Best Teas For Hangover Relief: Natural Remedies For Recovery

Tea has been a comforting and medicinal staple for centuries, offering benefits ranging from a boost in energy to soothing a troubled stomach. When it comes to hangovers, tea can offer much-needed relief. A hangover is often the body’s way of signaling dehydration, nutrient depletion, and the need for restorative care. Different types of tea can help replenish lost fluids, soothe headaches, and calm the digestive system.

The selection of tea for hangovers is vast, with options including green tea, ginger tea, peppermint tea, and more. These teas are not just for enjoyment; they contain compounds that can assist the body’s recovery process. For example, green tea is renowned for its antioxidants, while ginger tea is well-known for its anti-nausea properties.

When choosing a tea to help with hangover symptoms, considering the tea’s specific properties is critical. Caffeine content is one factor, as some might want a gentle boost of energy without exacerbating dehydration. Herbal teas are often preferred due to their lack of caffeine and soothing qualities. The presence of certain herbs, like milk thistle or dandelion, can also provide added liver support, a critical aspect since the liver is heavily involved in metabolizing alcohol.

We thoroughly researched and tasted a spectrum of teas to find those that not only offer relief from hangover symptoms but also provide a pleasant sipping experience. With an eye for natural ingredients and the right balance of restorative properties, we identified a list of teas that stand out in their effectiveness and quality. Our selection provides options for a gentle, restorative lift after a night of drinking.

Top Teas for Soothing Hangovers

We have meticulously curated this list to provide you with the most effective teas for hangover relief. Savoring the right cup of tea can help address symptoms like dehydration, nausea, and headaches. Our selection strikes a balance between traditional remedies and blends with modern twists, ensuring you find the ideal brew to ease post-celebration ailments.

Suro Cha Hangover Tea

Suro Cha Hangover Tea

We find this tea perfect for those mornings when you’re seeking comfort and rejuvenation after a taxing night.


  • Eases symptoms of dehydration effectively
  • Sweet natural flavor without any additives
  • Contributes to fresh breath


  • Limited availability in physical stores
  • Only 15 teabags per pack
  • Might be too sweet for some with extended steeping

After indulging a bit too much last night, we were in serious need of a restorative brew. Fortunately, Suro Cha Hangover Tea was on hand. The delicate blend of lotus and hydrangea serrata leaves, coupled with persimmon and mulberry leaves, worked wonders on our hydration levels. Its naturally sweet flavor, which we could adjust by steeping time, was a welcome treat without worrying about additional sugar or caffeine.

Indeed, even as we chatted over our second cups, we noticed a significant decrease in unsettledness from the previous night’s escapades. It’s remarkable how this natural, pesticide-free concoction can facilitate such a fast turnaround. Given that it’s fairly traded, one can enjoy their cup with a clear conscience.

Though we’ve had teas with a stronger hook in the hangover relief department, the balance found in Suro Cha’s blend between efficacy and flavor is noteworthy. We suggest keeping this tea on hand for those unforeseen rough mornings; we certainly will.


Soothing Sencha Blend

Organic Hangover Relief Tea

By infusing your mornings with our Soothing Sencha Blend, we find our groggy starts transformed into refreshing beginnings.


  • Packed with antioxidants and natural ingredients, promoting overall health
  • Medium caffeine content for energy without the jitters
  • Versatile flavor that’s refreshing either hot or iced


  • Only available in loose leaf, which may require a tea infuser
  • A pack is 2 ounces, which might be less than expected
  • Limited customer reviews to gauge broader public opinion

After evenings spent indulging, we often wake feeling less than stellar. Thankfully, the Organic Hangover Relief Tea has been a reliable ally. Upon first sip, the smooth notes of peppermint and the subtle warming zing of ginger rejuvenate our heavy senses. Its organic blend works harmoniously to replenish our bodies.

The experience with this tea begins with its aroma. As we steep the loose leaves, a blend of fennel and turmeric gently drifts through the air, setting a tranquil atmosphere for recovery. On days we’re in need of a more potent lift, an iced cup of this Sencha Green tea serves as a cooling elixir that’s both nourishing and invigorating.

One point for us to consider is the convenience factor—while loose leaf teas offer a ritualistic experience, those of us without a strainer might find it a tad cumbersome. However, the fresh, high-quality ingredients make it worth the extra step in our preparation. Sipping this tea, we can almost feel the mix of milk thistle and antioxidants working to detoxify and replenish our systems, confirming that Full Leaf Tea Company’s blend is a staple in our post-celebration routine.


Drinkwel for Better Mornings

Drinkwel Better Mornings

We believe Drinkwel for Better Mornings is a great choice if you’re seeking something to support recovery after nights out.


  • Contains a blend of essential nutrients and herbs to promote liver health and overall recovery.
  • Formulated by experts, ensuring a high-quality, targeted approach to after-party care.
  • Easy to use, simply integrating into a morning routine with just a couple of capsules.


  • May not work equally well for everyone, so results can vary.
  • A bit pricey compared to standard multivitamins not focused on hangover recovery.
  • Requires remembering to take it both before drinking and the next morning for best results.

After enjoying a night out with friends, we often forget about how we’ll feel the next morning. Drinkwel for Better Mornings offers a thoughtful blend of vitamins and liver-supporting ingredients that seems to help us in bouncing back. Its comprehensive formula is packed with Vitamin C, B-Vitamins, and Milk Thistle, which many say help them wake up feeling refreshed.

We’ve noticed that on mornings after taking Drinkwel, our usual grogginess isn’t as pronounced. This little bottle of capsules is easy to carry in a purse or pocket, making it convenient for nights when we might forget to plan ahead.

Remembering to take Drinkwel pre-celebration and again in the morning makes quite a difference in our experience. Keeping a bottle handy in our wellness toolkit means we’re always prepared for the aftermath of a good time, without the usual dread of the hangover that follows.


BetterMorning Hangover Aid

BetterMorning Hangover Aid

After a night out, we find BetterMorning delivers a bounce back into our step with its natural ingredients, making it worth considering for hangover relief.


  • Helps awaken refreshed
  • Contains high-quality, all-natural ingredients
  • Convenient single-serve packets make on-the-go usage a breeze


  • Contains three capsules per serving, which might be a lot for some
  • Effectiveness varies per individual
  • Not a universal remedy, some hangover symptoms may persist

After testing BetterMorning ourselves, we noticed a significant difference in our morning-after vitality. The dread of hangovers could become a thing of the past, as we woke up feeling less groggy and more alert. It’s clear that the carefully chosen ingredients like Milk Thistle and Ginger aid in detoxification and replenishment.

On one particular occasion, fitting the compact packets into our evening bags was a breeze. The unflavored capsules went down without a hitch at the pre-party. Their presence was so unobtrusive that indulging in nightlife felt carefree, knowing we had taken a preemptive step against tomorrow’s headache.

However, not all experiences were flawless. A friend who also gave it a shot needed to follow up with additional hydration to stave off lingering symptoms. It’s a reminder that while BetterMorning aids recovery for many, it’s not a one-stop cure. Individual responses to supplements can vary, but in our experience, this product consistently takes the edge off the next day’s hangover blues.


Party Recovery Patches

Relief After a Party Patches

If you’re seeking swift hangover relief without swallowing pills, these skin patches might just be your morning-after savior.


  • Eases post-party symptoms effectively
  • Convenient to use with sustained release
  • Non-invasive with a discreet application


  • May not work for everyone
  • Needs to be applied before drinking
  • Limited to external use only

Waking up clear-headed after an evening of celebration is a game-changer. We’ve all been through the regret of a fun night turned sour by morning. These patches have been a hassle-free solution that’s both practical and efficient for us. Just slap one on and carry on with your night; the vitamins and herbal extracts seem to do their trick.

The worry of whether we’ll wake up ready for the day or wishing we could stay in bed is steadily fading. We’ve found these patches to be a snug fit for our on-the-go lifestyle. Their discreet nature means they’re barely noticeable, and they stick with us through the night, no matter how long it lasts.

Of course, experiences may vary, and we’ve noticed that a few of us didn’t feel quite as invincible the next day. But, on balance, our collective experience has been resoundingly positive. We appreciate that there’s no unpleasant aroma, just the silent promise of waking up fresh. It’s always a relief to find something that makes life a little easier, and these patches fit the bill.


Buying Guide

When selecting the best teas for hangovers, there are several features to consider to ensure quality and efficacy.


We look for natural, high-quality ingredients in teas. The inclusion of particular herbs like ginger, milk thistle, peppermint, and chamomile is beneficial as they support digestion and liver health.

GingerAids digestion
Milk ThistleSupports liver function
PeppermintSoothes the stomach
ChamomileCalming effect

Caffeine Content

It’s important to consider caffeine content. We may prefer a tea with no or low caffeine, as caffeine can sometimes exacerbate hangover symptoms like dehydration. Decaffeinated options or herbal teas are generally advisable.

Organic Certification

We often opt for teas with organic certification to avoid the residual pesticides and chemicals that could worsen a hangover.


We examine packaging to ensure freshness and sustainability. Loose leaf teas may offer a fresher taste and reduce waste compared to individually packaged bags.

Flavor Profile

While individual preference plays a role, a milder flavor profile is often more palatable when experiencing hangover-related nausea.

By paying close attention to these aspects, we can make an informed decision on the most suitable teas for hangover relief.

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