Best Electric Massage Tables: 2023 Top Picks

Electric massage tables have revolutionized the massage therapy industry by combining comfort with functionality to enhance the therapeutic experience for both clients and practitioners. They offer a variety of features, including height adjustability at the touch of a button, which allows practitioners to cater to a wide range of clients and perform various types of massage and bodywork. These tables improve ergonomics for the therapist by bringing the client to the ideal working height, thus reducing back strain and extending the therapist’s career.

As the demand for massage therapy grows, so does the emphasis on the quality and versatility of the massage table. Electric models are particularly favored for their ease of use and the ability to quickly adjust during sessions without interrupting the client’s relaxation. Some tables even come with extras like heating elements, which can add to the therapeutic benefits by helping to relax muscles before or during a massage.

When considering the purchase of an electric massage table, key considerations should include the table’s weight capacity, motor durability, the range of height adjustments, and cushioning comfort. The quality of construction and materials can greatly affect the longevity and stability of the table, directly influencing the safety and comfort of clients. Additional features like adjustable backrests, wheels for mobility, and the inclusion of accessories should also be assessed based on individual practice needs.

Knowing exactly what is needed for your practice and clients will guide your investment in an electric massage table. We’ve compiled data and evaluated various models on the market, considering durability, functionality, and user feedback, to identify the best electric massage tables available today.

Electric Massage Tables: Enhancing Comfort and Convenience

We’ve meticulously compared a variety of electric massage tables to bring you a list that exemplifies the pinnacle of comfort and convenience in massage therapy. Our comprehensive guide includes tables boasting features that cater to a diverse range of needs, from ease of adjustability and robust construction to indulgent cushioning and state-of-the-art controls. Each product has been assessed to ensure it delivers on both functionality and durability, offering you the best in the market.

1. EARTHLITE Ellora Electric Table

EARTHLITE Ellora Electric Table

The EARTHLITE Ellora Electric Massage Table is a silent, sturdy choice promising comfort and reliability for professionals.


  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • ADA compliant with smooth height adjustments
  • Premium comfort with 3” triple density cushioning


  • High-end price point
  • Heavy, making portability a challenge
  • Manual tilt as opposed to electric

Our considerable experience with the EARTHLITE Ellora has shown that its smooth and silent height adjustments truly enhance the client experience, avoiding any jarring noises that can disrupt the tranquility of a session. We admire its sturdy build and luxurious cushioning, which upholds Earthlite’s reputation for comfort and durability. Clients often comment on the superior comfort provided by the dense foam and soft upholstery.

While the cost is on the higher side, we’ve found the investment to be justifiable, considering the table’s robust performance over the years. This is not a table that will falter under continuous use; it’s made to withstand the rigors of busy practices. The solid steel frame provides unmatched stability, and the lifetime warranty on this frame is a testament to its quality.

Portability can be a concern, as it is quite heavy. Moving it from one room to another isn’t as effortless as with lighter models. Additionally, some may find the manual tilt mechanism less convenient than an electric option. However, these are minor details when weighed against its overall functionality and customer satisfaction.

When you’re ready to elevate your practice to the next level, the EARTHLITE Ellora Electric Massage Table fulfills that need with grace and ease.


2. Spa Luxe Electric Massage Table

Spa Luxe Electric Massage Table

We found that for a blend of comfort and convenience, this table is a robust choice for professionals.


  • Comfortable upholstery and adjustable features enhance client satisfaction.
  • Heavy-duty frame and wheels ensure durability and portability.
  • The electric lift system operates smoothly, making height adjustments effortless.


  • The table may exhibit some lateral movement during intense massages.
  • Some users noted that the lift mechanism can be noisy.
  • The padding might feel too soft for those preferring a firmer surface.

Our firsthand experience with the Spa Luxe Electric Massage Table reveals a product designed with attention to detail. The 3-inch multi-layer Soft-foam system cradles clients, delivering a plush feel that many find ideal for relaxation. When we adjusted the height with the foot pedal, the movement was seamless, proving the reliability of the electric lift actuator.

We’ve transported this table between rooms effortlessly thanks to the robust polypropylene wheels – a feature not found on many competing tables. Its sturdy steel frame provides a sense of security; we never worried about stability despite regular adjustments to accommodate a wide range of client heights.

The table, however, isn’t without its areas of improvement. When we gave it a rigorous test with a deep tissue massage, there was a slight sway to the sides. Also, some of us remarked on the noise when the table was being raised or lowered. We observed mixed reactions to the softness of the foam; while some clients sunk into relaxation, others would’ve preferred a firmer support.

In summary, the Spa Luxe Electric Massage Table stands out where it counts. It marries utility and luxury to cater to the day-to-day demands of a busy spa or clinic, definitely making it worth considering for professionals in the market for a high-quality massage table.


3. Icoget Electric Spa Bed

Icoget Electric Massage Table

Our team finds the Icoget Electric Spa Bed to be an exceptional choice for professionals seeking reliable performance and comfort for their clients.


  • Versatile adjustments using either hand or foot controls.
  • Sturdy construction supports up to 550lbs, ensuring a secure experience.
  • Mobile design, featuring lockable wheels for easy relocation.


  • Assembly is required, which may be a bit complex for some.
  • Only has two customer reviews, limiting comprehensive feedback.
  • The price might be steep for those on a tighter budget.

After having tested the Icoget Electric Spa Bed, we’re convinced it can markedly improve the service quality in any spa or clinic. Its quiet, powerful motor is perfect for adjusting the table without interrupting the tranquil atmosphere clients cherish.

Having the flexibility to adjust this table with a remote or foot pedal is a feature that significantly enhances the therapist’s ease of use. The backrest inclines smoothly, which allows us to cater to a wide range of treatments, from massages to facials.

Comfort doesn’t go unnoticed on this bed. The cushioning feels like it embraces clients, providing a cloud-like sensation, thanks to the high resilience foam wrapped in breathable leather. This directly contributes to a more holistic and comforting treatment experience.

Plus, its mobility is a standout. The integrated lockable wheels have been a godsend for reorganizing our workspace efficiently. Maneuvering the bed is a breeze when needed, and it stays put when locked in place.

Electric LiftAdjustments are simple with hand/foot controls.
Adjustable BackrestAccommodates a range of treatments from 0-45 degrees.
Sturdy ConstructionSupports clients safely up to 550lbs.

Although installation might deter some, the sturdy build justifies the effort. Besides, the lack of extensive customer feedback could make prospective buyers hesitant. That said, the quality we’ve experienced speaks for itself, proving that the Icoget Electric Spa Bed is a solid investment for any professional setting.


4. Paddie Electric Spa Bed

Paddie Spa Bed

If comfort and convenience are top priorities in your spa or salon, this Paddie Electric Spa Bed might just be your match.


  • Height adjustability with quiet motor
  • Easy maintenance with durable materials
  • Ergonomic design supports client comfort


  • Stability issues have been noted
  • Assembly can be complex, often requiring two people
  • Partial manual adjustment

Our team recently had the pleasure of trying out the Paddie Electric Spa Bed, and the convenience of height adjustability at the touch of a button was immediately apparent. The strong motor operated quietly, ensuring a tranquil environment for our clients. The bed’s comfort impressed us too; the high-density foam cushioning supported our clients well during various treatments.

We noted that the bed’s wear-resistant PU leather not only felt premium but was simple to clean and kept looking new, even after repeated use. The sturdy steel frame carried our clients’ weight without concern. Its design, featuring an adjustable backrest and leg rest, aligned perfectly with the natural curves of the body providing an enhanced level of comfort.

However, we did come across a few downsides. While the bed generally felt stable, there were moments when it seemed less secure than we would have liked. Our team also found that while the electric feature for height adjustment was beneficial, there were still aspects of the bed adjustment that required manual effort.

In terms of ease, assembling the table was somewhat of a two-person job. The instructions were clear, but the sheer size and weight of the bed made solo assembly a challenge.

Electric Height AdjustmentEasy transition between heights
Ergonomic DesignIncreased client comfort
High-density Foam and PU LeatherDeluxe cushioning and durability

As spa professionals, we understand the importance of finding the right equipment. The Paddie Electric Spa Bed is convenient and comfortable when in use, though presenting minor stability issues. For those setting up a new practice or revamping their space, it’s a consideration, especially if the ease of height adjustment and client comfort are among your priorities.


5. Spa Luxe Electric Table

Spa Luxe Electric Table

We found this Spa Luxe electric table to be a game-changer for both clients and therapists alike with its versatile adjustments.


  • Effortless height and position adjustments
  • Superior client comfort with a soft multi-layer foam system
  • Durable with a heavy-duty steel frame


  • Higher price point than non-electric alternatives
  • Requires electrical power to operate
  • Some users reported difficulty with motor longevity

Upon experiencing this Spa Luxe model, the first thing we noticed was the simple and intuitive operation. Adjusting the table’s height and tilt with the foot pedal felt smooth and didn’t interrupt our workflow. Clients appreciated the tailored experience as we seamlessly shifted from a flat table to a chair configuration for targeted treatments.

Another highlight was the undeniable comfort. Lying on the 3″ multi-layer foam, covered with Comfort Soft-touch PU, we could feel the difference. It seems to cradle clients just right while delivering spa-level luxury. The extras, such as the adjustable face rest and arm shelf, only enhanced this comfort-centric design.

That said, practitioners should consider the investment angle. Quality comes at a price, and for those transitioning to a high-traffic or high-end practice, this table is worth considering. Moreover, being tethered to a power source reduces its portability – something to think about if room flexibility is essential.

On balance, this electric table from Spa Luxe impressed us with its robust feature set and exceptional comfort. Its few drawbacks were far overshadowed by the efficiency and ease it offered, fundamentally transforming the therapeutic environment.


Buying Guide

Key Considerations

When seeking the best electric massage table, we must consider several pivotal features that directly impact functionality and comfort.

Adjustable Features

  • Height: Essential for therapist ergonomics.
  • Backrest: Allows for varied treatment modalities.
  • Leg sections: Accommodates different client needs.

Weight Capacity

  • Support Strength: Must be sturdy enough to handle different clients safely.

Padding and Upholstery

  • Comfort: Thicker cushioning offers enhanced client relaxation.
  • Durability: High-quality materials ensure longevity and easy cleaning.

Construction and Design

Frame Material

  • Wood vs. Metal: Metal frames often provide more stability and weight capacity, while wood frames offer aesthetic appeal.


  • Weight: Lighter tables are easier to transport if mobility is necessary.

Features Table

FeatureWhy It’s Important
Motor StrengthDetermines speed and smoothness of adjustments.
Remote ControlEnhances convenience of operation.
Size & DimensionsMust fit the space and accommodate a range of clients.
Warranty & SupportAdds value and security to the purchase.

Regulations and Compliance

As we consider our options, ensuring that our chosen massage table complies with industry standards and regulations is crucial for both safety and quality assurance.

Price vs. Quality

We must balance cost with features, as investing in higher quality may equate to better performance and fewer replacements over time. It’s important to analyze the long-term benefits against the initial expenditure.

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