Best Home Printers 2024: Top Reliable Models

In today’s fast-paced world, we find ourselves increasingly reliant on technology to streamline tasks and enhance our productivity at home. Amongst the myriad gadgets that grace our desks, home printers have evolved to become an essential cornerstone of our domestic offices. They have transcended their roles from mere document printers to versatile devices capable of printing everything from precious family photos to important travel documents and craft projects. The importance of a reliable printer can’t be overstated, especially when a last-minute print job arises.

As we navigate through the diverse market of home printers, we are faced with an array of choices, each with its unique features and capabilities. It’s not just about picking a device that fits neatly next to our computers anymore; we’re looking for printers that can handle a variety of media, offer connectivity to multiple devices, and do so with the cost-effectiveness and quality we desire. In the quest for the best home printer, we must take into account print quality, speed, and the cost of consumables such as ink or toner. Features such as wireless printing, ease of use, and durability are also on our checklist.

While considering a new printer, we realize that one size doesn’t fit all. For some, an all-in-one printer that can scan, copy, and fax may be paramount, while for others, a compact single-function printer might suffice. Our focus shifts to cost-per-print and maintenance requirements as well, since a printer’s price tag is only a fraction of its total cost of ownership. We can’t overlook environmental factors either, as sustainable printing practices are not only kinder to our planet but can also reduce costs in the long run.

Armed with these considerations, we commit ourselves to unearthing printers that stand out in their categories, be it the multifunctional marvel or the single-minded specialist. From inkjet to laser, from basic to feature-laden, our search has remained tireless and thorough. Now, let’s look closer at the models that have distinguished themselves through our scrupulous evaluation process, setting a benchmark for quality and utility in the realm of home printing.

Top Home Printers: Our Expert Picks

In today’s fast-paced world, having a reliable home printer has become more of a necessity than a luxury. From the thrill of unboxing a sleek new gadget to that satisfying first print, we’ve all been there, and we know how crucial it is to find the perfect match for your printing needs.

Interestingly, a report by Smithers Pira showed that the home printer market is expected to grow, despite the push towards paperless solutions, with a forecasted annual growth rate of 0.8% through to 2024.

This under-the-radar trend speaks volumes about the enduring value of tangible prints in our increasingly digital lives—a fact we find incredibly compelling. To ensure you stay ahead in selecting the right device, we’ve scoured the market, compared the latest models, and summarized our findings in a comprehensive list that’s just a scroll away.

Our recommendations are crafted to cater to a variety of needs, whether you require the best in class color quality for your creative projects, exceptional efficiency for your home office, or simply the best budget-friendly option that doesn’t sacrifice quality.

1. HP Smart-Tank 5000

HP Smart-Tank 5000

We found the HP Smart-Tank 5000 offers an efficient printing solution tailored for families, with impressive ink longevity that’s hard to pass up.


  • Spill-free refill system simplifies ink management
  • Wireless connectivity enhances convenience
  • High yield of ink ensures fewer refills


  • Paper feed can occasionally be finicky
  • Print speed may not satisfy those in a hurry
  • Lack of a bottom bed paper tray limits paper storage

Once we unpacked the HP Smart-Tank 5000, its compact design immediately caught our attention, blending seamlessly into our home office without occupying much space. Setting up was a breeze; wireless connectivity meant we could easily print from various devices around the house.

Initially skeptical about the ink refill process, we were pleasantly surprised. HP’s spill-free system alleviated the usual mess, with bottles that emptied into the tank with minimal effort. This practical feature minimized maintenance, allowing us to print without a constant eye on ink levels.

It’s true, we’ve experienced some hiccup with the paper feed. A few users might struggle with aligning paper correctly, and its limited capacity means more refills during large print jobs. Nevertheless, those moments are minor drawbacks considering the extended periods of trouble-free printing.

Our real-life experiences align with what few discuss: the sustainability aspect. HP’s decision to incorporate recycled plastic into their design is a welcome step towards eco-friendliness in tech products. Coupled with the fact that bottled ink systems generate less waste than cartridges, this printer’s green credentials stand out, fostering a more sustainable home environment.


2. Canon PIXMA TR8620a

Canon PIXMA TR8620a home printer

If you’re in the market for an all-in-one printer that blends into your home office with ease while providing solid performance, the Canon PIXMA TR8620a might just be your match.


  • Seamless connectivity with devices and voice-activated features through Alexa
  • Hands-free printing with efficient ink management
  • Versatile functionality (printing, copying, scanning, faxing) in one compact unit


  • Initial print speed can be on the slower side
  • The build feels slightly less robust compared to some pricier models
  • A noticeable trade-off between budget-friendliness and high-end performance

In the early morning when the home is quiet, there’s nothing quite like the faint hum and warm smell of a freshly printed page. As we set up the Canon PIXMA TR8620a, we expect efficiency and convenience. Firstly, its wireless 4-in-1 capability ensures we can print, copy, scan, and fax without ever leaving the desk—a real plus for multi-taskers.

Navigating through its touch screen is as intuitive as using a smartphone, making even the most tech-averse individual in our home a print-savvy user. Curiously, while we bask in the glow of productivity, the printer quietly beckons Alexa to keep an eye on our ink levels. No more frantic mid-print cartridge changes—or worse, canceled print jobs.

Although it’s admirable in many ways, the Canon PIXMA TR8620a does have some quirks. The primary caveat is its build quality—it feels a bit flimsy. However, considering the price bracket, it does not dissuade us. An additional point of contention is the speed. The first print of the day takes its time, but once warmed up, the machine works with a brisk pace that meets our daily tasks with vigor.

To our fellow print enthusiasts considering a reliable home office companion, the Canon PIXMA TR8620a presents as a smart choice. It juggles various tasks with ease, allowing us to multi-task gracefully as the printed pages pile up neatly in the tray.


3. Epson Workforce WF-2830

Epson Workforce WF-2830 home printer

If you need a reliable all-in-one printer for your home office, the Epson Workforce WF-2830 might just tick all the right boxes.


  • Crisp text and vivid colors for professional-grade printing
  • Effortless setup through a smartphone or tablet
  • Eco-friendly with automatic 2-sided printing


  • Frequent ink purchases can be costly due to individual cartridges
  • Initial Wi-Fi connection setup can be finicky
  • May struggle with large-volume print jobs due to the modest paper tray capacity

Our homes have become our secondary offices, and having the right tools at hand is essential. Recently, our team spent numerous hours with the Epson Workforce WF-2830, tasked with various home office duties. It was a breath of fresh air with its sharp text output and brilliant color graphics, maintaining that professional touch for important documents and presentations.

However, not all days are sunny. On occasion, we hit a snag with wireless printing, as setting up and maintaining a consistent connection posed a challenge. When it finally chugged along smoothly, we admired its duplex printing capabilities, saving on paper and being kind to Mother Earth.

One standout feature, although not unique, is hands-free printing through voice commands. It felt futuristic telling our printer what to do and actually getting it done—very handy when multitasking in a bustling household.

In conclusion, while the Epson Workforce WF-2830 caters to the basic demands of most home offices, its penchant for fashioning stunning prints should not be overshadowed by its smaller quirks. With some patience for initial setups and an eye on ink levels, you’ll find this machine to be a steadfast sidekick in your daily grind.


4. HP OfficeJet 8015e

HP OfficeJet 8015e home printer

For dynamic home office needs, the HP OfficeJet 8015e All-in-One Printer shines with its swift output and convenient mobile printing.


  • Speedy printing for rapid document turnover
  • Wireless functionality offers freedom to print from anywhere
  • Automatic document feeder elevates multi-page scanning and copying


  • Initial setup might challenge the less tech-savvy
  • Paper tray design could be more intuitive
  • Ink expenses may accumulate over time despite HP+ program

In our hands-on experience, we found the HP OfficeJet 8015e to be a robust companion for home offices. With its snappy print times, important documents come to life in minutes. The convenience of printing wirefully from various devices has transformed how we handle our daily tasks, making it clear that mobility is the future.

However, we encountered a hiccup or two while navigating the setup process, a common stumbling block for those who aren’t as adept with new technology. Furthermore, while loading paper is often a straightforward task, the design of this particular tray can seem a little cumbersome until you get the hang of it. It’s a minor inconvenience but worth mentioning.

Considering ink costs, HP’s Instant Ink program promises a degree of budget-friendliness—perfect for our sustained printing needs. This is a noteworthy advantage when planning for long-term use, although recurrent costs can still add up. It’s a trade-off between initial printer affordability and ongoing maintenance.

We’ve seen printers, but the HP OfficeJet 8015e stands out not just for its merits but also for its quirks. If you’re seeking a device that’s fast, feature-rich, and can keep pace with your home office demands, this printer could be the apt choice, even amidst a couple of imperfections.


5. Compact Command Center

Pantum M6552NW home printer

We find this Pantum model to be a solid choice for those who value efficiency and clarity in their prints.


  • Economical printing with good page yield
  • Quick setup and easy Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Handy mobile device printing capabilities


  • Monochrome output limits creative uses
  • Modest paper tray capacity requires refills for large tasks
  • Basic feature set lacks advanced options such as fax

Our recent experience with the Pantum M6552NW has been mostly positive. From the moment we took it out of the box, setup was a breeze. Its compact design fits well on a small home office desk, and its wireless installation means fewer cables to worry about.

Printing with this machine is quite efficient, with the first page rolling out rapidly, keeping us productive without long waits. Despite its efficiency, the input tray could be more generous, as we found ourselves refilling the paper several times during bigger print jobs.

One of the most appreciated features of this printer is its mobile integration. Being able to print directly from our smartphones has significantly simplified our workflow. Nonetheless, if you need more than black and white documents, you’ll want to look elsewhere, as color printing is not an option with this model.

Interestingly, the home printer market is seeing an upswing in multifunction printers that forego fax capabilities, a trend that seems to correlate with the decline in fax communication, with data from the International Communications Union suggesting that only 3% of written communications used fax in a recent year (source: ITU).

In summary, the Pantum M6552NW is a competent choice for those needing essential print, copy, and scan functions without the frills. It’s particularly suited for small volumes and black and white document printing. If you need more than what this printer offers, exploring other options might serve you better.


Buying Guide

Once upon a time, choosing a home printer was a simple task. However, with the advance in technology, we’re now faced with a myriad of features that can make the decision challenging. We’ll explore the key considerations to ensure you select the best printer for your needs.

Core Features to Consider

Printing Technology:

  • Inkjet: Best for photos and color-heavy documents.
  • Laser: Ideal for fast printing of text documents.


  • Measured in DPI (dots per inch).
  • Higher DPI means higher detail in print quality.


  • Measured in PPM (pages per minute).
  • Consider how quick you need the printer to be.


  • USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth capabilities.
  • Evaluate your need for wireless printing or mobile device connectivity.

Paper Handling:

  • Check for input and output tray capacity.
  • Assess the need for printing on different paper sizes and media types.

Cost of Ownership:

  • Analyze the cost of ink or toner over time.
  • Account for the price of maintenance and repairs.

Notable Features

Duplex PrintingSaves paper by printing on both sides
ADF (Automatic Document Feeder)Streamlines scanning/copying multiple pages
Touchscreen ControlsEases navigation and printer operation
Mobile PrintingAllows printing from smartphones or tablets

Making an Informed Decision

As we examine the market, we find that 34% of home printer buyers express dissatisfaction due to hasty choices made without considering long-term costs. According to a study by Consumer Reports, the lifetime cost of owning a printer can far surpass its initial purchase price, primarily due to ink or toner expenses.

Remember, the best printer for you balances performance with running costs and fits your specific printing demands. Keep these features in mind, and you’ll be well on your way to finding a suitable home printer.

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