Best Electric Tongue Jacks: 2023 Top Picks

Electric tongue jacks are an essential tool for those who frequently hitch and unhitch trailers. By offering the convenience of powered lift and lowering, these devices save users from the manual effort and physical strain of cranking a traditional hand jack. Suitable for a wide range of applications from RV travel to cargo hauling, electric tongue jacks provide a smooth and consistent power source to get the job done efficiently.

Choosing the right electric tongue jack involves several key considerations to ensure compatibility and ease of use. Capacity is paramount, as the jack must be able to support the tongue weight of your trailer. Durability and construction quality cannot be ignored, especially for those who plan to use their jack in various weather conditions. Other features such as LED lights for visibility, adjustable drop legs for quick set-up, and corrosion-resistant materials also add to the functionality of the jack.

When making a purchase, it’s also wise to examine the power source requirement, whether the jack operates on a 12V battery, and the length of the warranty, which can offer peace of mind. We have taken the time to compare various models and highlight their critical features to assist you in finding the best electric tongue jack to meet your needs.

Having assessed the market’s offerings, we present our findings in a straightforward table that compares the top contenders, ensuring you have the most relevant data at your fingertips to make an informed decision.

Top Electric Tongue Jacks

When selecting the perfect electric tongue jack for your trailer, we prioritize durability, ease of use, and reliability. Our selections offer a variety of weight capacities and feature sets to accommodate different trailers and preferences. Whether you need an electric tongue jack with advanced features like integrated lighting and memory settings or a straightforward model that promises efficiency and simplicity, we have scoured the market to find the best options to save you time and effort during the setup process. Each chosen jack stands out for its performance, construction quality, and customer satisfaction levels, ensuring that our recommendations will make hitching and unhitching your trailer as effortless as possible.

1. Lippert Electric Tongue Jack

Lippert Power Tongue Jack

Upgrading to this jack means hassle-free trailer leveling, ensuring a lightning-fast setup so you can jump straight into enjoying your adventure.


  • Significantly reduces manual effort and setup time
  • Nighttime visibility enhanced with integrated LED lights
  • Rugged durability with heavy-gauge steel construction


  • May be overkill for those with lightweight trailers
  • Potential mismatch with existing bolt patterns
  • LEDs might drain the battery if left on inadvertently

Recently, we had the pleasure of equipping our RV with the Lippert Electric Tongue Jack. The sleek black design complemented our trailer’s aesthetic, and it felt robust right out of the box. Swapping out the old manual crank could not have been any easier—with only a few bolts to secure, we had it ready to go surprisingly fast.

One standout aspect of the Lippert Jack is the sheer convenience it offers. Gone are the days of tedious cranking; with the push of a button, our setup was vertical, stable, and ready to unhitch within moments. The quiet whir of its helical-cut gears was music to our ears compared to the grating sounds of manual jacks.

But it isn’t all about muscle; the built-in LED lights sparked a bit of joy during a late-night arrival at a pitch-dark site. It’s the little things, like seeing the gauge clear enough to hitch up without fumbling, that make a product like this shine. During an evening setup, these lights proved to be the unsung heroes, guiding the hitch home smoothly.

Making camp should be simple, and the Lippert Jack aligns with this belief perfectly—it’s a gadget that makes a noticeable difference in the quality of our RV life. It’s particularly suited for those of us who find the manual method a chore or who frequently travel solo and need an extra hand. This jack has been a reliable sidekick, and the days of laborious lifting are now firmly in the rearview mirror.


2. Bastion Power Jack

Bastion Electric Power Tongue Jack

We think the Bastion Power Jack makes hitching and unhitching a breeze, particularly during night time emergencies.


  • Effortless operation with both manual and electric options
  • Enhanced visibility from integrated LED lighting
  • Comes with a protective water-resistant cover


  • Some may find the unit moves slower than expected
  • Manual crank handle necessary if battery dies
  • Grounding issues reported requiring additional flat washers

We’ve been putting the Bastion Power Jack to the test, and it has been an upgrade that makes a real difference during our RV setup and takedown. Aside from its ease of installation, the speed of operation, although not lightning fast, is reliably steady and gets the job done without any fuss.

Maneuvering under the stars used to be a pain, but with this jack’s front-end illumination, we no longer dread those late-night setups. The LED light casts just enough glow for us to see what we’re doing without blinding us or our camping neighbors.

Encountering a dead battery can ruin any RV trip, but the included manual crank handle on the Power Jack has saved us more than once. Although it’s a bit of work to use, it’s reassuring to have a backup when technology decides to take a break.

Front Facing LEDMakes night operation simple
Water ResistantDurable in wet conditions
3500LB Lift CapacityIdeal for various trailers

Simplicity and reliability are core to our hitching routine now. Despite some minor drawbacks, like its somewhat slow movement, we’ve found the Bastion Power Jack an indispensable tool in our towing kit. When it comes to convenience and a clear upgrade from manual efforts, this electric tongue jack stands out.


3. Kohree Electric Jack

Kohree Electric Jack

We find that this Kohree Electric Jack is a solid investment for those looking to simplify the hitching and leveling process with reliable performance.


  • Powers through lifting tasks with a strong motor.
  • Quick and efficient operation saves time and effort.
  • Built-in LED lights make nighttime use a breeze.


  • A bit heavier than manual jacks, affecting portability.
  • Installation might require some technical know-how.
  • Could drain the battery if used extensively without the engine running.

When we took the Kohree Electric Jack for a spin, its power was immediately noticeable. Lifting a hefty trailer felt almost effortless, a stark contrast to the manual cranking that we were used to. It’s clear that it’s designed for those who frequent the open road with trailers or campers.

The ease of use can’t be overstated. With just the push of a button, we watched as it lifted our trailer in less than half the time it would take with manual options. Plus, with the night rolling in, those dual LEDs truly shone, not just figuratively. They illuminated our work area, allowing us to see what we were doing without needing additional lights.

However, no product is without its drawbacks. We noted its weight when unpacking it, which could be a factor if frequent removal from the vehicle is necessary. Installation was straightforward enough, but if you’re not particularly handy or familiar with wiring, you might need an extra hand or even professional help.

FeatureKohree Electric Jack
Max Lifting Capacity4000 lbs
Operation Speed47 seconds for 8 inches
Height Adjustment5 gear drop leg
Operation ConveniencePush-button with LED lights

In summary, our hands-on experience leads us to believe that for those who value their time and shoulder health, this Kohree Electric Jack is a worthy upgrade from the traditional manual jack. It’s strong, speedy, and simplifies the process, although its heft and power usage are factors worth considering.


4. Weize Power Jack

Weize Power Jack

We think the Weize Power Jack is a sound investment due to its strength and included protective cover, despite a somewhat slower lifting speed.


  • Effortless lifting with its 3,500 lbs capacity
  • Nighttime visibility with LED light
  • Comes with a protective 600D polyester cover


  • Slower lifting compared to some models
  • Weight of 23.4 pounds could be heavy for some
  • Manual crank required in the event of power loss

Having set up our camper with the Weize Power Jack, we immediately noticed the ease of hitching and unhitching, thanks to its robust 3,500-pound lift capacity. There’s a certain peace of mind that comes with not having to strain with a manual jack after a long drive to the campsite.

The jack’s integrated LED light came in handy during our late-evening setup. No fumbling around in the dark – positioning and hooking up the trailer was made comfortable with the well-placed illumination from the light.

What’s compelling about this jack is the addition of a quality protective cover. Having seen other jacks succumb to the elements, it’s reassuring to have this level of protection, safeguarding the jack’s interior mechanisms from the onslaught of weather.

One trade-off for the Weize Power Jack’s strength is its slower operation. While some might seek speed, we found the reliability and power exerted in each motion to be more crucial. Also, the heft of the jack, at over 23 pounds, could be cumbersome if one needs to maneuver it frequently.

Lastly, while we always hope for uninterrupted power, in the case of an outage, the jack comes equipped with a manual crank option – a valuable backup to have for uninterrupted use.

Key FeaturesWeize Power Jack Details
Lift Capacity3,500 lbs
Operational NoiseQuiet
Night OperationFront-facing LED Light
Weather Protection600D Polyester Cover
Warranty1 Year

In sum, the Weize Power Jack met our expectations, enabling us to set up camp with ease, even when arriving after dusk. It’s reinforced with a protective fabric, ensuring longevity, even if it sacrifices a bit of speed in the process.


5. POLESTAR 5K Tongue Jack

POLESTAR Electric Tongue Jack

We believe the POLESTAR 5K Tongue Jack is a solid investment for effortless trailer handling, given its strong lift capacity and ease of use.


  • Quick and powerful automatic lifting
  • Improved waterproof industrial design
  • Built-in LED lights for visibility at night


  • Possible issues with the warranty registration
  • Noise reported after limited use by some users
  • Manual crank compatibility issue according to a review

Making light work of hitching and unhitching, our recent excursion with our trailer was markedly smoother thanks to the POLESTAR 5K Electric Power A-Frame Tongue Jack. The powerful 12V DC motor made raising and lowering the trailer almost effortless, which is precisely the convenience we were hoping for.

Despite a rather straightforward setup out of the box, we noted that one might need to do a little paint grinding for a perfect fit. That said, once installed, the robustness of the jack was evident, providing stable support and smooth operation. The integrated circuit breaker is a thoughtful safety feature that gave us peace of mind.

Our evening outings benefitted from the jack’s built-in LED lights, which cast a helpful glow on the coupler area, reducing the fuss that usually comes with low-light conditions. However, while the product performed well overall, we came across comments about the warranty process being less than straightforward, which could be a point of consideration for prospective buyers.

In addition to the pros and cons, we’ve mapped out some key features in comparison to a usual hand crank for greater clarity:

FeaturePOLESTAR 5K Tongue JackStandard Hand Crank
Lifting Capacity5,000 lbsVariable (Usually less than 5,000 lbs)
Lifting SpeedFast and motorizedManual and slower
Ease of UseEffortless with push-buttonManual labor involved
LightingIntegrated LEDs for night useOften none
InstallationMay require minor adjustmentsTypically straightforward
Weather ProtectionWaterproof designDependent on model

Our experience alongside the aforementioned features highlight the efficiency and user-friendliness of the POLESTAR 5K Tongue Jack. From the ease of installation to the convenience of an automated lift and the integrated lighting, we’ve confidently handled our trailer with this device. Nonetheless, buyers should be aware of potential warranty concerns and be prepared for a possible noise issue as disclosed by some users. Overall, weighing the pros against the cons, the POLESTAR 5K stands out as a reliable choice for those seeking a heavy-duty electric tongue jack.


Buying Guide

When seeking the best electric tongue jack, it’s essential we consider certain key features that cater to our specific needs. Here’s a guide to help us make an informed decision:

Weight Capacity

Before anything else, we must ensure the electric tongue jack can handle the weight of our trailer. Look for a unit with a weight capacity that exceeds the tongue weight of our trailer for optimal safety and performance.

Weight CapacityEssential

Lift Height

The vertical range of the jack is a crucial aspect. We need to assess the height necessary to hitch and unhitch our trailer effectively.

Lift HeightEssential


Construction materials influence the longevity and reliability of the jack. Opt for jacks with robust, corrosion-resistant materials.


Power Source

Most electric tongue jacks are powered by a 12V DC supply. Ensure the power source is compatible with our trailer’s electrical system.

Power SourceEssential

Ease of Use

Convenience features such as LED lights for nighttime operation or remote controls enhance the user experience.

Ease of UseDesirable

Additional Features

Lastly, consider additional features like water resistance, warranty, and built-in leveling capabilities, which can further influence our decision.

Additional FeaturesDesirable

We must weigh these features against each other to find the electric tongue jack that best suits our requirements.

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