Best Adult Coloring Books: Top Picks For Relaxation

Coloring is an activity that transcends age and has become a favored pastime for adults seeking a creative outlet or stress relief. Adult coloring books have surged in popularity, offering intricate designs and patterns that challenge the patience and artistry of any adult looking to engage in this meditative hobby. These books often contain a wide variety of themes, from tranquil nature scenes and abstract patterns to cultural artworks and fantasy landscapes, catering to a myriad of personal preferences.

When considering an adult coloring book, potential buyers should focus on the complexity and style of the artwork, paper quality, and the type of medium they plan to use, such as colored pencils, markers, or watercolors. The paper’s texture and thickness can make a significant difference, as some mediums may bleed through or not blend well on certain types of paper. It’s also worth considering whether the book has single-sided pages or perforated edges if the artist wishes to display their finished work.

In searching for the best adult coloring books, we evaluated a variety of factors, from the detail of the images to the durability of the pages, ensuring a satisfactory experience for both amateur and seasoned colorists. Our comprehensive research and careful testing have led us to identify some top picks that stand out in the market, promising hours of enjoyment and relaxation.

Top Picks for Adult Coloring Books

Coloring books are not just for children. As adults, we’ve come to appreciate the meditative and stress-relieving benefits of coloring, transforming it into a popular relaxation activity. Our carefully curated selection caters to a vast range of interests and skill levels. Whether you prefer intricate designs or simpler patterns, our roundup embraces the diversity of adult coloring books. We have evaluated the paper quality, the variety of designs, and the overall value to ensure that our recommendations meet your coloring needs. Get ready to uncover our top selections for a serene coloring experience.

1. Mindfulness Coloring Delight

Mindfulness Coloring Book

We found this to be the perfect escape for anyone seeking to reduce stress through the creative process of coloring.


  • The variety of designs cater to both beginners and coloring aficionados alike.
  • Printed single-sided to prevent bleed through, ideal for those using markers.
  • The compact size allows for coloring on the go.


  • Some may find the complexity of designs less suitable for quick coloring sessions.
  • The paper quality may not hold up to heavy markers or paints without bleed-through.
  • Limited page count means avid colorists might quickly exhaust the available designs.

The moment you open the Mindfulness Coloring Book for Adults, you’ll be met with an array of captivating designs that draw you in. Each page offers a different realm of intricate patterns and scenes, beckoning a colorful touch. Whether it’s the flowing lines of the mandalas or the delicate details of the zentangle nature art, there’s something mesmerizing about the act of filling in each section.

As we flipped through the pages, the book’s diverse range of artwork stood out. It’s more than just a coloring book; it’s an invitation to tranquility. We especially appreciated the thoughtful placement of black backing on every page, confident that our markers wouldn’t ruin the following piece. And yet, should the paper meet a particularly juicy marker, haven’t we all learned the importance of slipping a spare sheet behind our work?

Our coloring sessions became a retreat, a mindful respite from the daily grind. We did notice, however, that our time with the book was somewhat short-lived due to the limited number of pages. It leaves us hoping for more, considering the joy it brings. Despite this, Mindfulness Coloring Book remains a charming vessel for creativity and calm—a delightful gift for oneself or others aiming to cultivate a moment of peace.

FeaturesOur Experience
Design ComplexityEngaging but might be intricate for quick sessions.
Print QualitySingle-sided print manages marker bleed through.
Ideal for GiftingExcellent choice for a thoughtful, calming present.

In summary, the Mindfulness Coloring Book for Adults is a compact source of artistic meditation that invites a serene coloring experience, despite some limitations in paper thickness and page quantity.


2. Fantastic Cities Coloring Book

Fantastic Cities

If you’re seeking both relaxation and inspiration through coloring, this book is a journey worth embarking on.


  • Paper handles various coloring mediums well
  • Diverse and intricate urban landscapes
  • Sufficiently thick pages to prevent bleed-through


  • Some details are very small, requiring extra precision
  • You may need to invest in fine-tipped markers or sharp pencils
  • Can be quite challenging for those looking for simpler designs

We recently spent time with the “Fantastic Cities” coloring book, and it truly is an adventure through urban landscapes that sparks creativity. Each page offers distinct and intricate views, which are just detailed enough to keep our focus sharp and our hands busy.

In our hands-on session, we noticed that regardless of our chosen medium—be it watercolors or markers—the paper absorbed the colors without bleeding through. As seasoned colorists, we appreciate when a book’s paper quality can stand up to our varied tools, and this one does.

Of course, those tiny rooftop details and compact car designs do require a steady hand and perhaps a freshly-sharpened pencil. That level of detail isn’t for everyone; newcomers to adult coloring books may opt for those with broader strokes and bigger spaces. But if you’re up for the challenge, your work transforms into a vibrant cityscape worthy of display.

The satisfaction of filling in an entire metropolis is immense, with each page offering hours of meditative focus. It’s key to remember that adult coloring is supposed to be a leisurely activity, so there’s no rush in completing these complex scenes. We suggest taking your time to appreciate each little component of these fantastic cities.

HighlightsOur Experience
Paper QualityHigh; holds up to various coloring mediums
Detail LevelHigh; provides complexity and focus for advanced colorists
AccessibilityMedium; may be challenging for beginners

Remember, this book is as much a test of patience as it is a conduit for stress relief and creative expression. With pages in our hands, we’ve found peace in the methodical coloring and observed that the time spent becomes an escape from the everyday hustle. It’s a rewarding experience for those who appreciate the meticulous joys of coloring.


3. RYVE Mindfulness Coloring Book

RYVE Mindfulness Coloring Book

We believe this engaging RYVE Mindfulness Coloring Book can add a touch of tranquility to your life with its thoughtful prompts and high-quality design.


  • Encourages creativity and mindfulness through self-reflection prompts
  • High quality, bleed-resistant paper accommodates various mediums
  • Perforated pages for easy display or sharing of your artwork


  • Some designs may be too intricate for those seeking simple patterns
  • Quotes on the back of the pages limit use of markers due to potential bleed-through
  • The size of the book may be cumbersome for on-the-go coloring

Upon opening the RYVE Mindfulness Coloring Book, we instantly felt drawn into a serene artistic endeavor. The paper feels premium to the touch, producing no frustration of bleeding ink or feathering, whether using colored pencils, markers, or even watercolors. It’s delightful to find each page paired with self-reflection exercises, transforming a typical coloring session into a journey of self-discovery.

As we progress through various designs, from simple to detailed, it’s apparent that this coloring book caters to our fluctuating moods and available time. Whether we’re filling in a quick pattern or dedicating an afternoon to an intricate design, we’re consistently impressed by the sense of fulfillment after each coloring session.

Sharing our creations has never been easier thanks to the perforated edges. We tear out our finished pieces effortlessly, ready to display or gift. It should be noted, however, that those of us who prefer using markers might find the quotes printed on the back of each page slightly limiting as the ink can show through on the other side.

In conclusion, our experience with the RYVE Mindfulness Coloring Book has been overwhelmingly positive. The balance it offers between creative expression and self-reflection is a rare find. Here’s a quick comparison to highlight its versatility:

FeatureRYVE Mindfulness Coloring Book
Page QualityBleed-resistant, tear-out pages
Design VarietyRanges from simple to intricate
Creativity & WellnessSelf-reflection exercises with each page

For anyone seeking a coloring book that goes beyond mere patterns, we genuinely recommend the RYVE Mindfulness Coloring Book. It not only serves as a means to unwind but also a tool for introspection and personal growth.


4. Disney Dreams Coloring Book

Disney Dreams Collection Thomas Kinkade Studios Coloring Book

We find this coloring book merges the magic of Disney with the tranquil artistry of Thomas Kinkade, making it a delightful retreat from daily stress.


  • Offers nostalgic Disney scenes for a creative escape
  • Ideal paper quality for various coloring mediums
  • Spiral binding makes it convenient to color


  • Some images might have detail too fine for those with vision impairments
  • Art complexity may not satisfy experienced artists
  • Limited challenge for those seeking intricate patterns

Reliving cherished Disney memories can be as simple as opening the Disney Dreams Coloring Book. With each page, we’re whisked away to classic scenes, allowing us to add our color and flair to these timeless moments. The quality of paper is commendable; whether we use colored pencils or even watercolor paints, the pages hold up exceptionally well. The spiral binding is a thoughtful touch, enabling us to lay the book flat effortlessly, making our coloring experience seamless.

However, it’s essential to acknowledge that those among us with difficulty seeing small details might find some illustrations challenging. Despite this, every time we settle in with this book, we’re struck by the excellent variety of images, balancing simple designs for quick coloring with complex scenes that demand more focus. The pre-colored images serve as inspiration, allowing us to replicate Kinkade’s iconic palette or imbue scenes with our unique hues.

When we compare it to other adult coloring books, the Disney Dreams Coloring Book stands out for its enchanting themes and premium construction. However, we also recognize its artwork may not be the most intricate available, thereby offering less of a challenge to some. Still, the joy and relaxation it provides make it a worthwhile addition to our collection. It truly serves as a perfect pastime for Disney and art enthusiasts alike.

Comparison FactorDisney Dreams Coloring BookOther Adult Coloring Books
Thematic AppealEnchanting Disney artworkVaries, often less nostalgic
Paper QualityHigh, suitable for many mediumsCan be less durable
BindingSpiral for easy useOften Perfect-bound


5. You’re Awesome Coloring Book

Inspirational Coloring Book

We think this coloring book is a magnificent choice for anyone seeking a dose of positivity while indulging in creative relaxation.


  • Infuses a positive and motivational vibe into your coloring sessions
  • Suitable for a wide range of coloring tools, including markers and pencils
  • Pages are designed with varying complexity, catering to different skill levels


  • A few illustrations may not be appropriate for all age groups
  • Rare phrases within the artwork can seem out of context
  • Might not challenge advanced colorists seeking intricate designs

When we got our hands on the ‘You’re Awesome Coloring Book’, we were immediately drawn to the uplifting messages scattered throughout the pages. It’s refreshing to focus on simple joys like coloring while subconsciously soaking up the inspirational quotes. The paper quality is impressive; it handled our markers well without bleeding through and embraced the pencils for smooth color laydown.

Occasionally, we encountered designs that seemed a bit less complex and questioned if they would engage someone with advanced coloring skills. However, this book’s variety ensures it reaches a broader audience, providing a pleasurable experience regardless of proficiency. While a few illustrations might not be perfect for every setting, they’re an exception in an otherwise delightful collection.

Our coloring session felt rejuvenating; it’s clear that the design of the book encourages a serene mental space. Each quote serves as a mini-affirmation, silently cheering us on as we work through the pages. The ‘You’re Awesome Coloring Book’ serves its purpose well, offering a platform for relaxation and self-esteem boosting through art.


Buying Guide

When we consider purchasing an adult coloring book, several features should guide our decision-making process to ensure we choose the best product for our needs.

Paper Quality

The quality of the paper is paramount, as it influences our coloring experience. Look for thick, acid-free papers that prevent bleed-through and allow for the use of various coloring mediums.

Paper ThicknessMedium SuitabilityAcid-Free
Lightweight (<120 gsm)Pencils, no markersSometimes
Standard (120-170 gsm)Pencils, some markersOften
Heavyweight (>170 gsm)Pencils, markersPreferable

Variety in Designs

Having a variety of patterns and images can make coloring more engaging and cater to our different moods and preferences.

Design ComplexityThemes AvailablePatterns vs. Images
Simple to intricateLimited to diverseBoth available


The type of binding affects how comfortably we can color. Spiral bindings or books that can lay flat when open are usually preferred as they offer easier access to the entire page.

Size and Portability

Consider the size if we plan to carry our coloring book around. Larger books offer more expansive designs, while smaller ones are easier to transport.


Price can be indicative of quality, but not always. We must assess if a coloring book offers good value based on the above factors rather than price alone.

Price RangeValue Considerations
Budget-friendlyGood paper quality with limited design variety
Mid-rangeImproved paper and design variety, some with premium features
PremiumHigh-quality paper, exclusive designs, extra features

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