Best Candle Lighters: Top Picks For Reliability

Lighting candles can transform an ordinary space into a serene sanctuary or a festive gathering spot. The subtle flicker of a candle’s flame creates ambiance and warmth, making them a beloved feature in many homes and events. However, anyone who’s attempted to light a candle sitting deep within a jar knows the struggles that come with the standard matches or disposable lighters: the risk of burnt fingers, as well as the frustration of winds and drafts easily snuffing out the flame.

Enter the purpose-built candle lighter, a tool designed to offer a safer and more efficient way to light candles. These lighters are typically longer than their traditional counterparts, enabling them to reach wicks at the bottom of deep vessels without the user’s hand getting uncomfortably close to the flame. They come in various forms, from the classic long-reach butane lighter to rechargeable, flameless versions using electricity to generate an arc.

When shopping for the best candle lighter, there are several features to look for. The type of igniter — whether it’s a traditional flame or an electric arc — matters depending on user preference for convenience and safety. The length of the lighter ensures you can reach deep-set wicks without hassle, and for those concerned about the environment or running costs, refillable or rechargeable options might take precedence. A lighter’s durability, ease of use, and design are also important factors that can affect a buyer’s satisfaction.

We’ve taken the time to assess various candle lighters, weighing these critical attributes and more, to facilitate your decision when selecting the right tool for all your candle-lighting needs. Our research involved hands-on testing and comparison of features to ensure we recommend choices that combine functionality and reliability.

Top Candle Lighters

Selecting the right candle lighter can greatly enhance your experience with lighting candles, grills, or fireplaces. We’ve tested and compared various models to find the ones that stand out in terms of reliability, safety features, and ease of use. Our comprehensive selection includes lighters that come with adjustable flame settings, are rechargeable or butane-powered, and feature ergonomic designs for comfortable gripping. In the following table, we’ve distilled our findings to showcase the key features of each product for easy comparison, helping you make an informed decision tailored to your needs.

1. MEIRUBY Electric Lighter

MEIRUBY Electric Lighter

We highly recommend this lighter for its ease of use and rechargeable convenience that suits any indoor or outdoor lighting needs.


  • USB rechargeable, environmentally friendly
  • Windproof and splashproof for versatile use
  • Flexible neck facilitates lighting in tricky spots


  • May struggle with it if proprioception issues are a factor
  • Not suitable for lighting anything that requires a long continuous flame
  • A few users reported inconsistency over long-term use

One of our recent finds is the MEIRUBY Electric Lighter, a gem in the realm of modern lighters. Its sleek, rose gold body not only looks elegant but also feels durable in hand. When we used it during a recent power outage, this tool proved indispensable. The flexible neck came in handy, easily bending to reach the wick of a deeply set candle without burning our fingers.

Having been stuck outdoors at a BBQ with gusty winds, we’ve tested the windproof feature thoroughly. True to its claims, the MEIRUBY lighter lit our grill without falter, showcasing its reliability. The splashproof design gives us confidence that a little drizzle won’t dampen its effectiveness.

We were impressed by the battery life as well. Just one charge using the included USB cable lasted through several uses over a couple of weeks. The convenience of not needing butane refills is a big plus. Moreover, the battery indicator is a thoughtful feature that keeps us informed of the remaining charge.

Here’s a quick comparison of key features:

FeatureMEIRUBY Electric Lighter
RechargeabilityUSB, no need for fuel
Flexibility360° rotatable neck makes it easy to reach different angles
Windproof/SplashproofEffective in various weather conditions
PortabilityCompact and travel-friendly

Our consensus is clear: the MEIRUBY Electric Lighter is a handy tool that marries style with functionality. Whether you’re lighting candles to set the mood, firing up a camp stove, or ensuring you’re prepared for emergencies, it’s a device that holds its own. While not perfect, the pros outweigh the cons, particularly for those valuing eco-friendliness and convenience in their lighters.


2. REIDEA Candle Lighter

REIDEA Candle Lighter

We found this REIDEA Candle Lighter to be a game-changer for our candle lighting needs, with its advanced arc technology and zero emissions.


  • Eco-friendly and reusable, reducing waste
  • Flameless and windproof for outdoor gatherings
  • Safety features add an extra layer of accident prevention


  • Larger than traditional lighters, requiring more storage space
  • Charging needed, which might be inconvenient for some
  • May not ignite as quickly as a traditional flame on first use

Despite old habits, we’ve happily switched to this REIDEA electronic lighter for our daily needs. Not being beholden to lighter fluid or the wind has made evening patio sessions all the more enjoyable. Gone are the days of frustration when a gust of wind extinguished the flame just as the candle was about to light.

We appreciate the eco-friendly design. Keeping track of disposable lighters is a hassle we no longer contend with, which has been liberating. The USB charging capability means we can power the device almost anywhere, from our laptop to the car.

The safety features of this lighter have given us peace of mind, especially around curious kids. The need to occasionally recharge the unit could be seen as a nuisance; however, given that one charge lasts for over 60 uses, this is hardly a frequent concern. Its size, while larger than a traditional lighter, isn’t cumbersome and adds a feeling of durability in hand.

Key FeatureREIDEA Candle LighterTraditional Flame Lighters
Ignition TypeElectric ArcFlame
UsabilityWindproof & FlamelessAffected by wind
MaintenanceUSB rechargeableRefillable with fluid
SafetyLock featuresNone
Environmental FootprintReusable; no emissionsDispose after use

We’ve noticed that lighting with an arc can take a moment longer than a traditional flame—to ensure success one needs to be patient for an extra beat. That being said, we’ve found this lighter to be a reliable tool. The champagne gold finish makes it a stylish and modern accessory, too. If you’re looking for a safer, more sustainable way to ignite candles, incense, or a fireplace, we could easily recommend the REIDEA Candle Lighter to serve you well.


3. RONXS Electric Lighter

RONXS Candle Lighter

We believe this RONXS Electric Lighter is a solid option for those who value convenience and safety in their flameless lighting devices.


  • USB rechargeable and displays the battery level, preventing unexpected power runouts.
  • Long, flexible neck allows for precise lighting without getting too close to the flame.
  • Completely flameless and windproof, offering reliability even outdoors.


  • Regular cleaning is needed to ensure optimal performance as wax build-up can occur.
  • Shorter wicks can be slightly more challenging to light.
  • The lighter’s durability over time is something to keep an eye on.

Opening the sleek black gift box, we’re greeted by the RONXS Electric Lighter’s modern design. It immediately stands out with its slim profile and satisfying handle grip. The LED battery indicator is a thoughtful touch, signaling when a charge is needed to avoid any inconvenience just as we’re about to light our evening candles.

Sparking up the lighter with a click, the electric arc flares to life, unaffected by the breeze wafting through our windows. It’s quite satisfying to avoid the usual fuss with traditional flames when lighting our grill on the patio. The flexible neck bends smoothly, allowing us to reach deep into jars and lanterns without the risk of a burn, embodying the safety features we’ve become fond of.

After a few weeks of regular use, we noticed wax particles clinging to the arc tip after lighting numerous candles. A quick wipe with a brush, and the RONXS Electric Lighter is back to functioning flawlessly. Its lightweight nature means we can take it with us on a camping trip without any burden, and it charges conveniently via USB.

Flexible NeckReaches awkward angles and deep vessels.
LED Battery DisplayKeeps you informed of the battery status.
Flameless LighterEnsures safety and usage even in windy conditions.

Our collective experiences with the lighter have demonstrated the practicality it brings to everyday life. Keeping the RONXS Electric Lighter on hand means we’re always ready for a cozy night in, a barbecue, or any event that calls for a touch of fire—without the actual flame.


4. BIC Classic Candle Lighters

BIC Candle Lighter

Our latest addition to our toolkit, the BIC Multi-purpose Classic Edition Candle Lighters, combines practicality with safety, a suitable option for various lighting needs.


  • Extended wand for safe lighting
  • Child-resistant mechanism for added safety
  • Durable build with a retractable hook for easy storage


  • The trigger may be stiff for some users
  • Limited to four colors in the pack
  • No refillable option leads to less eco-friendliness

When we first held the BIC Classic Candle Lighter, its solid construction set the stage for a promising experience. The metal wand, notably long, ensured we could light grills, candles, and fireplaces from a distance, successfully keeping our fingers from the flame. A recent barbecue saw our guests impressed with the efficiency and safety features of these lighters.

What also stood out for us was the child-resistant mechanism. With children around, we’re always cautious, so having this feature is surprisingly reassuring, making us feel more secure when we store the lighters within reach.

However, we did notice that the retractable hook, while convenient for storage, might be overlooked if you’re not a fan of keeping tools hanging. On top of that, the trigger requires a firm grip and may pose a challenge for users with less hand strength or limited mobility.

FeatureOur Experience
Extended WandEnsures safety from flames, allows for reaching wicks in deep jars without hassle.
Child-Resistant MechanismAdds a level of safety around curious little ones, though some adults may find it requires extra effort to use.
DurabilityThe metal wand is robust, and the overall build feels designed to last through frequent use.

Our assessment of these BIC lighters reveals a reliable set of tools that should be in everyone’s home. Whether it’s setting the ambiance with candles or firing up the grill, they get the job done. Moreover, the child-safety feature provides peace of mind, particularly for families. Considering their reliable performance, it’s no wonder they’ve found a permanent place in our lighting arsenal.


5. SUPRUS Rechargeable Lighter

SUPRUS Lighter

If you’re after a reliable and high-tech solution for lighting candles, the SUPRUS Rechargeable Lighter won’t disappoint with its convenience and safety features.


  • Flameless operation removes the danger of an open flame.
  • Built-in battery indicator keeps us aware of the remaining charge.
  • The lighter’s windproof design ensures functionality even outdoors.


  • The electric buzz during use may be unsettling for some.
  • Limited to a 7-second ignition time, which could be short for certain applications.
  • A full charge is required for only twice lighting a candle, suggests room for improvement in battery life.

We’ve just gotten our hands on the SUPRUS Electric Lighter, and we’re quite taken with its sleek black design. It’s definitely made lighting candles around the house a breeze. The absence of butane is a significant draw, as we’re all about reducing our chemical exposure. Plus, being rechargeable is a real bonus – no more hunting around for spare lighters or buying replacements!

Lighting a BBQ or a candle on a windy day can be frustrating, but this lighter’s windproof feature has proved its worth. We’ve used it successfully on such breezy evenings without a hitch. And when it comes to keeping track of the charge, the LED battery display is a clear and useful feature, ensuring we’re never caught off guard by a dead lighter.

With the safety design requiring a push of the lock switch before ignition, we’ve had no worries about accidental sparks. Admittedly, the seven-second auto shut-off is something to get used to, but it’s understandable from a safety perspective. On the other hand, the buzzing sound it makes while in use has taken some getting used to.

Comparing this lighter to others we’ve used, the features are impressive:

FeatureSUPRUS Electric LighterOther Lighters
SafetyAuto shut-off and safety lockOften just a child safety lock
WindproofYes, very effectiveVaries; not always effective
FuelPlasma, no butane requiredOften require butane refills

This SUPRUS Lighter has earned its place in our daily routines for its tech-savvy update on a household essential. While not perfect – the battery life could certainly see some improvement, it never lets us down when we’re ready to cozy up the place with candlelight.


Buying Guide

Key Features to Consider

When choosing a candle lighter, several factors should be assessed to ensure you select the best product for your needs.

Type of Lighter:

  • Traditional Flame: Offers a typical flame; ideal for traditional use.
  • Electric Arc: Flameless, uses an electric arc; windproof and rechargeable.

Safety Features:

  • A safety lock to prevent accidental ignition is crucial, alongside a long neck design which keeps your hand away from the flame.


  • Look for lighters that feel comfortable in the hand and have an easy ignition mechanism.

Fuel Type/Charging:

  • Butane lighters require refilling, while electric models are charged via USB.

Durability and Design:

  • A durable build ensures longevity, while the design might influence storage and handling.


  • Longer necks provide safer lighting and can reach deeper candles or lanterns.

Feature Comparison

FeatureWhy It Matters
TypeMatches users’ specific needs
SafetyEnsures protection from accidents
UsabilityGuarantees ease of use
Fuel/ChargingAffects maintenance and eco-friendliness
DurabilityProlongs the life of the lighter
LengthEnhances reach and safety

Remember to consider the environment in which you’ll be using the lighter. If you’re often outdoors, a wind-resistant feature is indispensable. Similarly, if you use candles regularly, an electric lighter may be more cost-effective over the long run due to its rechargeable nature.

Customer Reviews: It’s beneficial to read customer reviews to gauge the reliability and performance of the lighter. Reviews can provide real-world insights into how the lighter holds up over time and its ease of use during daily operations.

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