6 Incredibly Simple Methods To Amp Up Your Savings

6 Incredibly Simple Methods To Amp Up Your Savings

Saving money can be a tough task, especially when living costs are high and student loans weigh down our wallets.

But it doesn’t have to feel like an insurmountable challenge. Little by little, small savings can quickly add up.

By making smart financial decisions and simple lifestyle adjustments, anyone can start saving. Financial experts recommend taking advantage of a few easy strategies to build up your nest egg.

Allocating an extra portion of each paycheck into a savings account is one great way to get started; look for ways to cut back on everyday expenses in order to funnel more money towards savings; if possible, find extra sources of income that can be added directly into your savings; invest wisely by researching potential stocks or funds and their associated risks; create a budget and track spending so you know exactly where your money is going every month.

With dedication and mindfulness, anyone can become a savvy saver!

Prior To Beginning, Assess Where Your Finances Are Being Allocated

Prior To Beginning, Assess Where Your Finances Are Being Allocated.

Staying mindful of your spending habits is essential when it comes to saving. Nicole Lapin, financial expert and author of Rich Bitch, explains that women often don’t realize the amount of money they’re wasting due to not tracking their expenses.

From monthly Netflix subscriptions to eating out four nights a week; these seemingly small expenses can quickly add up.

To fix this issue, it’s important to take a look at bank statements over the past three months and try to identify any trends or patterns in your spending.

While Lapin encourages you to enjoy what you have earned and indulge appropriately, a budget should be set first.

If you’re unsure of how to do that, there are plenty of apps and software programs such as You Need A Budget or Mint that can guide you along the way.

Additionally, setting up automatic payments from your paycheck directly into your savings will help prevent any unnecessary temptation for spending.

Even transferring as little as $50 per week can make a huge difference in the long run. As Lapin states, separating yourself from your checking account is an excellent way to ensure that your savings are just that – saved!

Adopt The Habit Of Making Your Lunch At Home Through Meal Planning

1. Adopt The Habit Of Making Your Lunch At Home Through Meal Planning.

Meal prepping is the key to saving money on lunch and dinner throughout the week. Certified financial planner Pam Friedman advises spending only $10 a day or $50 a week on eating out.

To help make this possible, Leslie Tayne, an author, debt expert, and lawyer at the Tayne Law Group, P.C., suggests shopping at the grocery store each Sunday for all your meals for the week.

She further recommends prepping all lunches at once on Sunday night so they can be stored in containers and taken to work each day.

Going one step further, you can challenge yourself by trying new recipes every weekend and honing in on your favorite signature dishes to prepare week after week.

Not only will this help you save money but it will also give you the satisfaction of creating delicious meals from scratch!

Say Farewell To Taxis & Make Best Friends With Your Bike

2. Say Farewell To Taxis & Make Best Friends With Your Bike.

Living in a big city can make it easy to reach the convenient yet expensive option of taking a cab instead of public transportation, particularly when temperatures drop.

However, if you find yourself spending more than $50 per weekend on cab rides, it’s time to re-evaluate your habits.

To make taking the bus or subway more appealing, try incorporating hobbies into your commute that you can enjoy while traveling alone.

Reading a great book or knitting a scarf are perfect activities to pass the time during your ride.

Cycling is another good option for people living in both cities and suburbs alike; not only will it save money on either gas or public transit fees, but it’s also an opportunity to get some fresh air and do your part for the environment.

What’s more, biking can help keep you fit without having to pay for a gym membership!

3. Get Rid Of Clothes That You No Longer Use By Selling Them.

When it comes to unwanted or unused clothing in your closet, look no further than online resale websites such as eBay or Tradesy for a way to profit from these items.

As the saying goes, “One woman’s trash can be another woman’s treasure,” and without any effort, you could be making money off of those designer items that are just sitting in your wardrobe collecting dust.

Or take them to a consignment shop and give someone else the opportunity to find their much sought-after item in your closet!

You’ll be doing someone a favor and helping them out while also providing yourself with extra income. Whether you’re selling vintage garments from decades past or modern-day fashion pieces, there are plenty of people out there waiting for an opportunity like this.

Don’t keep these gems hidden away—make sure they get into the hands of someone who will truly appreciate them!


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4. Opt For A More Affordable Mobile Phone Plan.

For those who don’t have to worry about exceeding their phone data limits, there is an easy way to reduce their monthly plan costs without sacrificing their ability to use their smartphone.

Benjamin K. Glaser, Features Editor at DealNews, states that lowering your data plan and opting for a cheaper option could save up to $30 per month, which works out to just over $1 per day.

It’s important to assess your usage of data every few months so that you don’t pay more than you need and remain mindful of any sudden changes in usage patterns that could cause you to exceed your limit unnecessarily.

By taking such steps, you can substantially reduce your phone bill and still use all the features of your device.

5. Discover An Exciting & Profitable Side Gig.

Gone are the days of having to run a full-time business in order to be a boss. Nowadays, there are numerous ways to make extra money on the side – from food delivery services such as Postmates or ride-sharing apps like UberX.

If you’re not sure where to begin, there are plenty of tips and advice available online to get you started.

In addition to earning extra income, side hustles can also be used as an opportunity to explore the potential of turning a passion into a business venture.

For instance, if you love baking cupcakes, why not start selling them on weekends and ask your friends for feedback?

This will help you determine whether or not this is something that you would enjoy doing full-time one day.

Ultimately, giving it a try is always better than being stuck wondering ‘what if’. As Lapin puts it: “At least you know you tried.”

Become A Coupon Connoisseur

6. Become A Coupon Connoisseur.

Couponing isn’t just for your mom. It’s a great way to save money and can even be fun. To make the most of couponing, there are several steps you can take.

Start by checking newspapers and magazines for coupons available at any stores you shop at, as well as grocery magazines that come in the mail.

You should also look online and sign up for newsletters from your nearest grocery store so you can access any new coupons they may offer.

If you have the space in your pantry, consider buying in bulk or eyeing prices more carefully between different stores.

Even saving $5 off an item adds up significantly if you buy items in larger quantities over time!

Once you start experiencing the thrill of finding amazing deals from couponing, it’s doubtful you will ever go back to pre-coupon shopping again!

Remember, A Crucial Element In Cultivating A Fruitful Savings Routine Is Your Mindset. Avoid Guilt When Indulging In What Brings You Joy, And Maintain The Most Optimistic Perspective Possible.

For those looking to make financial cuts, it can be difficult and discouraging to give up the small indulgences that make life enjoyable. But there is a way to cut back without sacrificing the joy these treats bring—by focusing on a positive attitude and aspirational change.

According to Celina Lapin, a financial expert, one should allow themselves small indulgences in order to stay on track with their budget while avoiding overspending.

By doing this, you focus on what matters most in life: the essentials. To help with this mindset shift, Lapin advises making the transition from deprivation of enjoyment to an attitude of aspiration.

This shift will help ensure a successful budget plan and keep you motivated in your money decisions.

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