Best Brandon Sanderson Books: Top Picks Reviewed

Brandon Sanderson is an acclaimed author, renowned for his intricate world-building, magic systems, and deep character development. His works span various subgenres of fantasy and science fiction, enticing readers with their originality and detailed narratives. Sanderson’s books often form part of larger series, creating expansive universes that captivate and engage fans over multiple installments.

When exploring Sanderson’s bibliography, readers are met with a diversity of themes and settings, from the high fantasy epics of the Cosmere universe to the dystopian landscapes of the “Reckoners” series. His ability to craft complex and morally grey characters alongside innovative magic systems sets his work apart within the genre.

Choosing the right Brandon Sanderson book depends on personal preferences such as thematic interest, series commitment, and the desire for stand-alone novels versus long-term series. Prospective readers should consider the length and complexity of each series, the heaviness of world-building, and whether they prefer young adult or adult targeted narratives.

To aid in the selection, we’ve compiled and analyzed data on some of the most highly regarded Brandon Sanderson books. Our research and careful consideration of fan reviews, literary critiques, and our own experience have led us to identify what we believe are the standout works in Sanderson’s collection.

Top Picks for Brandon Sanderson Books

We have compiled a comprehensive list of the best Brandon Sanderson books for fans and newcomers alike. Our selection criteria focus on critical acclaim, popularity, and the diverse worlds Sanderson has crafted across his various series. Whether you’re looking for epic fantasy, intricate magic systems, or immersive storytelling, our roundup highlights the quintessential works that showcase Sanderson’s prowess as a master storyteller. Explore our curated selection to discover or revisit the tales that continue to captivate readers worldwide.

1. The Way of Kings Audiobook

The Way of Kings

We recently enjoyed “The Way of Kings,” and we truly believe it is a must-have for fans of epic fantasy.


  • Rich, complex world-building
  • Deeply crafted characters
  • Immersive storytelling


  • Daunting length for new listeners
  • May require patience for intricate plots
  • Overwhelming number of details

Brandon Sanderson’s “The Way of Kings,” the first installment of The Stormlight Archive series, took us on an extraordinary journey through the richly imagined world of Roshar. Sanderson’s attention to detail and masterful world-building are evident from the very beginning, immersing us in a universe where dynamic characters and intricate politics reign supreme. The dual narration by Kate Reading and Michael Kramer brought the characters to life with their emotive voices and distinct styles.

The complexity of the narrative is a double-edged sword; while it provides depth, it also demands attention and perseverance from the listener. That being said, the payoff is massive for those who commit. The interweaving storylines converge masterfully, revealing Sanderson’s skill in constructing a compelling, vast epic.

However, this audiobook might not suit someone looking for a quick fantasy fix. The length can be daunting, and the depth of the narrative might initially overwhelm. The multitude of characters and subplots requires our full attention, but in doing so, we are rewarded with a rich and satisfying listening experience.

For those still deciding, here are some highlights and comparisons in a clear format:

Feature“The Way of Kings” AudiobookTypical Fantasy Audiobook
World-buildingExceptionally detailedOften less complex
Character DevelopmentDeep, with backstories and growthVaries, often less detailed
Length of Audiobook45 hours and 30 minutesRanges from 10 to 30 hours
NarrationDual narration by seasoned voice actorsSingle narrator common
Plot IntricacyHigh, with interwoven storylinesLess complex

In our experience, Sanderson’s creation stands apart from other audio offerings in the genre, marking “The Way of Kings” as an essential listen for dedicated fans of high fantasy.


2. Oathbringer

Oathbringer Audiobook

If you’re seeking an epic fantasy journey, Oathbringer’s rich storytelling and intricate world-building make it a must-listen.


  • Expansive world-building
  • Deep character development
  • Exceptional narration duo


  • Lengthy hour commitment
  • Complex for new genre readers
  • Slower pacing than predecessors

After spending many nights under the spell of Oathbringer, we’ve emerged with insights into Sanderson’s crafted world. As an audiobook, the experience is heightened by the sublime performance of narrators Kate Reading and Michael Kramer, whose voices guide us through Roshar’s myriad intricacies.

Even those within our circles unfamiliar with The Stormlight Archive were impressed. Sanderson’s knack for creating relatable characters and dynamic plot lines managed to draw them in. Each of Sanderson’s novels feels like wrapping oneself in a familiar, but increasingly complex, tapestry.

The underlying messages in Oathbringer resonate deeply with us, raising questions of morality and power that linger well after the book ends. This is not merely a story; it is a thought-provoking journey that challenges and entertains.

ComparisonsOathbringerOther Fantasy Novels
World ComplexityExceptionally richVaries
Main CharactersDeeply developedOften less nuanced
Length of StoryVery lengthyRanges

Oathbringer is not just an audiobook; it’s a vast landscape that we navigate, learn from, and reflect upon. With an unwavering voice, we can affirm that it stands tall amongst its peers in the fantasy genre.


3. Arcanum Unbounded

Arcanum Unbounded Cover

Our experience with “Arcanum Unbounded: The Cosmere Collection” reveals it as an essential anthology for enthusiasts and a substantial addition for newcomers eager to explore Sanderson’s expansive universes.


  • Offers a diverse selection of stories within the Cosmere
  • Insights into the lore and nuances of different worlds
  • Narration by Michael Kramer and Kate Reading enhances the experience


  • Some stories require familiarity with Sanderson’s other works
  • May leave you craving for more complete tales
  • Can feel overwhelming for those new to Sanderson’s universe

Engaging with “Arcanum Unbounded,” we’ve witnessed the captivating diversity of Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere. The audiobook unfolds an intricate mosaic of worlds, each distinct yet interconnected, narrated masterfully by Michael Kramer and Kate Reading. Their voices draw us into Sanderson’s meticulously crafted realities, bringing the characters and their stories to vibrant life.

As fervent followers of Sanderson’s work, we appreciate the added depth to beloved series. Yet, for those just stepping into this realm, it may serve as a challenging jump-off point. The stories, teeming with lore, can be most rewarding for those with a background in Sanderson’s novels. However, the uninitiated still stand to gain a tantalizing glimpse into the vast potential of this fictional universe.

It’s not just the breadth of the short stories that enthrall us but also the intricate connections that bind them. The collection serves as a window into the grander narrative, with each tale contributing to a greater understanding of the Cosmere. Despite this allure, we yearn for the immersion that only a full-length novel can bring. The anthology has indeed threaded a hunger for more sprawling, standalone adventures.

Story Variety✔️
Engrossing Narration✔️
Expansive Lore✔️
Familiarity Needed🚫
Complete Stories🚫

Our journey through “Arcanum Unbounded” leaves us with a sense of awe at the expanse of Sanderson’s creative prowess and the knowledge that there’s so much more to discover. Whether you’re seeking an entrée into Sanderson’s universe or a seasoned traveler among his worlds, this audiobook is an investment in hours of inspired storytelling and profound wonder.


4. Steelheart: The Reckoners, Book 1

Steelheart cover

If you’re after an imaginative twist on superhero lore where the powerful serve as tyrants rather than heroes, “Steelheart” by Brandon Sanderson is an engrossing start to The Reckoners series.


  • Sanderson’s unique take on superheroes, dubbed ‘Epics’, is refreshing and thought-provoking
  • The pacing of the story hooks you from the start, making it hard to pause listening
  • Narration by MacLeod Andrews adds depth to the characters, enhancing the listening experience


  • First-time Sanderson readers might find the wealth of new terminology initially overwhelming
  • As the first book of a series, it ends on a note that necessitates picking up the next one
  • Some character development may seem predictable to avid readers of the genre

“Steelheart” isn’t just another superhero book; its pages flip the genre on its head, diving into a world where those endowed with extraordinary abilities reign as overlords. We join David, whose quest for vengeance against the seemingly invincible Epic, Steelheart, drives a gripping narrative. MacLeod Andrews brings every character to life with a voice that stays with you, even after the story ends.

Our experience with this audiobook left us contemplating the nature of power and corruption. The world-building is thorough yet accessible, making the Chicago landscape more dystopian than one could have imagined. Andrews’ narration is a high note, suffusing each scene with the necessary tension or warmth.

We appreciated the solid foundation “Steelheart” provides for its follow-up stories. Sure, some turns can feel familiar if you have a vast background in superhero tales, but Sanderson’s talent for twists keeps you on your toes. The human element in the characters keeps the narrative grounded, despite the fantastical setting.

HighlightsSteelheart: The Reckoners, Book 1
Genre TwistSuperpowered beings as oppressors
NarrativeCompelling storyline with an engaging pace
Audio PerformanceDynamic and immersive vocal work by Andrews

While the book plants many seeds for its succeeding novels, which some may find mildly frustrating, the investment is worth it. “Steelheart” lays a solid groundwork for a series that promises to complicate the black-and-white morality of traditional superhero themes. Our time with this audiobook was an exhilarating step into a dark, yet alluring world where hope still manages to break through the cracks of a shattered society.


5. Rhythm of War

Rhythm of War

After diving into “Rhythm of War,” we can confidently say it’s a must-have for fans of epic fantasy, bringing to life a world of intricate magic and compelling characters.


  • In-depth world-building that transports you
  • Complex characters that grow with the story
  • Exceptional voice performance enhances immersion


  • Daunting length for new listeners
  • Some pacing issues with slower sections
  • Requires familiarity with the series for full enjoyment

The experience of listening to “Rhythm of War” was akin to embarking on an epic journey. Its expansive narrative made us feel as if we were right there, amidst the richly detailed world of Roshar. Sanderson’s talent for crafting deep, relatable characters shone as brightly as ever, giving us new perspectives on familiar faces. The narrators, Kate Reading and Michael Kramer, skillfully captured the essence of each character, bringing an extra layer of depth to this auditory adventure.

At nearly 60 hours, the audiobook is a significant time investment. Yet, we found that even the more leisurely paced sections contributed to the overall depth of the story, though they occasionally tested our patience. Nevertheless, these moments were strategic breathers in a tale brimming with intense action and dramatic development.

As avid readers and listeners of Sanderson’s work, we appreciate how “Rhythm of War” builds upon the foundation laid by its predecessors. However, we advise newcomers to start at the beginning of The Stormlight Archive series to fully grasp the intricacies and revel in the revelations this fourth installment offers.

Consistency in voice and immersing the listener into Sanderson’s meticulously designed world made our experience with this audiobook memorable. It’s a production that refuses to be a passive listen, commanding our attention and rewarding us with a profound narrative payoff. For those already enthralled by The Stormlight Archive, “Rhythm of War” is an essential and thrilling continuation.


Buying Guide

When looking for the best books to buy, we need to consider several factors that enhance our reading experience. By examining these features, we ensure that we choose a book that not only aligns with our interests but also provides quality content.

Content Quality

We should first consider the genre and writing style that suits our preference. A clear and engaging narrative will significantly impact our enjoyment. Additionally, considering whether the book is part of a series or a standalone novel is crucial depending on our commitment to reading multiple books.

Editions and Formats

Hardcover editions: More durable but typically more expensive
Paperback editions: More affordable, portable, but less durable
E-books: Convenient for carrying multiple books; require an electronic device

Author’s Reputation and Reviews

We should read reviews and check ratings as they can give us insight into the book’s reception by other readers. It’s also beneficial to be aware of the author’s reputation in the literary community.

Price Comparison

Comparing prices is important especially if we’re on a budget. We may find that prices vary depending on where we shop.

Awards and Recognition

Books that have received awards or notable recognition often promise a certain quality level and contribute to our decision-making process. It’s sensible to keep an eye out for such accolades.

FeatureWhy It MattersWhat to Look For
Genre & StyleAligns with personal interestsClear, engaging writing; suitability
Editions & FormatsAffects durability and portabilityHardcover, paperback, or e-book
Author’s ReputationIndicates potential qualityPrevious works, awards, and community standing
PriceBalances budget with desireCost comparisons across different platforms
AwardsSignifies critical acclaimLiterary prizes and recognitions

By keeping these considerations in mind, we ensure that we make informed decisions that lead to a satisfying reading experience.

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