Best Chainsaw Sharpeners: Top Picks for 2023

Maintaining a chainsaw’s sharpness is crucial for its performance and safety. Sharp chains cut faster, require less physical effort, and reduce the risk of dangerous kickbacks. Over time, even the best chainsaw’s blade will dull from use. Chainsaw sharpeners restore the sharp edge to the chain, ensuring that the saw can operate efficiently and safely.

These sharpeners come in various styles, including handheld files, bench-mounted grinders, and bar-mounted guides, each suited for different preferences and requirements. Handheld files are portable and inexpensive, but require a steady hand and experience to achieve the proper angle. Bench-mounted grinders offer precision sharpening with less effort but at a higher cost and with less portability. Bar-mounted guides provide a happy medium, allowing for precision at a lower cost and with greater portability than bench-mounted models.

When selecting a chainsaw sharpener, key considerations include the sharpener’s compatibility with the chainsaw chain, the frequency of use, and the preferred balance between manual control and automation. The size and pitch of the chain will determine the appropriate file or grinding disc size. For those using their chainsaw regularly, investing in a more robust and automated sharpener may be more cost-effective in the long run.

Through thorough research and analysis, we’ve identified a selection of the best chainsaw sharpeners that combine ease of use, accuracy, and durability to keep your chainsaw’s performance optimal. We understand that keeping your chainsaw’s chain honed is not just a matter of efficiency, but also of safety, which is why we are committed to providing reliable and honest recommendations.

Best Chainsaw Sharpeners

We understand the importance of maintaining sharp chains on chainsaws for efficient and safe woodcutting. Our selected lineup of the best chainsaw sharpeners is designed to keep your equipment in top condition. Each sharpener is scrutinized for ease of use, speed, durability, and accuracy. We present their key features in an accessible table format, allowing you to compare at a glance and make an informed choice that suits your specific needs.

1. Freeyou Chainsaw Sharpener

Freeyou Chainsaw Sharpener

We think this sharpener is a must-have for any avid chainsaw user due to its robust build and user-friendly design.


  • Facilitates swift and uniform sharpening
  • Highly adaptable to various chainsaw sizes
  • Straightforward to set up and operate


  • Can be time-consuming compared to powered sharpeners
  • A stabilizing hand is needed to avoid wobble during operation
  • Might require a learning curve for optimal results

Using the Freeyou Sharpener brought a notable ease to our routine chainsaw maintenance. Its compatibility with a wide range of chainsaw sizes made it a versatile addition to our toolkit. The sharpener felt sturdy in our hands, and the tungsten carbide grinding head promised longevity through many sharpening sessions.

Setting it up couldn’t have been simpler. We attached the fixture to the chainsaw’s guide bar, inserted the burr, and turned the handle—a few seconds later, the chain was slicing wood chips as if it were brand new. The ingenious design, with two fixed sharpening holes, ensured precise angles and depths with every turn.

Despite these advantages, patience was key. Sharpening each tooth took attention to detail, and it didn’t have the speed of an electric sharpener. We noticed some wobble if we didn’t stabilize the device properly, but with practice, the process became more fluid and natural. For anyone who values precision over speed and appreciates a sharpener that feels tailor-made for their chainsaw, we rate the Freeyou very highly.

CompatibilitySuits most chainsaws, making it a universal sharpening tool
Tungsten Carbide HeadDurable material promises extended use and sharp results
Innovative Fixing DesignEasy-to-flip sides allow efficient and even sharpening


2. EzzDoo Titanium Sharpener

EzzDoo Sharpener

We think this sharpener is a standout choice for ease and efficiency in keeping chainsaws in top condition.


  • Appreciably prolongs the life of chainsaw chains with its durable titanium-coated wheels
  • Streamlines the sharpening process by not requiring chain removal
  • Delivers swift sharpening results, reviving dull chains in minutes


  • One must have access to power since it must be plugged in, limiting mobility
  • The high-speed tool requires careful handling to avoid over-sharpening
  • Initial setup involves a few steps which may be a slight hindrance for first-time users

Our recent experience with the EzzDoo Electric Chainsaw Sharpener reminded us just how much a sharp chain can improve a chainsaw’s performance. The titanium-plated diamond wheel not only gave our lethargic chain a new lease on life, but it also promised longevity, sparing us the headache of frequent replacements. With its four different sized wheels, we found it adaptable to a variety of chains, which made it a versatile addition to our toolkit.

We appreciated how user-friendly the design was right out of the box. The fact that it doesn’t require chain removal is a real-time saver, a feature we can’t praise enough. And while some power tools have steep learning curves, the EzzDoo was a breeze, with a helpful angle attachment ensuring pinpoint accuracy – it felt like a professional sharpening service was right in our hands.

While testing, we noticed the importance of monitoring the sharpening duration to prevent overdoing it, something to keep in mind for new users. The sharpener needs to be near a power source, so portability could be an issue, but this is a common trade-off with electric models. For those seeking efficiency and effectiveness, this powerful tool is definitely a winner, making manual hand filing seem like an unnecessary chore.

FeatureOur Experience
Diamond Wheel DurabilityThe titanium-plated wheel has a fantastic lifespan, we didn’t worry about replacements.
Ease of UseNo chain removal and clear instructions made setup and use very simple.
Speed & EfficiencyIt brought our blunt chains back to life in no time, a much-welcomed relief.

Overall, we’re confident in this sharpener’s ability to maintain the cutting edge of your chainsaw chain, streamlining what has traditionally been a manual, tedious process.


3. OMCCHK Chainsaw Sharpener

OMCCHK Chainsaw Sharpener Jig Kit

With the OMCCHK Chainsaw Sharpener, we find maintaining chainsaw blades to be effortless and time-saving.


  • Simplifies the sharpening process
  • Versatile compatibility with different chainsaw sizes
  • Compact and easily transportable for outdoor use


  • Instructions may be challenging to understand
  • The design might not accommodate every chain tooth angle
  • Sharpening stones may need better securing during use

We recently got our hands on the OMCCHK Chainsaw Sharpener and we’re pleased with the user-friendliness of the tool. Similar to operating a pencil sharpener, setting up the chain jig was straight-forward. The device’s ability to work with a variety of chainsaw sizes makes it a handy tool for various users, from home DIYers to professional lumberjacks.

Despite the sharpener being convenient to carry, we did encounter a bit of a learning curve with the instructions. It took us some time to familiarize ourselves with the correct positioning for optimal sharpening results. However, once we got the hang of it, the repetitive motion of sharpening each tooth became second nature to us.

We’ve also noted that although the overall design is quite practical, some users might have trouble with the sharpening stones remaining in place. If the sharpening stones were to be more securely fixed, it would enhance the reliability of this tool. Using this sharpener, we swiftly restored a dull chain and were back to cutting efficiently in nearly no time.

FeatureOMCCHK SharpenerOther Sharpeners
Sharpening AngleStandard 30°Varies
Size Compatibility4″ to 22″ chainsLimited
PortabilityHighMedium to Low
Sharpening Speed3-5 secondsSlower
Additional Tools IncludedYesNo

In our experience, the OMCCHK Chainsaw Sharpener stands out for its simplicity and speed. We would recommend it to anyone who values a sharp blade without the hassle of complex equipment. It’s a convenient and effective tool, once you overcome the initial learning stage.


4. STSVA Chainsaw Sharpener

STSVA Chainsaw Sharpener

We highly recommend the STSVA Chainsaw Sharpener for its innovative design and efficiency in sharpening various chain sizes.


  • Offers a flexible and precise sharpening experience
  • Constructed with sturdy, rust-proof materials
  • Comes with added safety features and is highly portable


  • May take some time to master the sharpening technique
  • The sharpener burr file might wobble, affecting the sharpening quality
  • Not as effective on high carbon steel chains from premium brands

Having recently sharpened our chainsaw with the STSVA Sharpener, we noticed some distinct advantages. Firstly, the sharpener’s versatility in accommodating different chain sizes was impressive. It’s as effortless to use as a standard pencil sharpener – just secure the clamp to the bar, align it, and start turning the handle. The chainsaw chain came out looking good as new.

During our use, we admired the sturdy construction of this tool. Made from stainless steel alloy, it was clear to us that durability is one of its strong suits. The sharpener also includes safety gloves and a cleaning brush, enhancing its value.

Yet, we must point out that it requires a bit of practice to get used to it. Initially, our movements were a bit hesitant, but we quickly got the hang of it. Meanwhile, the loose fit of the carbide grinder did lead to some inconsistency in the sharpening angle. Lastly, it didn’t perform as well on the more robust, high-quality chains such as those from Stihl or Oregon.

Key FeatureSTSVA Chainsaw Sharpener Highlight
Sharpening EfficiencyFast and simple once you’ve got the technique down
Construction QualityRust-proof and highly durable material
Portability and SafetyLightweight, with a storage bag and safety gloves
Suitability for Chain TypesVersatile, but less effective on premium chains

With our experience in mind, we’re confident in the capabilities of the STSVA Chainsaw Sharpener. It would make a fantastic addition to any arborist’s toolkit, especially for those working with a variety of chain saws and looking for a portable solution. Its creative design and ease of use once learned, paired with the durable construction, make it a strong contender in its category.


5. Sharp Pebble Chainsaw Sharpener

Sharp Pebble Chainsaw Sharpener

We believe this sharpener is a must-have for anyone serious about maintaining their chainsaw’s performance.


  • Streamlines the sharpening process
  • Portable and easy to handle
  • Consistently sharpens to precise angles


  • Slight learning curve for complete beginners
  • May not match the robustness of professional-grade sharpeners
  • Dependence on power source can limit mobility in the field

Recently, we took the time to sharpen a particularly stubborn chainsaw chain with the Sharp Pebble Electric Chainsaw Sharpener Kit. The kit significantly reduced the time and effort it typically takes to restore a sharp edge. Notably, the inclusion of different size diamond sharpening wheels made it possible to fine-tune the sharpener to various chains.

The angle guide attachment is a standout feature; it ensured we sharpened each tooth to the same angle. As a result, the chainsaw now slices through wood more efficiently, minimizing physical strain on both the chainsaw and the operator. The ergonomic design favored comfort and made the task feel effortless compared to manual sharpening.

In terms of ease, this tool is beneficial for both seasoned users and beginners, with a straightforward set-up leading to quick results. While the process requires some basic understanding, a brief period of getting acquainted with the sharpener was enough to use it effectively. Ensuring the longevity of chainsaw chains becomes less of a hassle and saves on costs for replacements. However, expecting the sturdiness of heavy-duty, professional sharpening stations from this compact tool would be unrealistic. It’s built for convenience and occasional use rather than continuous, heavy-duty operations.

At times, being tethered to a power source does limit versatility. This is a minor inconvenience when we consider how sparingly the saw needs to be resharpened after proper use of this kit. Our chainsaw, now easily gliding through cuts, confirms that this tool does exactly what it is designed to do—maintain cutting efficiency with precision.


Buying Guide

When selecting the best chainsaw sharpener, there are several key features to consider. We’ve outlined them in an easy-to-reference format below.

Types of Sharpeners

Firstly, identify which type of sharpener suits our needs:

  • Electric Sharpeners: Fast and efficient, ideal for frequent use.
  • Manual Sharpeners: Portable, requiring more effort but good for on-the-go touch-ups.
  • Bar-Mounted Sharpeners: Precise, as they offer stability by mounting on the chainsaw bar.

Features to Consider

We must examine the following features closely:

Power SourceElectric sharpeners need a power outlet, while manual sharpeners don’t.
AdjustabilityLook for sharpeners that can adjust angles and depth for various chainsaw sizes.
Build QualityA robust construction ensures durability and longevity.
Ease of UseConsider how straightforward the sharpener is to set up and operate.
Safety FeaturesProtective guards and safety features are crucial to prevent accidents.

Efficiency and Precision

The sharpener’s efficiency and precision directly affect the quality of our chainsaw’s performance. Sharpeners should provide consistent results without removing too much material, which can shorten the chain’s life.


Ensure the sharpener is compatible with our chainsaw’s chain type and size. It’s paramount that the two match to avoid damage and ensure optimal sharpening.


If we often work in different locations, portability can be a significant factor. Lightweight and compact sharpeners are preferable for on-site work.

By considering these aspects, we set ourselves up for selecting a chainsaw sharpener that meets our needs and maintains our equipment’s sharpness and efficiency.

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