Top 10 Best Mindsets To Have Before Going Into A Relationship

Ah, relationships! They come with their own set of perks, like a designated cuddle buddy and a fellow Game of Thrones enthusiast.

But you know that a relationship’s stability and health depend on the individuals involved. So, you’ve set your sights on loving better this time around (kudos to you 🌻).

The thing is, even if you see yourself as a healthy partner, there’s always room for growth!

Since none of us are perfect and may either be in an unhealthy relationship or exhibit unhealthy behaviors, we’re here to share some life hacks to help you love better.

We often focus on learning to love after entering a relationship, but our gut feeling tells us that the foundation of a healthy relationship starts with you – and we suspect you know this too.

With that said, mastering these simple life skills will definitely pave the way for healthier love.

Let’s dive in!

Remember Your Solo Time

1. Remember Your Solo Time

In the early stages of a relationship, it’s not uncommon for couples to be inseparable. Spending time with your significant other is fantastic, but maintaining independence is crucial for long-term happiness.

That’s why it’s essential to cherish your alone time – whether you’re single or blissfully coupled.

Indulge in activities you adore, like walking your dog, working in your favorite café, or secretly enjoying that movie you can’t get enough of. Being comfortable in your own company is vital.

While it’s tempting to spend every moment with your partner, don’t forget to appreciate your solo time. Use it to clear your head, focus on work, and practice self-care.

Pro Tip:

Remember those pre-partner activities? Keep them alive! Perhaps there's a café you frequent to get work done. Occasionally, your partner may join you for lunch or coffee, but it's still your solo ritual. Whether it's driving, running your favorite trails, or re-watching that tear-jerker episode of Lost, continue nurturing a relationship with yourself.

2. Avoid Being Jealous

Surviving a deceitful relationship can leave you doubting your instincts in future romances.

However, jealousy isn’t exclusive to love affairs – it may rear its head when a coworker lands that coveted promotion, a sibling receives endless accolades, or a friend flaunts their perpetual flawlessness.

In extreme instances, jealousy morphs into possessiveness, turning relationships toxic!

Ditch the urge to measure yourself against others; strut your stuff and hold your head high.

Pro Tip:

Embrace self-love and uplifting affirmations! You're a rockstar who deserves all the good fortune life throws your way! If your partner's actions trigger insecurities, initiate a heart-to-heart about the things that unsettle you.

3. Master Your Finances

Resisting the urge to splurge is a valuable skill, especially when love’s intoxicating effects tempt impulsive spending.

Sure, you want to wow your new flame with spontaneous dates, but frequent extravagance can feel like an added monthly expense.

Knowing your budget boundaries is essential for planning memorable rendezvous. Often, the most enchanting experiences cost little to nothing, and heartfelt gifts needn’t break the bank.

Pro Tip:

Numerous apps can help curb reckless spending habits. If you're like me and doubt your app-commitment, opt for dates that prioritize quality time together. Hiking, movie nights, or whipping up a homemade feast are low-key date ideas that spare your wallet.

4. Control Your Stress Levels

Discovering wholesome stress-relief strategies is vital for all life aspects, including nurturing relationships.

Stress-busting might involve a yoga session, a leisurely stroll in the park, or a daily journal entry – choose whatever melts your tension away.

It’s all too easy to unload our stress on loved ones, but a healthier approach exists.

Tackling stress outside your relationship makes unwinding with your significant other even more delightful.

Remember, importing stress into a partnership only breeds more strain – it’s a vicious cycle. Robust stress management skills help you avoid lashing out at your beloved.


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5. Manage Your Time Well

As my Achilles’ heel, time management worsens when I’m smitten.

It’s all too easy to procrastinate and shirk responsibilities while focusing on quality time with my beau.

Countless times, I’ve been bitten by the “I’ll do it later” bug due to prioritizing my significant other.

Honing time management skills before diving into a relationship is crucial.

Sure, getting swept off your feet is dreamy, but meeting deadlines and staying grounded is even better.

With that said, it’s entirely possible to be starry-eyed and still keep your feet firmly planted! Communicate your to-do list with your partner – a supportive S.O. will help you maintain equilibrium.

Pro Tip:

Planners or lists work wonders (even for organizationally-challenged folks like me)! Seeing your tasks laid out over a week or day ensures Netflix and cuddle sessions don't clash with pressing deadlines.

7. Chase After Your Dreams

Chase After Your Dreams

Embarking in a relationship while already pursuing your passions is incredibly beneficial.

I consider myself fortunate to have a clear career path and life goals, actively working toward them.

However, life isn’t always that straightforward.

Whether you’re making progress, discovering your aspirations, or chasing them for personal satisfaction, don’t sideline what makes you tick when entering or during a relationship.

As the “we” mindset takes hold, it’s tempting to put your desires and dreams on the back burner – resist!

That said, avoid becoming self-absorbed and prioritize your partner’s needs too.

Achieving a healthy balance is entirely feasible.

Your pre-relationship passions still matter; having a significant other simply adds a supportive cheerleader to your corner. And if they don’t champion your dreams, they’re not worth your time.

7. Be Mindful

How do your deeds impact others? What areas require improvement? Aim for introspection without harsh self-criticism. Who are you outside and within a relationship?

Addressing these questions is crucial before diving into a serious commitment.

Familiarizing yourself with your own intricacies fortifies the foundation between you and your partner.

Remember, it’s not just about unraveling your significant other’s mysteries – it’s about discovering your own depths too.


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8. Be Yourself

Can’t resist those outrageous conspiracy theory documentaries? Revel in it.

Dodged the craft beer craze for a $2 brew? Cheers to that!

The thought of partying sends shivers down your spine? Skip it and binge-watch those addictive documentaries instead.

Life’s too fleeting to masquerade as someone you’re not, and feigning an alter ego only leads to regrets.

Being genuine from day one in a relationship helps you dodge mismatches with unsuitable partners.

If they don’t appreciate your true essence, there’s no point in prolonging the charade.


9. Self-Evaluate

What’s weighing you down? How does it influence your capacity to love and be loved? The popular adage, “Leave your baggage at the door,” is often more challenging in practice.

Past traumas, encounters, and relationships unquestionably impact your present connection.

Healing isn’t a straight path, and even with self-awareness, it’s tough to keep the past from seeping into the present.

Perhaps you’re still on the road to recovery, but recognizing the emotional luggage you bear is a significant step towards nurturing a healthy relationship, rather than remaining oblivious.

Communicate Better

10. Communicate Better

A skill that transcends all life aspects, effective communication is pivotal. Relationships can be awkward, with conversations that make you yearn for teleportation to anyplace else.

Conveying your desires, needs, and areas for improvement forms the foundation of a healthy, enduring relationship.

Poor communication leads to misunderstandings and neglecting your priorities. The ability to articulate your thoughts clearly is an enviable trait, strengthening not just romantic bonds but all connections.

Pro Tip:

Before tackling a tough or uneasy conversation, jot down your key points and intended message. This organizes your thoughts and ensures you communicate everything necessary.

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