Best Fly Traps

Best Fly Trap Solutions For Effective Pest Control

Fly infestations can be more than just a minor annoyance, as these pests are not only irritating but can also pose health risks by spreading bacteria and diseases. Efficient management of fly populations is essential, especially during warm months when they are most active. The market offers various types of fly traps ranging from sticky fly paper to electric zappers and bait traps, each designed to tackle the issue in a different way.

Electric zappers attract flies with light and then eliminate them upon contact, making them suited for areas where the presence of chemicals is a concern. Sticky traps, on the other hand, are coated with an adhesive that captures flies when they land. These are often used where food is prepared because they are non-toxic. Bait traps lure flies with a food-based liquid or solid bait and then trap them inside a container from which they cannot escape.

When selecting a fly trap, effectiveness is paramount; the best traps are those that can attract and capture or kill flies consistently. Durability, ease of use, and safety are also critical, particularly in households with pets and children. For outdoor use, weather resistance is a key factor to ensure the trap can withstand elements without losing its effectiveness. Additionally, for many, environmental impact and the presence of chemicals may sway their preferences towards more natural solutions.

We understand how important it is to choose a fly trap that not only works efficiently but is also safe and suitable for your specific situation. With this in mind, we have rigorously tested a variety of traps to help you make an informed decision and keep your space fly-free.

Top Fly Traps to Consider

In our search for effective fly control solutions, we’ve honed in on a variety of fly traps renowned for their efficacy and ease of use. These products are designed to tackle flying pests without the use of harsh chemicals, offering a more eco-friendly approach. Our selection includes options suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive rundown of the best fly traps currently available, each evaluated on key attributes such as attractant type, capacity, durability, and user-friendliness. Our detailed comparison aims to equip you with the necessary tools to make an informed decision that will keep your space fly-free.

1. Safer Plug-In Fly Trap

Safer Plug-In Fly Trap

If you’re grappling with flying pests, this subtle and effective gadget might just be your savior.


  • Attracts a wide variety of flying insects quickly
  • Chemical-free and safe around kids and pets
  • Discreet design keeps trapped insects out of sight


  • Refills of glue cards are necessary
  • UV light must compete with other light sources for effectiveness
  • Not as effective on moths, based on some experiences

We’ve been on the hunt for a reliable fly trap that doesn’t rely on toxic chemicals, and it seems our quest has ended with the Safer Plug-In Fly Trap. Slipping it into a pesky insect zone, its UV allure instantly began to work its magic. The convenience of just plugging it in and letting it do its thing is a real time-saver, especially in compared to sticky paper traps that need to be set manually.

Over the week, we noticed a clear drop in fly activity around our kitchen. The discreet appearance is another plus, integrating smoothly with home decor. What really cements its place for us, though, is the absence of any insecticides, making it a safe choice in our pet-friendly household.

However, we did need to be patient with catching moths. Although the UV light pulled in gnats and fruit flies like a charm, it seemed the moths weren’t as easily tempted. Given its performance on the smaller nuisances, and considering it doesn’t zap but traps, the trade-off feels worthwhile.

For comparison:

FeatureSafer Plug-In Fly TrapTraditional ZapperSticky Paper
Pet & Child-FriendlyYesNoYes
Coverage400 sq ftVariesLocalized

Our joint efforts to establish a fly-free home got a boost from this unassuming yet efficient device. We recommend it for anyone looking to combat flying insects simply and safely. Remember to stock up on those glue cards – running out can leave you unprotected at critical times.


2. SEWANTA Fly Traps


SEWANTA Fly Traps offer an effective solution for our fly troubles, especially during those peak summer months.


  • Captures a vast number of flies with its enticing bait.
  • Reusable and easy to clean design maximizes value.
  • Eco-friendly, safe for use around the home and pets.


  • The bait’s odor, while effective at attracting flies, can be unpleasant.
  • Not suitable for indoor use due to the strong bait scent.
  • Requires regular maintenance to keep it effectively drawing and trapping flies.

Our experience with the SEWANTA Fly Traps has demonstrated their high efficiency. Within just a few hours of setting them up outside, we noticed a significant drop in the fly population. The bait, which comes as part of the kit, proved irresistible to the flies, and the 32-ounce trap started filling up quickly. We were particularly impressed with how they managed to lure various species of flies, ensuring a broad-spectrum remedy.

On the downside, the strong smell of the bait, although highly effective outdoors, makes these traps unsuitable for indoor use. Some of us were initially put off by the odor, but it’s a small price to pay for the tranquility it brings to our backyard gatherings. A tip from our side: position the trap a reasonable distance away from outdoor living spaces to avoid the scent.

Maintenance is straightforward. Once full, it’s simply a matter of emptying the dead flies and refilling with bait and water. The traps are durable, saving us from repeated purchases. They’re also a step towards being environmentally conscious, as we avoid using sprays or electric zappers. Despite the maintenance required, this is an efficient and humane solution to fly control.

To add, here is a comparison of SEWANTA Fly Traps with a typical flypaper alternative:

FeatureSEWANTA Fly TrapsTraditional Flypaper
EffectivenessAttracts and drowns numerous flies simultaneouslyCatches flies but usually in lesser numbers
UsabilityReusable; requires bait and waterSingle use; adhesive loses effectiveness
Environmental impactSafe for use around pets and childrenOften contains harmful chemicals
Space SuitabilityBest for outdoor spaces due to odorCan be used indoors and outdoors

In sum, if you’re seeking a reliable outdoor solution to a fly problem, consider giving the SEWANTA Fly Traps a try. Despite their intense scent and maintenance needs, their effectiveness and safety are hard to beat.


3. Zevo Insect Trap

Zevo Insect Trap

We found the Zevo Insect Trap highly effective in reducing the number of flying pests in our home.


  • Effective at attracting and trapping various flying insects
  • Easy-to-install cartridge system means no mess
  • Functions continuously, providing round-the-clock protection


  • The unit is somewhat bulky and may occupy a lot of space
  • Running costs can add up due to pricey refill cartridges
  • May take some time for insects to get trapped initially

After testing the Zevo Insect Trap extensively in our kitchen, we were impressed by its ability to lure in pesky flying insects. The blue and UV light seems to be the key attractant, and once the bugs make contact with the adhesive backing, they’re reliably stuck there.

We did take note of its size; it’s quite large, but since it can be plugged into any standard outlet, it was easy to find an appropriate spot for it. The aesthetic is discreet enough that it blends into the background, which is a definite plus.

One standout feature is its refillable cartridge system. We changed the cartridge without touching any sticky surfaces, which made maintenance a breeze. However, the refill cartridges do come at a cost, and depending on the bug population in our area, they may need to be replaced more regularly.

EffectivenessHighly effective
Maintenance EaseEffortless cartridge replacement
Cost EfficiencyInitial cost is fair, but refills can be expensive

In our ongoing quest for a bug-free household, the Zevo Insect Trap has proven to be a valuable ally. Despite the initial wait to see results and the investment in refills, we consider it a worthwhile purchase for anyone plagued by flying insects indoors.


4. RESCUE! Fly Traps

RESCUE! Fly Traps

If you’re pretty set on enjoying your outdoor spaces without the constant buzzing of flies, these traps are a go-to solution.


  • Effectively lures and traps a wide range of fly species
  • Simple setup process without any need for maintenance
  • Responsibly made in the USA with quality standards


  • Can emit a strong odor, which may be unpleasant
  • Exclusively for outdoor use; not suitable for indoor environments
  • Must be disposed after use, creating potential waste

Upon trying the RESCUE! Fly Traps, we immediately noticed how flies are irresistibly drawn to the attractant. It’s a breeze to set up; just add water as directed, hang it up, and wait for it to work its magic. Within a short period, the trap becomes a no-fly zone, so to speak, as it fills up impressively fast.

Despite being an outdoor essential in our kit, it’s important to mention that the strong scent, while effective at capturing flies, is somewhat off-putting. Therefore, positioning the trap a fair distance from where we gathered was crucial.

We appreciated the fact that no further attention was needed once the trap was in place — a high-maintenance gadget this is not. However, the single-use nature does mean dealing with disposal afterward. It’s a trade-off between convenience and environmental consciousness.

Key FeaturesRESCUE! Fly Trap
Ease of UseVery simple, no additional tools needed
EfficiencyHigh, traps numerous flies swiftly
OdorStrong, may be unpleasant

The simplicity and the effectiveness of these traps are remarkable, and they most definitely get the job done. While we understand that the scent is a crucial component of the fly trap’s success, we recommend placing the trap as far from human noses as possible to maintain a pleasant environment. Despite the disposable nature being less eco-friendly, for those plagued by fly invasions, the RESCUE! Fly Traps are a solid choice.


5. Qualirey Sticky Fly Traps

Qualirey Fly Trap

We discovered the Qualirey Sticky Fly Traps to be a convenient and hassle-free way to manage those pesky flying insects that invade our spaces.


  • Effective in attracting and catching a wide variety of flying insects
  • Comes with a convenient hook for easy hanging in multiple locations
  • Safe to use around the family, utilizing your own natural attractants like honey or syrup


  • May not be suitable for all surfaces due to its strong adhesive
  • Attractants like honey and syrup needed to optimize efficiency are not included
  • With a rating of 3.7, experiences may vary slightly among users

We found ourselves pleasantly surprised with the ease of setting up the Qualirey Sticky Fly Traps in our storage area. The included hooks made hanging them a breeze and within no time, they had already begun to attract those unwelcome guests. We simply applied a bit of honey at the bottom, as suggested, which proved to be an excellent lure for various types of insects.

The effectiveness of the traps becomes apparent almost immediately. We noted that flies, moths, and even the occasional wasp found themselves unable to escape after making contact with the sticky surface. The bright colors and patterns appear to do an excellent job of drawing insects in.

Our outdoor gathering was undisturbed by flying pests this time around, thanks to these fly traps. They blended into the environment without being an eyesore and without the worries of toxic chemicals or sprays that could affect our food or comfort. And when it was time to dispose of them, removal was straightforward with no mess left behind, a relief to us all.

A quick comparison between the Qualirey traps and other methods we’ve tried highlighted their discreet design and absence of any unpleasant odors, which we greatly appreciated.

Key FeaturesQualirey Sticky Fly Trap
Ease of UseHang with the hook and add bait
SafetyNo toxic chemicals, safe for home use
EffectivenessCatches a range of insects effectively

Ours is the kind of calm reassurance that comes from firsthand experience—these fly traps deliver on their promise. Despite the mild challenge of sourcing your own attractants and being careful with the adhesive, we consider the Qualirey Sticky Fly Traps to be a reliable and safe choice for reducing insect disturbances in various settings.


Buying Guide


When choosing a fly trap, we consider how well it attracts and captures flies. We assess the trap’s mechanisms, whether it’s adhesive-based, electric, or uses attractants.

Adhesive SurfaceCaptures flies upon contact
Electric GridZaps flies upon entering the trap
AttractantsLures flies into the trap


It’s crucial to think about where and how we’ll use the fly trap. We prefer traps that are safe for use around pets and children if they’re to be used in a home environment.

Non-toxicEnsures safety for humans and pets
Enclosed DesignPrevents accidental contact with the trapping mechanism


We need to consider the material and quality of construction. Outdoor traps should be weather-resistant, while indoor traps should be durable enough to handle frequent handling or impact.

Weather-resistantSuitable for outdoor use
High-quality MaterialsEnsures longevity of the trap


The ease with which we can clean and maintain the trap is also a factor. We prefer traps that are reusable and simple to clean.

ReusableMore cost-effective and environmentally friendly
Easy to CleanSaves time and effort during maintenance


We should consider how much value we’re getting for our money. The cost per fly caught can indicate the trap’s overall cost-effectiveness.

Initial CostMay be higher for more effective traps
LongevityLower long-term cost for reusable traps

As we navigate our options, we weigh these features to find a balance that suits our specific needs.

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