Best Electric Log Splitters: 2023 Top Picks

Electric log splitters are essential tools for anyone looking to efficiently cut firewood or manage yard debris. Unlike their gas-powered counterparts, electric log splitters offer a more environmentally friendly solution, providing a quieter, fume-free experience that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. These machines harness the power of electricity to exert tons of pressure against wood, splitting logs into more manageable pieces with ease and precision.

Selecting the best electric log splitter comes down to understanding your specific needs. Key considerations include the splitter’s power, measured in tons, which should align with the hardness and size of the wood you intend to split. The length of the cycle time, which is how long it takes the splitter to extend, split the log, and retract, also factors into overall productivity. Portability can be a concern for those who need to move the splitter around their property, so looking at the design, whether it’s fitted with wheels or has a compact structure, is important.

Safety features are a must when operating any machinery, and electric log splitters are no different. Look for models with two-handed operating systems that keep your limbs safely away from the machine’s moving parts, as well as those that come with overload protection to prevent damage to the motor. Durability is another aspect to keep in perspective; steel construction tends to offer a longer lifespan and the ability to withstand the stress of repeated use.

Our extensive research and analysis enable us to determine the best electric log splitters that meet a variety of needs and preferences. By balancing power, performance, safety, and portability, we aim to guide you to the electric log splitter that will turn what was once a daunting task into a manageable – and even enjoyable – one.

Top Electric Log Splitters

Our selection of electric log splitters is curated to help you choose the most reliable and efficient unit for your wood splitting needs. We’ve compared key features such as splitting force, mobility, and ease of use to ensure you can find a splitter that can handle the demands of your firewood preparation. Whether you’re looking for a light-duty option for occasional use or a heavy-duty workhorse for regular splitting tasks, our roundup covers the spectrum to match your specific requirements.

1. WEN 6.5-Ton Log Splitter

WEN 6.5-Ton Log Splitter

With its incredible power-to-size ratio, this log splitter turns strenuous chopping into a thing of the past.


  • Surprising power for electric model
  • Versatile with a removable stand
  • Ease of movement with sturdy wheels


  • Limited to smaller log sizes
  • May struggle with very hard wood
  • Noisier than expected for an electric model

Having recently laid our hands on the WEN 6.5-Ton Electric Log Splitter, we can confidently say it’s a powerhouse in a compact body. The setup was a breeze, and before we knew it, logs of substantial size were being split with astonishing ease. The absence of gas hassles makes the experience smoother and we appreciate the environmentally friendly aspect of an electric motor.

In our use, the splitter’s motor did not flinch, even when we fed it the full 10-inch diameter log. We noticed how the 20-second cycle time boosted our splitting productivity. Not being tethered to the ground thanks to the included stand also proved to be a back-saver, as it elevated the work area to a comfortable height.

We did encounter harder woods that gave the machine a bit to grapple with, but it managed after a couple of attempts. On the topic of mobility, the wheels proved to be a godsend. The easy transportation between our shed and work area meant we could focus more on the job and less on logistics. While the operation wasn’t whisper-quiet, it did not reach a disruptive level, staying within the tolerable range for power equipment.

15A MotorProvided plentiful force to tackle logs up to 10 inches in diameter
Stand and WheelsOffered flexibility in height and ease in relocation
Fume-free DesignEnsured a healthier working environment and minimal maintenance

We’re pleased with the WEN 6.5-Ton Electric Log Splitter’s performance. It’s a formidable tool for anyone looking to efficiently transform logs into usable firewood without the typical gasoline-powered splitter’s maintenance.


2. SuperHandy 6 Ton Electric Log Splitter

SuperHandy Log Splitter

If you’re in the market for a reliable and environmentally friendly way to split logs, the SuperHandy electric log splitter is a solid pick.


  • Handles large logs with a 15-second cycle time, powering through workloads efficiently.
  • Features sturdy transport wheels, making it easy for us to move around.
  • Operates cleanly and quietly, a welcome change from gas-powered alternatives.


  • Requires additional purchase of hydraulic fluid before first use.
  • Sits low to the ground, which may require bending or a stand for comfortable operation.
  • Might struggle with very large or particularly hard logs despite its 6-ton rating.

When we tested the SuperHandy electric log splitter, its portability immediately stood out to us. Having the freedom to move this robust machine around without a hitch proved invaluable. Its 6-ton splitting force made quick work of the woodpile, and that efficiency is something we can all appreciate.

We were also impressed with how quietly it operates; it’s quite a relief not to deal with the noise pollution typical of gas-powered splitters. Plus, by staying away from fossil fuels, we’re doing the environment a favor, and in today’s world, that feels incredibly relevant.

On the flip side, we did notice additional costs upfront since it doesn’t come with hydraulic fluid. Make sure to have some on hand before you plan to start splitting. Additionally, its low stature means you might need to consider how you’ll set up your splitting station to avoid any strain from bending over.

FeatureSuperHandy Log Splitter
Motor Strength1-3/4 HP, 15Amp, 1500Watt, IP54 rated motor
Splitting CapacityLogs up to 20.5 inches long and 10 inches in diameter
OperationEco-friendly, electric-powered, quiet operation
PortabilityEquipped with 7” sturdy wheels for ease of transport
Cycle Time15 seconds reset time for efficient splitting
Set UpMinimal assembly required, can be used on ground or workbench

Remember, while we found it to be a more than capable machine for moderate use, if you routinely split very large or tough logs, you may want to consider its limitations. Nevertheless, for the right user, this SuperHandy splitter is a convenient, quiet, and eco-friendly option that’s definitely worth considering.


3. Boss Industrial 5 Ton Splitter

Boss Industrial Electric Log Splitter

We found the Boss Industrial 5 Ton Electric Log Splitter to be a reliable and efficient choice for home use, effortlessly handling logs up to 10 inches in diameter.


  • Effortless one-handed operation with automatic ram return
  • Highly portable with robust wheels; fits easily in most car trunks
  • Strong and durable, backed by a solid two-year residential warranty


  • Can be loud during operation, possibly disturbing to some users
  • Heavier side at 104 pounds, may require some effort to move
  • Stability on uneven terrain could be improved

After extensively testing out the Boss Industrial 5 Ton Electric Log Splitter, we’ve gathered ample experience to attest to its utility. Its single-handed operation is not just convenient; it’s a revelation—making wood splitting a less arduous task. Admittedly, while the splitter’s 1.8 horsepower motor gets the job done quickly, the noise level is something to consider, especially if you prefer a tranquil work environment.

When we considered the machine’s portability, we were impressed. The thoughtfully designed wheels enabled us to maneuver the machine without much hassle, despite its considerable weight. Getting it into the back of a car is straightforward, which means you can take this splitter virtually anywhere you need to go.

The machine’s robust construction doesn’t go unnoticed; we were confident it could withstand the perils of frequent use. The splitter worked wonders on logs up to 10 inches in diameter. However, it’s important to note that when we traversed uneven ground, the splitter felt a tad unstable, a minor drawback for an otherwise sturdy device.

Key FeaturesOur Experience
One-handed operationSimplifies the wood splitting process; increased efficiency and safety.
PortabilityDespite its weight, easy to transport due to wheels—excellent for storage.
DurabilityWith solid construction, this splitter is built to last; a real workhorse.

Our first-hand review of this electric log splitter uncovers its high capability and user-friendly design. It’s suited for anyone in need of splitting logs without the fumes and fuss of a gasoline-powered machine.


4. YARDMAX 6.5T Log Splitter

YARDMAX Electric Log Splitter

After our thorough testing, we believe the YARDMAX 6.5T Electric Log Splitter is a robust choice, blending efficiency and ease of use effectively for your log splitting tasks.


  • Surprisingly powerful for its size
  • Easy to operate with added pedal control
  • Impressive durability despite repeated use


  • Struggles with knotty, irregular wood
  • Arrived with shipping damages for some users
  • Limited to electric power sources

Our experience with the YARDMAX 6.5-Ton Electric Log Splitter was mostly smooth. It’s a powerhouse that quickly breaks down logs, proving electric splitters can stand toe to toe with their gas counterparts. Maneuvering this machine was a breeze as well. The lightweight design didn’t hinder its performance, and we found it split a variety of wood types with ease unless they were heavily knotted.

The pedal control is a game-changer, allowing us to stabilize the wood with both hands while operating the splitter. This was a significant upgrade over models that require manual hand levers, boosting both safety and efficiency. That said, we did hear from a few users who reported shipping damage, indicating that there might be some packaging improvements needed to ensure it arrives in pristine condition.

While the YARDMAX splitter excels in many aspects, it does exhibit some limitations when handling larger, more complex logs with multiple knots. If you mostly deal with straight-grained logs, this shouldn’t be an issue, but for those tougher pieces, you might have to put in a bit more effort. Additionally, remember its reliance on an electrical source can constrain its use in remote areas unless you have a portable generator.

Comparing the YARDMAX with other electric log splitters on the market, it’s clear that it offers a great balance of power, reliability, and affordability. Here’s a quick comparison:

FeatureYARDMAX 6.5TCompetitor ACompetitor B
Power6.5 Tons5 Tons7 Tons
Max Log Length20.5 inches20 inches22 inches
Max Log Diameter10 inches12 inches10 inches
OperationPedal ControlManual LeverDual Lever

Overall, the YARDMAX 6.5T stands out with its ease of use and strength. Its solid construction and high performance make it a valuable addition to any homeowner’s tool shed. Despite minor cons, its pros solidly place it among the top choices for electric log splitters.


5. SuperHandy Electric Log Splitter

SuperHandy Log Splitter

We recommend this splitter for its powerful and eco-friendly operation, making log splitting a breeze.


  • Powerful electric motor generates consistent splitting force
  • Portable and easy to maneuver with sturdy wheels
  • Environmentally friendly with zero emissions and quiet operation


  • Hydraulic fluid for operation not included
  • Requires assembly upon delivery, which may be inconvenient
  • Only suitable for outdoor use with proper ventilation

Having had the chance to work with the SuperHandy Electric Log Splitter, we’ve been thoroughly impressed with its powerful electric motor. The strength of this machine has made it easy to tackle even the most stubborn logs, turning what used to be a daunting task into a quick and satisfying experience.

When it comes to portability, this splitter has earned its name. We were able to transport it effortlessly from one location to another, thanks to the solid built-in wheels. Handling it around various work settings proved to be hassle-free, which enhances its utility for those of us who need to move the splitter around different sites.

The eco-friendly nature of this electric splitter cannot be overstated. We felt good about not having to deal with the fumes typical of gasoline-powered models, making for a more pleasant and environmentally conscious work session. Not only does it keep the air clean, but its operation is also much quieter, which is sure to be appreciated by anyone looking to avoid creating noise pollution.

However, the exclusion of hydraulic fluid is a minor inconvenience, requiring an additional purchase before getting started. For those of us who are less mechanically inclined, having to assemble the unit might pose a little challenge, but it’s nothing that can’t be overcome with a bit of time and effort.

The requirement for outdoor use is understandable given the need for proper ventilation, which should be considered when planning your workspace.

Power6-ton rated system, 1-3/4eHP 15Amp motor
PortabilityLightweight design with sturdy 7” wheels
Cycle Time15-second reset between splits
Environmental ImpactZero emissions, quiet operation
SetupRequires initial assembly, no fuel needed
SafetyUse with eye and hand protection, outdoors

In conclusion, our hands-on experience with the SuperHandy Electric Log Splitter leaves us with no hesitation in recommending it to others. It is a tool that combines functionality with ease of use and environmental mindfulness. Whether you’re preparing firewood for personal use or managing wood for larger projects, this log splitter promises to deliver.


Buying Guide

Key Considerations When Choosing an Electric Log Splitter

When selecting an electric log splitter, we must consider several crucial factors to ensure that we choose a tool that meets our needs and provides the best value for our investment.

Motor Power The motor’s power, typically measured in amps, determines the splitter’s ability to handle tough logs. A higher amp rating usually means a stronger motor.

Log Size Capacity The length and diameter capacity is essential; it defines the maximum size of logs the splitter can handle.

Splitting Force Measured in tons, this reflects the hydraulic pressure the splitter exerts on the log. More tons mean more splitting power.

Portability Features like wheels and handles affect how easily we can move the unit around our workspace or property.

Cycle Time The time it takes for the splitter to complete a split and return to the starting position is the cycle time—a lower cycle time results in higher efficiency.

Durability Look for sturdy construction and high-quality materials to ensure long-term reliability.

Safety Features Safety should always be a priority; features like two-hand operations to engage the splitter can prevent accidents.

Feature Comparison

FeatureWhy It Matters
Motor PowerDetermines efficiency and ability to split wood.
Log CapacityDictates the size of logs you can split.
Splitting ForceHigher force means easier splitting of hard wood.
Cycle TimeA faster cycle increases work speed.
PortabilityEase of movement around your work area.
DurabilityImpacts the lifespan and maintenance needs.

By assessing these features, we can determine which electric log splitter will perform best for our specific situation. It’s always a good idea to match the splitter’s features with our anticipated project demands to maximize productivity and ensure a cost-effective purchase.

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