Surrender Your Worries & Sleep Soundly

Welcome to our prayer series. A Prayer for Peaceful Sleep.

As we come together in prayer, seeking solace and strength in your rest, close your eyes and take a deep breath, allowing the burdens of the day to gently dissipate. With each exhale, release any tension or concern that may linger in your mind and body.

As you continue to breathe deeply, feel a sense of calm enveloping you like a warm embrace. Let go of the thoughts that keep your mind racing and surrender to the stillness of this moment.

In this place of serenity, allow your body to relax completely, sinking into the comforting embrace of God’s presence. Feel the gentle rhythm of your breath as it lulls you into a state of deep relaxation.

With each inhale, invite feelings of peace and tranquility to fill your being, soothing every inch of your body and mind. With each exhale, release any lingering tension or stress, allowing yourself to sink deeper into a state of blissful surrender.

And as you come before our Lord in this sacred time of prayer, find solace in the personal words of Proverbs 3:24. Let His peace wash over you, comforting you in His word.

“You can go to bed without fear; you will lie down and sleep soundly.”
Let’s Pray…

Father, thank You for peaceful sleep, and for Your angels that encamp around us who fear You.

You deliver us and keep us safe.

The angels excel in strength to Your word. You give your angels charge over me, to keep me in all my ways.

I surrender every thought, every imagination, and every dream to the captivity and obedience of Jesus Christ.

Father, I give you authority over my mind, may you speak so clearly- guiding me with your sweet embrace.

Give me vision and blueprints of steps to take that will bring glory to you.

If there is anything blocking me from being in your presence, I ask Father, may you take those thoughts captive and set me free.

I surrender my mind and body, and ask for your divine protection over me as I sleep.

May the blood of Jesus wash over my room, please remove any fears, doubts or strongholds holding me down and preventing me from encountering you.

Thank you for being the great provider, protector and comforter of my soul.

Thank you for guiding my heart and revealing Your purpose and plans to me.

Thank you for watching over me as I sleep.

My heart is glad and my spirit rejoices.

My body and soul rest and confidently dwell in safety. I love you Lord.

In Jesus Name, I pray, Amen!

As you drift closer to sleep, embrace the quiet whispers of the night, knowing that you are safe and protected in this moment of divine peace. Trust in the power of God’s word, which brings restorative rest to rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul.

Release any worries or concerns that may burden your heart, knowing that tomorrow brings a fresh start filled with limitless possibilities. Surrender to the gentle embrace of sleep, knowing that you are cradled in the loving arms of God as Proverbs 3:24 says: “You can go to bed without fear; you will lie down and sleep soundly.”

Relax, dear child, and recognize that you deserve the deepest, most tranquil sleep. Sweet dreams.

Thank you for joining us in our prayer series.

We hope you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Until next time, stay calm and centered.

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