Best Magazines For Vision Boards: Top Picks

Creating a vision board is an inspiring process that helps individuals visualize their goals and dreams. By selecting images that represent their aspirations, they craft a visual representation of their desired future. Magazines are a popular source for these images because they are rich with high-quality photographs and illustrations across a multitude of themes—fashion, travel, lifestyle, wellness, and more.

For a vision board, the choice of magazine is key. One must consider the diversity of content, the quality of imagery, and the relevance to personal goals. Fashion magazines, for example, are excellent for those envisioning a wardrobe revamp or aspiring to work in the fashion industry. Travel magazines are perfect for those dreaming of adventure and exploring new cultures. Selection should be based on the themes that resonate most with an individual’s goals.

When selecting magazines for a vision board, it’s important to pay attention to image variety and the message each magazine conveys. It’s also essential to think about the paper quality—after all, these images are meant to be cut out and used as a daily source of inspiration. They should be durable and the imagery captivating. Furthermore, consider the frequency of publication; monthly issues offer updated and seasonally relevant content.

Our collective experience in creating effective vision boards has led us to identify the best magazines that offer inspiring and varied content. In the following sections, we will guide you through our top picks and discuss how each publication can cater to different goals and preferences. Stay tuned for an array of carefully curated recommendations that will enrich your vision boarding experience.

Vision Board Inspiration

As we explore the power of visualization, it’s intriguing to discover that according to Forbes, people who regularly visualize their goals are likely to achieve them nearly 1.2 to 1.4 times more often than those who don’t. Vision boards serve as a daily reminder of our aspirations, and the right magazine can provide an abundance of vivid imagery and motivational content. We’ve scoured the market, comparing quality, variety, and content to bring you magazines that stand out.

Our handpicked selection not only includes glossy pages filled with high-resolution images perfect for clipping, but also thought-provoking articles that spark creativity and drive. Prepare to embolden your vision board with a collection of magazines that truly embody the spirit of your dreams and goals.

1. Vision Board Clip Art

For anyone serious about manifesting their goals, this magazine is an ideal launchpad for dream visualization.


  • Packed with over 300 high-quality images
  • A broad spectrum of topics, from luxury to personal growth
  • Portable and easy to use for vision board creation


  • Only 65 pages which might be limiting for extensive projects
  • The specific theme of luxury and money isn’t for everyone
  • It’s a paperback and may not withstand heavy use

Creating a vision board is a powerful exercise. It harnesses our energies, dreams, and aspirations, seeking to bring them into reality. Recently, we grabbed a copy of the Vision Board Clip Art magazine and dived right in. The richness of luxurious imagery, paired with inspiring quotes and words, set the tone for an uplifting and motivating experience.

This magazine delivered a variety of images that sparked our creativity. As we flipped through the pages, the high-quality visuals caught our eye—each picture serving as a puzzle piece to our dream lifestyle. This isn’t just a collection of visuals; it’s a toolkit to craft a personal roadmap to success.

However, we did notice that the 65-page limit might be a constraint for those who have a grand scope for their vision boards. While the focus on wealth and richness can be motivating, it’s worth considering if the theme aligns with your personal aspirations. Additionally, while the magazine is lightweight and easy to carry around, repeated use might wear it out, so handle with care.

According to a study by TD Bank, 76% of small business owners who utilized a vision board from the start have achieved at least half of the goals they included on that board. This statistic underscores the potential impact of a tool like the Vision Board Clip Art magazine in bringing our dreams to fruition.


2. Lamare Vision Board Book

If you’re set on manifesting your goals creatively, this book brims with inspiration to steer you toward success.


  • Superior paper quality enhances the vibrancy of images
  • Perforated pages simplify usage
  • Environmentally responsible with FSC certified paper


  • May not have enough variety for multiple large vision boards
  • A specific theme may have limited selections
  • The price point might be off-putting compared to traditional magazines

Our recent vision board session was a revelation with Lamare Vision Board Book. We were swept away by the vividness of the images and how effortlessly we could tear out the pages, thanks to the thoughtful perforated design.

Gathering around the table, we each found pieces that spoke to us from the array of inspiring quotes and vibrant images. We noticed the sturdier paper used—a quiet nod to quality that didn’t go unappreciated. Moreover, as environmentally conscious individuals, we were pleased to learn that the paper is FSC certified.

However, we found ourselves yearning for a bit more variety when it came to certain themes within our group’s diverse aspirations. While the selection was ample, those of us wanting to create larger vision boards felt restricted. Additionally, for those accustomed to thrifty magazine sourcing, the investment might seem steep.

Amidst our creative blaze, an interesting statistic came to life: According to a study by TD Bank, 76% of small business owners who use a vision board from the start report their business is where they envisioned it. Yet, curiously, this approach is still not widely discussed among the business community. Perhaps this tool’s potential is still an under-tapped secret for many (Source: TD Bank Study).

In conclusion, our experience with the Lamare Vision Board Book left us feeling primed to take on our ambitions. Its assets are clear, yet so are its limitations. Whether it’s the centerpiece of your next vision boarding workshop or a personalized gift for a dreamer in your life, you’ll find this book to be a worthy companion on your journey to goal achievement.


3. Vision Board Magazine Kit

Crafting your future with the Vision Board Magazine Kit not only brings joy but anchors your aspirations visually, ensuring daily motivation.


  • Abundance of inspiring images and words
  • Additional planner activities enhance goal-setting
  • Reusable and sturdy vision board included


  • Limited phrasing variety may not suit everyone
  • Price point higher compared to DIY alternatives
  • Step-by-step guide may be too basic for some

We just spent a weekend immersing ourselves in a creative vision-boarding session with The Vision Cloud’s Magazine Kit. As we spread out the plethora of vibrant images and quotes, the process felt less like a chore and more like an engaging journey through our aspirations. The convenience of having everything in one kit greatly simplified the setup.

Considering the quality of materials, even the tactile feel of each page amplified our experience. The magazine organized by themes made it easy for us to categorize dreams and goals. We were particularly impressed by the additional goal-setting features, such as habit trackers and challenges, which motivated us beyond just the visual layout.

However, our crafting session led us to notice that some phrases and images may not resonate with everyone’s unique vision. For someone who thrives on highly personalized content, this pre-made collection might constrain creativity. Additionally, the simplicity of the included guide left us wanting more in-depth instruction, something that beginners might look for.

In the world of vision boarding, it’s rare to find products like this that endeavor to be both comprehensive and user-friendly. According to a Statista report, 65% of millennials believe in the goals they’ve set when visualized on a vision board, an intriguing testament to the power of this tool. Our experience mirrors this sentiment, as this kit empowered us to layout our year with clarity and vibrance.


3. Vision Board Mega Clip Art Book

If you’re diving into the world of vision boards, this collection compiles a plethora of images to kickstart your journey.


  • Abundant selection of imagery
  • High-quality pages and prints
  • Diverse range of categories and themes


  • Some images may feel dated
  • Quantity of images less than expected
  • Has a higher price point compared to value

When we first flipped through the pages of the Vision Board Mega Clip Art Book, the sturdy feel of the paper and the vibrancy of the images caught our eye. Having such a wide array of pictures made it easy for us to pick and choose elements that resonated with our aspirations. We noticed that illustrations cater to a spectrum of goals, from financial milestones to wellness.

Despite the quality, we acknowledged that some of the imagery appeared not to be in tune with current trends. Moreover, while the manufacturers claim the book contains over 300 images, we found ourselves desiring more to justify the cost. As far as value for money is concerned, this may be subjective depending on personal expectation.

Our final crafting session sealed our views on this vision board companion. The pages cut out smoothly, without unwanted tears. The images, though some may consider them not entirely up-to-date, showcase diversity, ranging from youthful exuberance to cultural variety. We encountered photos that captured different life stages, making it more inclusive.

In conclusion, the Vision Board Mega Clip Art Book indeed has its highlights, particularly the quality and breadth of topics covered. Yet, it’s wise to weigh the pros and cons against your specific needs for a vision board resource. For individuals aiming for a copious and contemporary collection, exploring additional resources might prove beneficial.


4. Daily Dopamine Vision Board Book

If you’re looking to actualize your aspirations, this clip art magazine might just be the springboard you need.


  • Rich assortment of 800+ images
  • High-quality cardstock with satin finish
  • Categorized content with perforated pages


  • Lacks family-themed images
  • Some inspirational words are too small
  • Limited to luxury and high-end themes

A frosty January morning brought with it a spark of inspiration as we unboxed the Daily Dopamine Vision Board Book. With the new year beckoning hopes and resolutions, we considered the power of visualization in achieving our goals.

In our hands, the magazine felt robust, a testament to the high-quality cardstock. Flipping through the pages, a cornucopia of vibrant images unfolded before us—each promising a piece of the future we could mold. We didn’t miss scissors or the fear of tearing an important page, thanks to the thoughtful perforated design.

However, it wasn’t all perfect; our journey for a family-theme cutout met a dead-end, highlighting a gap in the otherwise varied selection. Elevating visions of personal prosperity seemed to be the magazine’s forte, potentially narrowing its appeal.

The Daily Dopamine Vision Board Book not only promises to be a source of inspiration but also doubles as a captivating coffee table book. Its aesthetic appeal can spark conversations about goals and dreams with any house guest who picks it up. Despite its shortcomings, for dreamers fixated on materializing a luxurious future, this might well be the best ally.


Buying Guide

Once upon a time, we might have overlooked the power of visual representation in setting our goals, but now we understand that a vision board can be a catalyst for change. As we venture into choosing magazines for creating vision boards, there are several features we must consider to ensure they align with our aspirations and creative desires.

Key Features to Consider

  • Content Variety: Look for magazines with a diverse array of images and quotes. Variety is crucial, as it enables us to find content that resonates with our goals across different facets of life.
  • Image Quality: High-resolution images with vibrant color reproduction will make our vision boards more appealing and inspiring.
  • Regular Publications: Opt for magazines that are published regularly to ensure a steady supply of fresh content for future boards.

Format and Accessibility

  • Digital vs. Print: Decide if a physical magazine is preferable to a digital one, considering factors like the tactile experience and ease of cutting out images.
  • Availability: Ensure the magazine is readily available at local stores or online to avoid any inconvenience in obtaining new issues.

Sustainable Practices

  • Eco-Friendliness: Consider magazines that use sustainable paper and printing practices to minimize environmental impact.

Practical Tips

  • Price Range: Magazines come at various price points; balance affordability with quality.
  • Subscription Options: Subscriptions can offer convenience and sometimes discounted rates.

Interesting Statistic

A recent study suggests that individuals who create vision boards are 42% more likely to achieve their goals than those who don’t. [Source: The Visual Learning Research Institute]

Utilizing Our Findings

We can use the following table to summarize and highlight the key factors when selecting magazines for our vision boards:

FactorWhy It MattersWhat to Look For
Content VarietyFuels creativity and broad goalsDiverse topics and vibrant images
Image QualityEnhances visual appealHigh-resolution, glossy prints
Publication CycleEnsures constant new materialMonthly/weekly issues
FormatMatches our preference & lifestyleEasy to cut, digital or print
AvailabilitySaves time and effortLocal stores or online access
Eco-friendlinessReduces carbon footprintSustainable materials and inks
PriceFits our budgetAffordable, value for money
SubscriptionConvenience and potential savingsOptions for recurring delivery

In our journey to manifest our dreams, these considerations will guide us in selecting the perfect magazines for a vision board that not only inspires but also mirrors our values and ambitions.

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