8 Best Home Insurance Companies In The United States

Finding the right home insurance to protect your house and belongings doesn’t have to be a chore – especially with this list of the 7 best home insurance companies in the United States.

These trustworthy companies will keep your property safe, so you can sleep sound knowing you’re in good hands. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the best home insurance providers out there!

What Are The Best Home Insurance Companies?

Here are some of the most popular home insurance companies available in the United States.


1. State Farm

Founded in 1922, State Farm is the largest home insurance provider in the US, offering a wide range of policies and options for customers.

Source: StateFarm.com
  • State Farm offers attractive discounts for setting up automatic payments and installing safety features in your home.
  • Average annual premium cost is 15% below average.
  • They have a long-standing reputation for reliability, friendly customer service, and fast claims processing.
  • The company has easy-to-use tools and resources to help you compare quotes, estimate premiums, and find coverage tailored to your needs.
  • Their financial strength ratings are among the highest in the industry, which adds an extra layer of protection for their customers.
  • State Farm’s coverage options can be somewhat limited compared to other companies.
  • Their website and mobile app are not quite as user-friendly as those of some of their competitors.
  • Costs may be higher than other insurers in certain locations or for certain types of coverage.
  • Their customer service reps may not be as knowledgeable or helpful with more detailed questions regarding policies and coverage options.

2. Liberty Mutual

Allstate has been offering its customers reliable coverage since 1931, including fire and homeowners’ insurance products to individuals, families, and businesses.

Source: LibertyMutual.com
  • Liberty Mutual has excellent financial strength and stability.
  • Includes all the standard coverages.
  • They offer a wide range of coverage options for customers to choose from.
  • Complaints are below the industry average.
  • The company provides many discounts for customers that can help save on premiums.
  • Liberty Mutual’s website and app are easy to use, with helpful features and tools.
  • Their customer service may not be as reliable or helpful as other companies.
  • Lack of options for certain types of extras, such as increased dwelling coverage.
  • Premium costs can be higher than some of their competitors.


Founded in 1922 by a group of 25 Army officers, USAA provides services to military members and their families, including auto, property, and life insurance products.

Source: USAA.com
  • USAA Homeowners Insurance ranks among the top home insurers for its customer experience. As a USAA member, you’ll get quality coverage and exceptional service.
  • They offer a variety of coverage options and discounts to fit every budget. Replacement cost coverage is standard. This covers your things at today’s replacement cost with no depreciation. That means, once you pay your deductible, your policy would pay you enough to buy a new TV, computer or other items if your old ones were stolen or damaged while covered.
  • Customize your coverage and adjust your payment due date to fit your needs. Quickly file and track claims online. They can also connect you with a network of trusted contractors for your repairs.
  • Add USAA Home Protector coverage to get 25% more toward rebuilding costs, debris removal and building ordinance or law requirements.
  • They’ll cover uniforms with no deductible for active-duty members, even when they’re deployed. You’ll have coverage for military equipment, and we’ll waive your deductible if your personal property is damaged or lost due to war.
  • USAA is only available to current and former members of the military and their families.
  • The company does not offer as many discounts compared to other insurers.
  • Some policyholders have complained about USAA’s customer service in certain circumstances.
  • USAA does not provide coverage for rental cars outside of the US.
  • Average annual premium is 27% above average.


1. Save up to 10% on your premiums when you bundle homeowners and auto insurance.
2. Install smart devices that detect water leaks, smoke and more to get a discount through the USAA Connected Home program.
3. Save up to 5% on your premium if you have a monitored fire alarm or monitored home security system.
4. Save up to 15% after five years without a claim.


4. Farmers Insurance

Source: Farmers.com
  • They’ve spent 90 years putting customers first — personalized attention is a hallmark of the Farmers experience.
  • The company has an easy-to-use website and app that makes managing insurance easier.
  • Farmers provides excellent customer service, with many helpful agents willing to guide you through the process.
  • The company has competitive rates and is rated well by major agencies for its financial strength and stability.
  • Farmers can be more expensive than other insurance companies.
  • The company’s website and app can be difficult to navigate.
  • Fewer discounts and coverage options compared to some competitors.
  • Average annual premium is 31% above average.
  • Customer service wait times can be long, and agents may not always answer questions correctly.

5. Allstate

Allstate has been offering its customers reliable coverage since 1931, including fire and homeowners’ insurance products to individuals, families, and businesses.

Source: Allstate.com
  • Allstate offers excellent customer service with helpful and responsive agents.
  • The company’s website and app are easy to use and navigate.
  • Allstate has competitive rates and discounts compared to other insurance companies.
  • They offer a wide range of products and coverage options.
  • When compared to other homeowners insurance quotes, Allstate generally charges higher.
  • It can take time for claims to be processed and resolved.
  • Allstate does not offer as many discounts or coverage options compared to some competitors.
  • Average annual premium is 26% above average.
  • Customer service wait times can be long and agents may not always have the best answers.

6. Travelers

Established in 1853, Travelers offers all types of home insurance policies from basic coverage to expanded protection packages tailored to meet customers’ needs. Travelers offers loyalty rewards programs that reward customers based on how many years they have been consistently insured with the company, along with other ways to save money such as selecting electronic funds transfer payment method or signing up for a paperless billing option.

  • Travelers offers competitive rates for auto and home insurance.
  • Their website is easy to navigate and customers have the ability to purchase coverage and manage their policies online.
  • Travelers has a wide range of products, from traditional car insurance to specialized coverage for RVs, boats, and snowmobiles.
  • Average annual premium is 17% below average.
  • They offer discounts for safe drivers, multiple policies, good credit history, and more.
  • Travelers can be more expensive than some other insurance companies.
  • The customer service may not be as friendly or knowledgeable as some competitors.
  • Claims can take a while to process and it can be difficult to get payment in a timely manner.
  • There are limits on the types of coverage available for certain types of vehicles, such as antique cars.

7. American Family Insurance

American Family provides customized coverage options that are adapted to fit individual lifestyles and budgets across different states throughout the country. American Family Insurance offers special discounts that range from home security system installation to multi-policy discounts when multiple policies are purchased at once at qualifying locations.

Source: Amfam.com
  • Offers both extended and guaranteed replacement cost for dwellings for cases where rebuilding costs exceed your insurance limit for your house.
  • Low complaint levels for home insurance.
  • Their website is easy to navigate and customers can manage their policies online.
  • Optional coverage for equipment breakdown, hidden water damage available
  • The customer service is friendly and knowledgeable, with quick response times.
  • Home insurance premiums are above average.
  • Only available in 19 states.
  • The online portal may not have all the features that some customers are looking for.
  • Average annual premium is 7% above average.
  • It can take time to file a claim and process payment, which can be frustrating for some people.

8. Nationwide Insurance

With almost 100 years of experience providing quality services to clients nationwide, this company offers a full range of home insurance products designed to meet customer demands at competitive prices. Nationwide has competitive rates as well as several different types of additional savings plans depending on what you need to be covered such as a smoke alarm installation discount or a new roof replacement discount.

  • Nationwide Insurance offers a wide range of coverage options, from auto and home insurance to life and business insurance.
  • Their rates tend to be lower than other insurance companies, making them more affordable for most people.
  • Nationwide provides excellent customer service with helpful representatives who are always willing to answer any questions customers may have.
  • Get a quote in 5 minutes.
  • They offer discounts for multiple policies, good credit histories, and safe drivers.
  • Nationwide Insurance may not cover certain types of damage, such as flooding or earthquake damage, without additional coverage.
  • The claims process can be lengthy, especially for large or complex claims.
  • Premium rates tend to increase for customers who have multiple accidents or tickets on their records.
  • Average annual premium is 5% above average.
  • Nationwide does not offer coverage in all states.

Compare Premiums

CompanyAverage Annual PremiumDifference From Average (%)
State Farm$1163-15
Liberty Mutualxx
USAA$1747 27
Farmers$1800 31
Allstate$1728 26
American Family$1465 7

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