Best Teas for Upset Stomach: Soothing Your Digestive Ailments

It’s common to experience an upset stomach from time to time, whether it’s due to indigestion, stress, or a mild gastrointestinal disturbance. For centuries, various cultures have turned to a warm cup of tea as a gentle remedy. Herbal teas, in particular, are celebrated for their soothing properties and natural ability to support digestive health. Among the wide range of teas available, certain types have garnered a reputation for being particularly effective at easing stomach discomfort.

When selecting a tea for an upset stomach, it’s important to consider the key ingredients known for their digestive benefits. Peppermint, for instance, is prized for its ability to relax the muscles of the GI system, while ginger has been respected for its anti-inflammatory and anti-nausea properties. Chamomile, with its mild sedative effects, can help reduce stress-related digestive issues, and fennel is used to alleviate bloating and gas. Each of these teas offers a natural, caffeine-free way to aid digestion and provide comfort.

In addition to the herbal content, it’s crucial to pay attention to the quality of the tea. Organic options may offer fewer contaminants like pesticides, which is especially important for those with sensitive stomachs. Also, the processing of the tea, including whether it’s loose leaf or in a bag, can affect the potency of the beneficial compounds. We recommend looking for teas that specify their gastro-protective ingredients and their origins.

With our health and wellness in mind, we’ve examined a variety of teas designed to soothe an upset stomach. Our research and taste tests have been thorough, with a focus on ingredient purity, brand reputation, and the actual effectiveness of the teas in providing relief. Join us as we explore the best options available, each with its own unique properties to support your digestive system and help you feel your best.

Soothing Teas for Upset Stomach Relief

We understand how discomforting an upset stomach can be, and finding a gentle, effective remedy is essential. Our selection of teas is specifically chosen because they offer natural digestive aid and comfort. Each recommended product has been evaluated for its ingredients and soothing properties to ensure you receive relief while enjoying a calming cup.

Soothing Yogi Stomach Ease

Soothing Yogi Stomach Ease Tea

We find the Yogi Stomach Ease Tea to be a reliable choice for those looking to alleviate digestive discomfort with a natural remedy.


  • Eases digestive upset effectively
  • Warm, soothing spices enhance the overall experience
  • Convenient preparation with individually wrapped tea bags


  • Licorice and Fennel flavors may not appeal to everyone
  • Some may find the tea too sweet
  • A higher price point compared to some other tea brands

When our stomachs feel out of sorts, we reach for Yogi Stomach Ease Tea to help settle things down, and it never disappoints. The unique blend of Ayurvedic warming spices offers not just psychological comfort but seems to positively affect the digestive system. Sipping on it seems to alleviate bloating and discomfort quite effectively for us.

We appreciate the organic ingredients in every cup, with the refreshing twist of peppermint and the subtle sweetness of licorice making it a soothing experience. Preparing the tea is a breeze—just boiling water and a steep time of seven minutes. The convenience of a pre-measured tea bag means we can enjoy this comfortable ritual anywhere we go.

We’re mindful when recommending Yogi Stomach Ease Tea to friends who are sensitive to certain flavors. The combination of licorice and fennel, while pleasing to us, might not suit everyone’s palate. However, those who do enjoy these flavors often report back to us with positive remarks on their comforting qualities.

Yogi Stomach Ease Tea

Yogi Tea Stomach Ease

We found that Yogi Stomach Ease Tea is a comforting brew that supports digestion and relieves discomfort with a soothing herbal blend.


  • Eases digestive discomfort with its herbal blend
  • Conveniently packaged in tea bags for quick preparation
  • Organic and made in the USA, ensuring high-quality ingredients


  • The licorice flavor may be overpowering for some palates
  • Received reports of damaged packages upon delivery
  • Taste preferences vary; some might find it less enjoyable

After a heavy meal, we reached for Yogi Stomach Ease Tea and felt the herbal blend promoting a comforting digestion process. The warmth of the tea seemed to help in settling our upset stomach, making the evening much more pleasant.

We appreciated the ease of use with the tea bags. Preparing a cup was quick and effortless, allowing us to enjoy the tea’s benefits without a long wait.

The flavor, while effective for digestive health, did have a strong licorice presence which might not be to everyone’s liking. We suggest those with a dislike for licorice approach with caution.

In some cases, we noted reports of the product arriving with compromised packaging. This is a concern for the integrity and freshness of the tea.

Despite these downfalls, the overall experience with Yogi Stomach Ease Tea was positive. It held up to its promise of easing stomach discomfort and aiding digestion, making it a staple in our pantry for those times when our stomachs need a little extra care.

Bigelow Calm Stomach Tea

Bigelow Calm Stomach Tea

We think this tea is a fantastic choice if you’re seeking comfort for your stomach with a delightful flavor.


  • Eases stomach discomfort with ginger and peppermint
  • Individually wrapped for freshness and convenience
  • Pleasant peach flavor that satisfies cravings


  • Some may find the ginger flavor too subtle
  • Price fluctuations could be a concern for budget-conscious shoppers
  • Those with specific herb sensitivities should read ingredients carefully

Settling into a chair with a steaming cup of Bigelow Calm Stomach Tea, the first thing we notice is the comforting scent of ginger and peach wafting up. It’s a fragrant reminder of the cozy relief in store for our unsettled stomachs. Every sip feels soothing, probably thanks to ginger’s renowned digestive aid, complemented by peppermint’s calming properties. We appreciate that each bag is individually sealed, ensuring that every cup we brew is as fresh and aromatic as the last.

Beyond the stomach-calming effects, the peach notes lend a sweet, inviting taste to the blend. It’s a surprisingly satisfying tea that makes our evening routine just a bit more indulgent. We don’t always need to add honey, as the tea itself carries a natural sweetness that hits the spot perfectly.

While most of our experiences have been positive, it’s worth noting that we came across mentions of price hikes in our search, an important factor for those of us who watch their tea budgets closely. Also, while the blend is masterful, those with sensitive palates may need a stronger ginger kick to feel the benefits, as some of us have found the ginger to be a bit gentle. As with any herbal tea, it’s also smart to consider personal sensitivities to any of the ingredients, though we’ve had no issues in our own enjoyment of this calming tea.

Soothing Tummy Tea

Yogi Tea - Stomach Ease

We find this tea offers a delicious respite for those seeking to calm their stomachs with a natural remedy.


  • Eases digestive discomfort with a blend of Ayurvedic herbs
  • Delivers a comforting flavor that’s both soothing and enriching
  • Ethically sourced and organic ingredients ensure a pure sipping experience


  • The taste might be too mild for those accustomed to stronger flavors
  • Steeping time is longer than average for full medicinal effects
  • Some may find licorice root an unwelcome flavor in their tea

After enjoying a cup of this stomach easing tea, we appreciate the gentle yet effective relief it provides. The sweet notes of fennel complement the zing from ginger and cardamom, creating a therapeutic balance that’s not just beneficial but also pleasurable to drink.

The aroma alone promotes a sense of relief even before the first sip. With each cup, we notice a subtle yet unmistakable calm that helps to soothe an unsettled stomach. This relaxing effect makes Stomach Ease tea a suitable companion throughout the day or in preparation for a restful night.

We are conscious of what goes into our bodies, and we’re gratified to know that this blend is both vegan and non-GMO. It’s a responsible choice, embracing the wellness of the planet as much as it does our own wellbeing. For those seeking a comforting tea with digestive benefits, Yogi Tea – Stomach Ease is a commendable choice.

NutraReflux Herbal Tea

NutraReflux Herbal Tea

We recommend this tea for those seeking a comforting brew to alleviate their stomach discomfort and enjoy a unique herbal taste.


  • Offers a natural approach to soothe acid reflux symptoms
  • Delivers a distinctive and enjoyable blend of herbs
  • The convenience of reusable tea bags allows for multiple uses


  • The licorice flavor could be overwhelming for some palates
  • May not provide immediate relief for everyone
  • The combination of herbs may not be to everyone’s taste preference

When you’re dealing with an upset stomach, a warm cup of NutraReflux Herbal Tea can be a real comfort. We’ve found the peppermint and chamomile notes particularly soothing, especially after meals prone to causing heartburn. The tea has a pleasant aroma that invites you to relax as you sip.

In our experience, the infusion of licorice root and ginger strikes a fine balance — providing a gentle warmth that seems to calm the stomach, without being overpowering. It’s a suitable evening option, inviting a sense of ease that can lead to a better night’s rest.

Maintaining a supply of this tea in our pantry has been useful; we appreciate its potential for multiple brewings. Keep in mind, while our experience has been largely positive, individual reactions may vary, and not everyone may find the flavor blend to their liking. However, the NutraReflux Herbal Tea’s blend of carefully chosen herbs aims to provide relief in a gentle, natural way, which is precisely what we look for in a digestive aid.

Buying Guide

When selecting teas for an upset stomach, we must consider specific features that make some teas more effective in alleviating discomfort. Here are key aspects to focus on:

Tea Ingredients

Herbal Infusions:

  • Peppermint: May relieve digestive symptoms like gas and bloating.
  • Ginger: Eases nausea and can help settle the stomach.
  • Chamomile: Known for its calming properties and may soothe the digestive tract.

Avoid Caffeinated Teas: It’s generally best to opt for herbal teas as caffeine can aggravate an upset stomach.


Organic Certification:

  • Ensures that the tea is free from pesticides and harmful chemicals.

Loose Leaf vs. Tea Bags:

  • Loose leaf teas often offer higher quality and potency, which may be more beneficial.



  • Look for airtight and sealed packaging to maintain the efficacy of the tea.

Expiration Date:

  • Freshness impacts the therapeutic qualities of tea, so check the expiration date.

Brew Time and Temperature

Optimal Brewing:

  • Follow recommended brew times and temperatures to extract the most beneficial properties from the tea.

Consumer’s Experience


  • Check customer feedback to gauge overall effectiveness.

Using the table below can be a quick reference guide while shopping:

Feature to ConsiderDetails
Herbal IngredientsPrefer ingredients like peppermint, ginger, and chamomile for their soothing properties.
Organic CertificationLook for organic certification to ensure tea quality and safety.
Type of TeaChoose herbal over caffeinated options for better stomach comfort.
FreshnessEnsure packaging is sealed and check the expiration date.
Brewing SpecificsPay attention to brew times and temperatures as indicated on the packaging.
Consumer ExperienceRead through customer reviews to understand the effectiveness of the tea.

By focusing on these features, we can make an informed decision and select a tea that will effectively ease an upset stomach.

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