when scrubbing off the day’s adventure—a genuine luxury in the wild.

Ventilation is often overlooked in outdoor showers, but not here. Our experience with the four mesh roof panels and two windows was refreshingly breezy, reducing the sauna effect you sometimes get in lesser models.

Setting it up for the first time may take a bit, but once you’ve got the hang of it, the subsequent assemblies are a breeze. Mind you, if bad weather hits, we’d recommend giving it some extra support, as extreme conditions could test its limits.

For those of us who usually shy away from camp showers, worry not. We didn’t have to experience any heartbreaking leaks from the shower bag—a common downfall in similar products. However, we did decide not to push our luck by overloading the frame with too much weight.

Overall, the Texsport Deluxe Camp Shower/Shelter brings a much-appreciated touch of civilization to our outdoor exploits.

FeatureTexsport Deluxe Camp Shower/Shelter
VentilationSuperior with roof and window mesh
SpaceSpacious interior design
Material StrengthGood with caution in extreme weather


5. Vidalido Privacy Shelter

Vidalido Privacy Shelter

This privacy shelter is a game-changer for outdoor activities, providing the convenience and privacy you need.


  • Spacious and comfortable
  • Robust and weather-resistant
  • Quick setup and takedown


  • Heavier than some alternatives
  • Metal poles prone to rust
  • Shower equipment not included

The Vidalido Outdoor Shower Tent has served us well on recent camping trips, striking a solid balance between privacy and ventilation. The spaciousness is a remarkable feature, accommodating not just a shower setup but also a portable bathroom or changing area. The mesh window allows for ample airflow, ensuring that even in warm conditions, we’re not stifled while inside.

What we particularly enjoy is the sturdy build of this tent. It has weathered several storms with us, and each time, has emerged unscathed and as reliable as before. On the topic of setup, we’ve found it to be straightforward—an aspect any camper can appreciate when seeking to quickly establish a semblance of home in the wilderness.

Nevertheless, the tent’s robustness comes with added weight, which we find to be a trade-off against portability. If you’re considering a long trek to your campsite, the weight is something to think about. Additionally, based on our experience, the poles showing signs of rust is a concern worth noting for long-term durability. Lastly, it’s important for us to point out that, despite descriptions, the necessary showering equipment is not included, which means additional purchases are required.

FeaturesVidalido Privacy Shelter
VentilationMesh window for airflow and visibility
DurabilityOxford material, withstands elements
Ease of SetupQuick to erect and dismantle

All things considered, our experience with the Vidalido Outdoor Shower Tent has been largely positive. We’ve found it to be a reliable choice for those outdoor moments when privacy and practicality are both called for. The pros definitely outweigh the cons, making this enclosure a potentially great addition to any outdoor enthusiast’s gear list.


Buying Guide

Material Durability

When considering outdoor shower enclosures, durability should be a primary focus. We look for materials that can withstand varying weather conditions without deteriorating. Materials like stainless steel, cedar, and PVC are popular for their resistance to rust, rot, and corrosion.

MaterialWeather ResistanceMaintenance Required
Stainless SteelHighLow
CedarModerate to HighModerate

Privacy Concerns

Maintaining privacy is crucial. We recommend enclosures that offer solid panels or opaque curtains to provide adequate coverage. Features like adjustable louvers can also offer both ventilation and privacy.

Size and Space

We take into account the size of the outdoor space. Enclosures come in various sizes, so it’s important to measure the area to ensure a proper fit.

Ease of Installation

The complexity of installation varies. We prefer options that come with pre-assembled parts or with clear, straightforward instructions, ensuring that setup is achievable without professional help.

Pre-assembled PartsHigh
Clear InstructionsHigh

Style and Aesthetics

We believe the style of the enclosure should complement our outdoor space. From minimalist designs to more ornate structures, we assess the aesthetic appeal and how it aligns with our personal taste and existing outdoor decor.


Lastly, we focus on practical features such as shelves, hooks, and benches, which add to the functionality of the space, allowing for a comfortable and convenient showering experience.

ShelvesStorage for toiletries
HooksHanging towels/clothes
BenchesSeating comfort

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